Royal Enfield Himalayan Tourer On Its Way; Might Release Next Year

Royal Enfield has been working on its Himalayan variant, slated to be an adventure tourer, for a fair length of time and AutoX now reveals this could be launched next year. Interestingly, the same source also grabbed some insight into probable specifications of the Royal Enfield Himalayan Tourer via a test mule for a production model.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Tourer On Its WayThe Details

To begin with, we found almost no similarity with the typical Royal Enfield model. It has similarities with RE bikes such as Continental GT and the Thunderbird. The rear part of the bike and seat are stacked high and we expect better suspension while off roading. Coming to the front fork, its rake angle echoes the style of Thunderbird.

The cues from Continental GT come in the form of tyres, fuel tank, dual disc brakes and the instrument cluster on the upcoming Himalayan tourer. The handlebars will be raised and exhausts paced angularly, thereby giving way to round head lights.

The Priciest Enfield

We are anticipating a brand new 410cc, single-cylinder engine make to power the bike to life. Insiders allege Royal Enfield Himalayan is set to make things tight for the Bajaj AS150 and Bajaj AS200. As for the pricing, there is no news yet but the Himalayan could be the priciest Royal Enfield model in the Indian market.… Read the rest

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iPhone 7 Release Date: May Be Heavier And Thicker Than iPhone 6

With the fall season coming closer, expectation of Apple fans regarding the launch of a new iPhone is increasing steeply. Though several rumors and updates are pouring about the upcoming device every now and then, the reports that the phone might be a bit thicker have attracted the attention of many, reports Network World.


Upcoming iPhone 7 may gain thickness and weightiPhone 7 may get bigger and better

After citing Engadget Japan, The Week recently published a report with a drawing of the upcoming iPhone. According to the reports, the new device is expected to be 7.1 mm thick, which means that it will be slightly thicker than that of the latest models, which records a thickness of 6.9 mm. Though the slight thickness will not make much difference for the users, it is expected that the weight will not be quite heavy compared to the latest models.

Yet, a little rise in the weight is acceptable as the phone is expected to include Force Touch technology. However, there is no official confirmation from the company regarding this from the manufacturers.

Therefore, to know more, Apple fans would have to wait for the launch of the upcoming model. Apart from Force Touch technology, the new device may also have electronic SIM card to offer flexibility of choosing carriers to every user. 

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Microsoft Lumia 640 XL To Release On June 26 With AT&T Contract

 Microsoft Lumia 640 XL, one of the much hyped phones of the year will be finally out this month.

Lumia 640XL release date announced

Microsoft Lumia 640 XL, a premium smartphone model of Microsoft is scheduled to launchMicrosoft Lumia 640 XL To Release On June 26 on June 26, with AT&T contract. As anticipated in several reports earlier, the model is priced at $250 off-contract. Yet, with AT&T Next contract, people can grab the handset at $0 down-payment.

With 5.7-inches screen and some other appealing features, the new model is expected to give Microsoft a strong hold in the smartphone market, which is still dominated by Apple and Android phones, especially Samsung. 

Lumia 640XL features at a glance

While a wide screen of 5.7-inches is one of the most attractive feature of Lumia 640XL, the screen has been made scratch-resistant with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 ClearBlack display. To make the display of the phone even more attractive, it has been supported with 259 pixels per inch (ppi).

The smartphone is also equally great for multitasking and is powered by 1.2 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor along with a 1 GB RAM. The 13 megapixel camera at the back with auto-focus feature, make it a great buy for any user. To allow proper storage of photographs, videos and other data, it is supported with 8 GB internal storage that can be expandable up to 128 GB with microSD cards. 

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Will Lumia 940 And Lumia 940 XL Be Microsoft’s Trump Cards?

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Facebook Messenger To Host Games

Facebook has decided to introduce games on Facebook messegner. The games would be available on the Facebook chat app. According to the reports, users can find the game by clicking the overflow menu of Messenger. 

Introducing the game is a great way to engage the users and is a positive move for the company.

 Doodle Draw Is Now Available On Facebook MessengerThe First Game Is….

Doodle Draw is the first game made available on this platform and more games are expected to follow. According to the reports, the leading social network site which initially restricted their services to meme generators and GIF tools for content creation has now moved to gaming as well, which indicates that the company is interested in increasing their expanse to other apps as well.

Who Are The Rivals?

While the launch of Doodle Draw on the Facebook Messenger has brought a smile on the users face, it can be a reason of concern for the rival companies like Viver, Line or WeChat as these services already host games on their platforms. These companies host games not just for keeping the users engaged but also for earning some revenue and Facebook’s new move might affect their popularity to some extent. The latest move of Facebook is expected to be positive for the company in every aspect, yet it will take some time to get users feedback in this aspect. 


Will Microsoft Stick To Snapdragon 810 Processor For Lumia 940 XL Despite Overheating Issues?

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Microsoft Lumia 940 To Feature 5.2” Screen With Microsoft Lumia 940 XL To Sport 5.7” Screen- Indicates Rumors

With the news of Microsoft planning to launch high-end Lumia smartphone, rumors are splurging the web every now and then, offering more clues on the expected features of the phones. While Lumia 940is reported to feature a 5.2-inches display, the larger variant Lumia 940 XL is expected to have a 5.7-inch display, says Winfuture, a German site, which claims to have obtained the report from close sources of Microsoft.

Reports also state that both the phones will feature Quad HD resolution (2560×1440 pixels) even though there is a difference in the screen size.


Microsoft Lumia 940 To Feature 5.2” Screen With Microsoft Lumia 940 XL To Sport 5.7” Screen- Indicates RumorsAccording to the reports, both models of Lumia will feature 20MP rear camera suported by Pure View technology along with a 5MP front camera. To make the smartphones a worthy possession, they are reported to offer 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, polycarbonate back cover and aluminum framing. Both the phones are speculated to have Microsoft USB Type-C port, Iris scanner and wireless charging facility. Yet, there might be some differences in the battery as the Lumia 940 is reported to feature 3000mAh battery while the XL model would have 3300mAh battery.

Differences might also be noticed in the performance of the phones as Lumia 940 is reported to feature Snapdragon 808 hexa core-processor while XL may use octa-core processor or Snapdragon 810. However, for confirmed reports on the features and specifications, people will have to wait for the official announcement from the company. … Read the rest

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Windows 10 Update: Microsoft Hints At Revamped Start Menu And Live Tiles For Upcoming

Microsoft is laying its pitch for the Windows 10 launch perfectly before the release day in June. The latest OS preview, Build 10122 for PC has been officially released via Windows Insiders. Microsoft will revamp the OS so as to bring on alterations to the ‘Start’ menu and the Continuum. There are major changes set to occur on the Microsoft Edge browser and the settings for default apps as well.

Microsoft Hints At Revamped Start Menu And Live Tiles For Upcoming Windows 10For all we know, expect more responsiveness from the start tabs. In case you own a tablet and use Windows 10 in Continuum mode, you could access the already famous Live Tiles after shriveling the left panel down.

It seems that Microsoft is keen on polishing up and improving existing features for its latest Windows version instead of trying to add in an all new flavor. The previous technical Preview reveals a number of fixes and non-cluttered interface but the latest preview gives an idea that the Windows 10 is set to be well grounded. If we are to believe Gabriel Aul, general manager at Microsoft Operating Systems Group, “From here on out you’ll see fewer big feature changes from build to build, and more tuning, tweaking, stabilizing, and polishing.”

The 10122 can be peeked into via Insiders if you are on Fast Ring. Customers here will bow keep getting latest reveals and sneak peeks before the final release this summer. One thing to note here is this also enhances their propensity to bring more bugs on-board.

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OnePlus Gets Cynogen 12 Update

OnePlus has finally received the Cyanogen OS 12 update after being stalled by few bugs. Despite the delay, we are happy with the OK One Plus spec that the update has added to the OnePlus now. It is now safe to manually or automatically update to Cynogen 12 or even remove the bug from Cynogen 11.OnePlus_One_running_CM11S

Fans are going gaga over the new feature that is akin to the OK Google voice spec, besides activation functionality and a few more fixes. Besides the ‘OK ONEPLUS’ Voice addition, the top upgrades to expect are-

  • Updation of Google Services to 7.3.29
  • Fixing of crashes of Messaging app during boot
  • Fixing of failed OTA because of encryption
  • Fixing on the Improve Theme engine

Official reports reveal that the update from Cynogen 11 to Cynogen 12 was further delayed due to issues with themes and MMS on the One Plus. This was a sad news for OnePlus owners since they had waited long enough for Android Lollipop 5.0 only to see the same pulled off within seven days.

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Cyanogen CM12S Update To Launch Soon For Loyalists

Does Cyanogen Stand A Chance Against Android?Sure, OnePlus released their in-house operating system, the OxygenOS over the weekend to get over its Cyanogen stalemate. Cyanogen engaged in an exclusive contract with Micromax and pushed OnePlus to the corner. While many users are experimenting with the OxygenOS and testing it out, most are not impressed with the features and would like to stick to the earlier ROM.

Luckily for them, Cyanogen’s Steve Kondik has said on Google+ that the ROM could release in a couple of days. In a reply to a post, he says, “It’s just as frustrating for us because we are in scramble mode and really want to ship our hard work. Hopefully we’ll get the signoff in the next day or two. We’ll immediately send the OTA as soon as we get that email”.

If you have been planning to get the OxygenOS update for your OnePlus hadnset, you might want to hold it off to see how it fares and wait for our review in a day or two. If it’s not any good, you might want to wait for the Cyanogen CM12S update. However, if you still want to get your hands on the OxygenOS, you can install the update here.

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 … Read the rest

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Windows 10 Set to Arrive; Expectations Soar

With Windows 10 all set to arrive soon, expectations are already soaring. The new Windows 10 Set to Arrive; Expectations Soaroperating system from Microsoft will be an exciting mix of the old and new as it will have the elegance of Windows 7 and the best of Windows 8.

Windows 10: a new beginning

Microsoft always knew that Windows 8 had not gone well with users, hence the urge to come up with Windows 10. This version of Windows is being promoted by Microsoft as a unique innovation in recent times and technology enthusiasts are looking forward for the launch.

Start menu

The Start menu has been put forward in the front and on left side of Microsoft user interface. As this start menu opens, it splits into two columns, the traditional list and the app styled icons.

The size and shape of start menu can also be manipulated by the user. Additionally, command prompting has also gets quite easier with Windows 10. Previously, the function was performed after opening context menu and hitting paste, in Windows 10, the same function can be performed by using Ctrl+V.


Multi desktop is another unique innovative feature that Windows 10 will have. This is one of the most eagerly awaited features of Windows 10 as task view allows users to access multiple desktop screens. This feature will be of worth where multiple apps are in use.

Mini screens as these are known will crop up on bottom of interface.

Virtual desktop

Virtual desktop feature has been added to Windows 10. With this feature at hand, users can switch between many desktops. Windows 10 can also change modes in case when no keyboard is attached. Improved snap feature is another unique innovation in Windows 10. Windows can be tiled horizontally and vertically.

Windows 10 will be an innovation in the real sense and has created a buzz among technology enthusiasts who are eagerly awaiting the launch.… Read the rest

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Best Gadgets of 2014: It’s a Smartphones vs Laptops War

The year 2014 saw the release of different new gadgets along with updates on several existing models. While some of them took away the market like storm, there were others, which failed to create any hype. When the year is coming to a close, it’s time to take a look at some of the best gadgets of 2014.

Best gadgets released in 2014
Wikipedia Commons

LG G Flex deserves first mention not just for its price but also for the flexibility of the screen and self-healing back panel. This is the world’s first smartphone handset that can repair minor cuts and scratches on its own. It was one of the best smartphones of 2014.

The year 2014 has been quite significant for Oppo as the company entered the Indian market with its smartphone N1. The rotating camera with 13MP capacity makes it a good choice for taking selfies as well as for making video calls.

Sony Vaoi Flip 13 hybrid laptop is worth mentioning when talking about the best gadgets released this year. One of the best laptops of 2014, it has a hinge mechanism that makes this convertible laptop highly useful for users on the go. It allows you to flip the touchscreen and turn it into a tab. The mechanism can also be used to use the device as kickstand.

When talking of the best gadgets of the year, Apple’s Macbook Air deserves mention for its unputdownable mobility, batter life and speed. Its updated version features Intel 4th generation (Haswell) processor, improvising its performance further.

The list can never be complete without Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch. The leather strap watch has features like wireless charging dock and heart rate sensor, making it a worthy possession for any gadget lover. Though it has some great features, it is the look that attracts buyers. A round form factor gives it a real watch look and adding towards its popularity.… Read the rest

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