It has been a week since hackers stole social security numbers from Sony Pictures. These hackers are thought to be from North Korea and are now busy releasing these private documents over internet.

Sylvester Stallone and Rebel Wilson among 47,000 other lose their social security numbers to hackers
Wikipedia Commons

These displayed documents include passwords of internal computers of Sony employees, credit card numbers, details of social media and a host of Social Security numbers.

To make matters worse, personal details of Hollywood stars including Sylvester Stallone, Rebel Wilson and Judd Apatow have also shown up in public domain.

Interestingly, all these acts of digital pilferage of personal information have been done in retaliation to United States not banning a movie ‘The Interview’. The movie was produced by Sony Pictures and shows Hollywood stars trying to kill Kim Jong Un, the North Korean supreme leader.

Similar method of hacking was used by another group in 2013 to plan an attack on banks and other financial organizations in South Korea too.  A hacker from this group who identified herself as Lena has pointed out that they took assistance from some staff members from Sony Pictures to carry out this massive hacking operation successfully, a fact that is now being officially denied by Sony Pictures.