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Will LG G Watch R be a Costly Affair?

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The LG G Watch R smartwatch, which was announcedWill LG G Watch R be a costly affair? during the month of August, will be available in South Korea during the next week.

LG has now confirmed that the latest Android wear device would be launched in its home country on 14October at a price of KRW 352,000, which is about $328.

While there is still no information on the date of release or price for this smartwatch in Europe or US, it is known that LG’s cheaper G Watch was known to be originally priced at KRW 277,000, which is $230 in the US. This would mean that the watch would cost about $290 before taxes are added to the US sales.

This means, the LG device would be an expensive Android Wear smartwatch for many. Smartwatches of most other brands stand at a lower price. For example, Samsung’s Gear Live has a price of $180, while the Moto 360 has a price of $250. It would be interesting to see whether the LG G Watch R Smartwatch features are attractive enough for users.

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