Michael Buckler, a former Peace Corps volunteer, engineer and intellectual property and trade attorney, along with his partners Lauren Corke, Ryan Dunn and David Fields, is presently working towards making an app that will provide good discounts and deals to consumers, and at the same time provide the opportunity to donate to good causes.Job Applications Only Through Snapchat For Irish Pub

Buckler along with his team has created a system that will funnel the donations made during online deal redemptions directly to villages in need. The system developed by Buckler matches socially conscious consumers and socially conscious businesses by promoting partner businesses and discounts every day, year-round within the Village X app.

The app will enable users to redeem promotions by just clicking a button. After the redemption of promotions by the customer, the app encourages them to donate to an identified grassroots project that is planned, implemented, documented and partially financed by an underserved community.

After the donation was made by the consumers, the app will provide them with live updates that how the money has helped other in the form of pictures and texts.

Presently there are five partners for the Village X, and the target is to have at least 10 partners in the pilot phase which will last for six-to-nine-month likely to begin in November. The partners of the Village X include a wine bar, a home accessories store, a fair trade company, a downtown DC restaurant and a neighbourhood bar.

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