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Google Alerts to Update Chrome to Handle a Critical Security Bug

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If you are using a Chromium-based browser or Google Chrome on Windows, Linux or macOS, check for a critical security update immediately. Google released an update for Chrome last Friday to patch an important vulnerability that is being exploited vigorously in ongoing cyberattacks. Google wants everybody to update Chrome on all OS as early as possible.

Security bug

The security lapse encompasses an assortment of back-end libraries known as Mojo, which are used by all Chromium-based browsers such as Brave, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. The zero-day vulnerability is termed as high severity and is labeled as CVE-2022-307. The update patch must have fixed the vulnerability automatically and updated Chrome as well to version 105.0.5195.102. 

However, if you did not enable automatic updates or have not manually applied an update recently, here is how to check the Chrome version and update it accordingly.

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Update Chrome on Android

Android devices are set to allow Chrome to check and install new updates automatically. However, if you have disabled this setting, reenable it by going to the Play Store app> search and find Google Chrome> click on the ellipsis menu to open the settings page.

google update Chrome 2

Check the process given below to find out whether or not Chrome is updated on your Android device:

  • Open the Play Store app and click on your profile icon
  • Choose the Manage apps & device option to see the Overview tab
  • The second option on the page will either say Updates available or All apps up to date
  • Tap on Updates Available if you see it
  • Check the list of app that shows up and look for Google Chrome
  • Click on Update if you find Chrome in the list

Update Chrome on iPad or iPhone

Similar to Android devices, iPads or iPhones are also set to search and install Chrome updates automatically. To check manually, do the following

  • Open the App Store
  • Click on Profile Properties
  • Account will open
  • Scroll to find Available Updates
  • Look for Chrome and click on Update if applicable
  • If you are asked to give your Apple ID and password by App Store, do the same and let the downloading and installation begin

If you do not find Chrome in the list under Available Updates, find Google Chrome in the App Store. If the option to update appears, click on it. Alternatively, you can update Chrome from the app itself.

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  • Open Chrome and click on the ellipsis menu at the bottom right
  • Scroll to find and tap on Settings
  • Scroll down to the Safety Check option and click on it
  • Click on Check now next
  • Chrome will start with the update if there is any newer version

Update Chrome on Windows, Linux, or Mac computers or laptops

google update Chrome 1

Google Chrome update process remains the same for computers and laptops as well as running on any OS. Here is the process to check for updates and install them if not done automatically:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Click on the More option on the top right
  • Here you will see if an update has been released recently
  • A green icon signifies an update that has been released within the last two days
  • An orange icon signifies a pending update for four days
  • A red icon signifies an update waiting for a week
  • Near the bottom of the More menu, click on Help followed by About Google Chrome
  • Click on Update Google Chrome on the new screen
  • If you cannot see the option, it means it is already done
  • Click on Relaunch if you clicked on the Update Google Chrome option
  • As soon as Chrome restarts, it will be up-to-date

Prevention is always better than cure and as suggested by Google itself, it is important to check and update the browser if it did not happen automatically.

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