Gardening Apps That Work Wonders for Beginners

If you have recently taken up gardening as a hobby and finding it difficult to keep track of all the responsibilities attached to it,...


USB Cable Buying Guide for Different Devices

Having a good charger or adapter to charge your smartphone or laptop is one aspect of it. It is equally important to have a...

8 Best Tech Gadgets to Make Life Easier 

Technology is an inseparable part of the lifestyle. With the improvement on tech, life in general is getting easier. So here are 8 best...


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Selling Price after iPhone 13 Price drop in India

Recently people witnessed iPhone 13 price drop in India on online platforms. There could be primarily two reasons for the same. One is the...

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Diabetes Health Apps You Can Download

It’s a tricky disease condition when it comes to diabetes. Because your minute change in lifestyle easily affects your blood glucose level. But thanks...

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How to Recover Twitter Account without Email and Phone Number?

It could be tricky to recover Twitter account without email and phone number. This is simply because Twitter does not have any provision to...

Here is how to Recover Linkedin Account after a Restricted

Don't worry if you received a LinkedIn warning, was logged out, or had your account restricted, there are numerous ways to avoid this from...

How to Recover Instagram Account Without Email?

Things can get a little tricky if you need to recover Instagram account without email. However, we got you covered. In this article, we...

Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu using two easy methods.

Ubuntu comes with a built-in Firefox browser. However, if you are more comfortable with Google Chrome and want to install Google Chrome on Ubuntu...

How to Create WhatsApp poll for iOS and Android Devices?

WhatsApp never ceases to amaze people. It comes with interesting features not only to keep users entertained but also to help users to get...
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The social media giant has come up with new artificial intelligence that is designed explicitly to identify Facebook deepfake images. The new software aims...


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