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Twitter ‘Night Mode’ Soon on Desktop Screens

Last year, when Twitter introduced the ‘Night Mode’feature for its mobile app, people just could not stop gushing about how much they liked it....

Microsoft Paint Isn’t Going Anywhere

If you have grown up with Microsoft Paint as a rescue to all creative worries, Monday must have looked like a black day in...

Why Was Google Slapped With a$2.7 billion Fine?

You know what they say about monopoly—it is business at the end of its journey. To think of Google here would sound exaggerated right...

In a spin over fidget spinners

Till sometime back, you would have been reprimanded for being fidgety.Currently, a restless nature is trending and help is available at your fingertips. Or...

The New Snapchat Update Has Parents in a Tizzy

Picture source: Netsafe Almost every few days, Snapchat rolls out a new fun filter for users to play around and click photos with. You could...

Ringing in a Power-Packed Comeback with Nokia 3

Who doesn’t remember the boxy-looking but extremely durable early phone models from Nokia? In fact, didn’t we all flaunt it at one point in...

Radio Hopping in Virtual Garden

Radio.Garden lets anyone, anywhere in the world tune into a radio station at any point in time for a live feed.

16-Year Old Girl’s App Meant to Fight High School Bullies

SitWithUs app makes finding friends in the school easy.

Music Streaming Becomes The Next Big Thing

According to a US-based market research firm, almost 68 percent of smartphone owners in USA choose live music streaming as their preferred source of everyday music.

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Intel Launches New Graphics Designer Version For Windows 10

Intel announced a new graphics designer version with its latest upgrade for Windows 10. Moreover, the new version will also include...

Best Coolest Bar Gadgets on Amazon In 2020

Flavour is the king when it comes to food and drinks. With the rise of molecular technology, bartenders are incorporating coolest bar...

The Richest Person In China Is Not Jack Ma

Jack Ma is not the richest person in China any longer. Bloomberg Billionaires Index implies that the Tencent CEO and Founder, Ma...