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Some Worthy Words Of Advice From Mark Zuckerberg To Apple!

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Mark Zuckerberg seems to have entered into a war of words with Apple and its CEO Tim Cook. This happened after Cook criticized advertisement-supported businesses such as Google and Facebook for ignoring the needs of customers. He pointed that for Facebook and Google, the customers were merely products.

Some worthy words of advice from Mark Zuckerberg to Apple!
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The business models of Apple and Facebook are quite contrast and this could be one of the reasons that top level executives of both these companies have decided to rough it out publicly now. While the business of Facebook hovers around collecting personal information of users and selling it to advertisers, so that they can generate business, Apple sells hardware products and uses little personal data.

Cook has been using this point to his advantage and has been making public appeasement on the topic. He says that users should be going for Apple products if they do not want their personal information to be sold online.

However, the point raised by Tim Cook holds little relevance in the current scenario as Facebook despite selling personal information of users has over 1.3 billion users. Similar goes for Google as the search engine commands a user base of 1 billion despite similar issues.

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Mark Zuckerberg raised these facts in support of their services being popular in comparison to Apple and it seems quite sensible to the users, as of now.



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