Google I/O To Unfurl Latest Updates For Android And Wearable Tech For Future

The much awaited Google I/O is barely some time away on May 28 and we are anticipating two major announcements on the big day. The conference might be a networking event for developers but we are eagerly looking forward to see updates on Android.

Google I/O To Unfurl Latest Updates For Android And Wearable Tech For FutureAndroid M might just be on its way and we are looking forward to see if there is at least some sneak peek into the upcoming interface or design.  In addition, the “Notifications, Interruptions and Volumes: Coming Attractions” session for the event might give us a look into how Google is working on the notifications on Android for the coming times. 

Next up, on our list of expectations is the wearable story. The Google Fit session could give us peeks into the future of fitness wearables and activity monitoring.

Add to this an interesting session on Smart Lock and we could understand an all new way of locking or unlocking our phones. As for the event participants’ promise—they will feature new-age wearable that comes with smaller compact sizes but pack in more than a punch. Stay tuned into this space for more updates on the event besides coverage of the much awaited Project Tango that had details set to unfurl on I/O Day.… Read the rest

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Google Photos VS Flickr—The Photo-Storage Troves Weighed Against All Pros And Cons

Photo sharing and tagging are popular habits—new but still they will die hard. Thanks to the slew of photo-sharing/upload sites, photo-storage is not a deal except that you might be confused over choosing Flickr instead of Google Photos or vice-versa.

Google Photos VS FlickrGoogle Photos and Flickr offer hordes of benefits—great tools for organization, superb editing specs, privacy settings that are top notch and also easy print settings. Nevertheless a head-to-head comparison of the two will ensure the better pick between the pair.


Google Photos

1 TB of storage for free plans

No limit on storage even for free plans if pics are lesser than 2,048px

Paid plans available are for $5.99 per month for no ads and  1 TB storage while  2 TB is available for $499 per year

100 GB storage for $1.99 per month and 1 TB for $9.99 per month



Video: 1 GB,  Photo: 200 MB

Video: 10 GB, Photo: 75  MB

Android, iOS, Mac and Windows

Android, iOS, Mac and Windows


The loophole in storing photos over cyberspace on a password-protected basis is that you might lose stuff if the company chooses to wrap up the business. However, from experience and past records, most companies will give intimation in advance.

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Google Set To Launch Nexus 2015 This October, Might Tie Up With LG For Nexus Design

Google might release Nexus 2015  in October or November this year. With the slew of Android updates we are seeing currently and with Nexus 6 set to celebrate its first anniversary, insiders are anticipating the Nexus 2015 soon.

Google Set To Launch Nexus 2015 This OctoberAmid buzz that we might be get to see Android 6.0 ‘M’ or Muffin at the Google I/O 2015, rumors are rife about the giant choosing LG over Motorola to design the Nexus 2015. If this insider scoop is true, experts are predicting presence of a Nexus 2015 display on lines of what we saw on LG G4. The camera on the Nexus 2015 too could echo the shutter on the G4. 

With no official confirmation around any of these rumors, you can only watch this space for latest updates on the Nexus 2015 front. Going by the trends, you can surely expect either a new flagship or a brand new Android version sometime in 2015.

Meanwhile, the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop factory image is now available for the  Wi-Fi fed Nexus 7 from the years 2012 and 2013 as well as for Nexus 10, reveals 9to5Google besiudes stating that users could download the same from the Google developer site.

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Google Is Working To Improve Chrome On Touchscreens

There seems to be good news for smartphone users, especially those who use Google Google Is Working To Improve Chrome Scrolling Chrome on their portable touch screen devices. The company has finally declared to improve their scrolling feature by using pointer features.

People who so far complained of the scrolling performance in Windows tablets will now be benefited once the search engine starts supporting Pointer Events, which was initially used by Microsoft for Microsoft Explorer as well.

Google has so far only stressed on Touch Events. However, after receiving multiple feedback from the web community, they have finally decided to adopt the change for Chrome.

When contacted by the media, Rick Byers of Google said, “Replacing all touch event handlers with pointer event handlers will address the main longstanding source of scrolling-start jank we see on Android.”

It will take some time to experience the improvement as the experts are now working on the support and they will test it with weekly as well as nightly versions of the search engine before releasing it for users.

However, that is not a big problem as the users are happy to know that scrolling is going to become simpler soon. Microsoft and Google have been constantly competing to improve user experience, both has worked together to improve users’ experience and Rick Byers have praised Jacob Rossi’s support, without which it could not have been possible to make this improvisation such easily.


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Google Wants HTTP Sites To Declare Themselves Safe

HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol) is generally considered useful while navigating the web and the assumption is true to a certain extent. But it’s equally true that this is an insecure system prone to intrusion by hackers and other notorious elements.Gigabit-Internet service in Austin priced for $70 per month by Google

To tackle this problem, Google has decided to come up with a radical solution. It is asking all HTTP websites to declare themselves unsafe so that developers use the secure and encrypted HTTPS.

By promoting this endeavor, Google wishes to showcase to web users in general that HTTP is not a safe way to browse the internet. Google’s proposal, if implemented, will bring a radical change in the way the internet is used. Three site classifications: a) Secure or fully functional HTTPS systems; b) Dubious or functional HTTPS with authentication errors; and c) Non-secure or standard HTTP and HTTPS with outdated protocols will be the order of the day.

However, it does not mean that Chrome will disallow users from accessing such sites but will indicate that sensitive information should not be transmitted here due to third party intrusion being a real probability.

If adopted in the real sense, this proposal of Google could bring a drastic change in way the internet is being used currently. Details of this project have been posted on The Chromium Projects website for internet users to check the viability of the proposal.

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Infosys To Evaluate Employees To Stay Valued Employer

Staff appraisal practice is soon to begin in Infosys. The company is likely to follow the trend set by Google and Facebook and will start evaluating its employees by October next, in order to select the best of the lot.

After Google and Facebook, it’s time for Infosys employees to be evaluated
Wikipedia Commons

Infosys, if able to do the process correctly will be able to retain the tag of preferred employer in India. In order to evaluate its 160,000 strong workforce, Infosys is likely to take assistance from its 900 clients in form of their feedback.

Individual performance will also be judged on basis of ratings given by team members and other subordinates in the team. Google and Facebook have been using this tactic of employee evaluation since long and though details are always kept secret, yet some information does come in the public preview.

The urge to control the attrition rate might be one of the reasons that Infosys is resorting to such practices. In the second quarter that ended in September, Infosys showed an attrition rate of 20 percent while its rival Wipro had an attrition rate close to around 17 percent.

By implementing these practices of employee evaluation, Infosys desires to bring down the attrition rate to around 13-15%.… Read the rest

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Google eying China app store with renewed Vigour

Google is planning to make an entry into the Chinese market once again. The tech giant inGoogle eying China app store with renewed Vigour a strategic shift will be opening an app store in China. Google had a fair presence in the Chinese market but it did withdraw in 2010 after a censorship row with the Chinese government.

Google has diversified its platform in the recent months and is increasingly focussing on developing its mobile platform. Google is also working on developing its hardware component.

This hardware component is the key factor which Google plans to develop at its Chinese facility. Google had also approached the Chinese officials last year too as it intended to open a China based version of its play store. However, despite this proactive approach taken up by Google, it is not sure that the Chinese administration will allow Google to operate finally.

Google might have to ban some apps that offer information on sensitive political topics as rules in this regard are quite strict in China. Google has also realized that China is a major market for its app store as some Chinese phone manufacturers as Xiaomi, ZTE and Huawei are using Google’s free Android operating system successfully.



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Google Chrome Web Browser for Android Gets Fresh Updates

Google Chrome Web Browser for Android UpdateGoogle’s customary and widely-used web browser ‘Chrome’ for Android devices has been restored with fresh updates, offering latest security features and fixes. The automatic update offers the browser a clean look and feel.      

Under the new Google Chrome Web Browser, users will enjoy multiple benefits. The browser will update automatically on devices, for free.    

Along with the browser’s update, Google has also rolled out updates for the Chrome 35 Android Beta. Available in the Play Store, the new features for the Chrome 35 Android Beta update include-  

  • Undo Tab Close
  • Subtitles and HTML5 controls in fullscreen videos
  • Multi-window devices support
  • Support for casting some videos with Chromecast

However, Google still hasn’t addressed two major issues including YouTube support for casting videos and full-screen video controls.

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Google Reportedly Buys Twitch For USD1 Billion

US-based search engine giant Google has reportedly acquired Twitch after closing a deal with a payment to the tune of USD1 billion. The information has been reported by Venture Beat sources who are “familiar with the matter.”

US-based search engine giant Google has reportedly acquired Twitch after closing a deal with a payment to the tune of USD1 billion. The information has been reported by Venture Beat sources who are "familiar with the matter."
Creative Commans/Sindipad777

We first heard regarding the planned acquisition of the video game live streaming company in May 2014 at almost the similar amount. During that time, the Wall Street Journal had reported that the deal is in its initial stage, while Variety claimed that the deal is scheduled to be announced in short order.

However, there has been no confirmation yet from the company regarding the sale and its exact price.

The acquisition will be a big achievement for YouTube in the ongoing competitive world of spectator gaming.

Twitch is a popular platform and in February 2014 it managed to secure the fourth rank in peak US internet traffic behind Netflix, Google and Apple. The company reached one million broadcasters that same month and attracted more than 45 million unique monthly visitors.

The company has been benefited by integrating with major consoles as well as the growth of eSports.

The partnership with YouTube, which is the largest online video platform, will help Twitch in achieving big in the streaming stratosphere.… Read the rest

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Chromecast To Finally Have Android Screen Mirroring

Chromecast is scheduled to finally have a much awaited and anticipated feature – Android screen mirroring, which will enable users to mirror their small Android screen onto a large TV. It is one of the most highly requested features by the users of the Chromecast. Google has taken into account the request by the users and announced the addition of this much-touted feature to Chromecast.Google I/O 2014 To Witness Launch of Android 5.0

Google has been quoted saying that “Chromecast makes it easy for you to enjoy your favorite entertainment on the biggest screen in the house. Starting today, you can mirror your Android phone and tablet to the TV so you can see your favorite apps, photos or anything else, exactly as you see it on your mobile device – only bigger. To start mirroring, simply select ‘Cast Screen’ from the navigation drawer in the Chromecast app and select your Chromecast device. On Nexus devices, this feature is also available through the quick settings menu.”

The post also reads that “Now, anything on your Android device will appear on the TV. You can share photos stored on your phone with a group of friends, or scope out the scenery for your next family vacation together on the big screen using Google Earth.”

The new Chromecast Android screen mirroring feature is only available in beta as of now, but is likely to be soon launched on Android phones or tablets from Samsung, HTC, LG and others.

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