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Ace Your Home Workout: Best Exercises for Men

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Just as the mind needs peace, the body needs fitness. With everyone working on their desks, it’s important to work for your body as well. An efficient mix of diet and exercises help the body to work optimally. However, it is notable that men and women have different needs when it comes to the ideal workouts.

How do the best exercises for men & women help us?

Build muscle strength

Maintain a toned body

Increase stamina

Improve longevity

Incorporating some of the commonly practices best exercises for men and women in our daily lives reduces the risk of developing diseases as well. We know that exercises boost our energy levels and improve our moods.

Turn your rest day into a productive day by following these best workouts. Try these essential workouts for men/women here.

Best workouts for men & women

  1. Plank moves: Planks are a challenging position for beginners but once you go through it, it gives you desired results in no time. In this move, you are supposed to be in the pushup position with your elbows on the ground, lower back straight and hold this position tightly for certain period.
  2. Pushups for upper body: Toning up shoulders, chest and core involves deviations and you can start it by pushups, keeping your back straight and hands flat at the ground and legs stretched at the back.
  3. Squats for lower body: Body weight squats are very helpful in keeping my lower back straight. This exercise involves movements in knee, thigh, hip butt and heel.
  4. Deadlift for entire body: To whizz your strength and muscle movement, deadlifts do wonders but it needs to be done in an appropriate way. This is one of the best workouts for men/women.
  5. Barbell curl for biceps: This is an old age exercise which is commonly done in all workout sessions. It is a curling up exercise that involves elbows and arms.
  6. Neck movements: Neck pulling exercises are great for shoulders and neck. By pulling your arms forward and backwards engage your traps.
  7. Leg raises: By leg raises you can strengthen up your core and abs. This is an outstanding exercise for abs and start with knee tucks.

Learn the right way of doing deadlifts here:

The above mentioned list of workouts is feasible for both men and women. Men can gain broad and high physique while women can achieve toned and shaped body. These are the best workouts for men/women to accomplish the same program and repetition of the exercises have their own value in keeping the body in shape.

You can also view and explore this fitness page mentioned to improve your performance. Also watch movies on Netflix scheduling the best workouts for men/women.

Plan and program your body for best workouts from head to toe. It’s always advisable to follow the plan for good and fruitful results. By following these workouts, both men and women can easily gain physical fitness.

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