Facebook, Google, Zynga Move Court against Abstract Patents over Innovation

While some bigwigs of the technology world engage in constant legal fights and bickering, giants such as Facebook, Google, Zynga and five others have asked the court to eliminate abstract patents.

The appeal came into motion when a CLS Bank sued Alice Corp for infringing four patents covering a computerized method of having a third-party hold funds in escrow on behalf of two other contracting parties.

Dell, Intuit, Homeaway, Rackspace and Redhat also joined the league and countered the CLS Bank move. They called phrases such as “on a computer” or “over the Internet“ unworthy of being called patents.

As per the appeal made by these giants, such patents hamper innovation.

The brief given by these companies to the court has concluded that such patents are harmful for growth of the technology sector. It further stated, “It is easy to think of abstract ideas about what a computer or website should do, but the difficult, valuable, and often groundbreaking part of online innovation comes next: designing, analyzing, building, and deploying the interface, software, and hardware to implement that idea in a way that is useful in daily life. Simply put, ideas are much easier to come by than working implementations”.… Read the rest

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Facebook Ferrari Page Gets 10 Million Fans, 1 Million From India

The Facebook page of Ferrari has got 10 million fans in just three years, as per the sources.

As a mark of celebration the company came up with a cartoon figure of Ferrari’s chairman Luca di Montezemolo, Stuff.co.nz reports.

The luxury car maker has been on Facebook since 2009 and growing at such a fast rate on Facebook page is truly commendable.

Numbers have grown by nearly four million in the past 12 months alone and reveal interesting trends in the usage of this media, especially amongst emerging markets and among youngsters. In fact 55 per cent of all followers are under 24, the report said.

There are millions fans of Ferrari in USA, France, Spain and Italy. Also India has shown commendable support for Ferrari by adding 1 million fans to is Facebook page.… Read the rest

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Instagram Twitter Rivarly Grows; Disables Twitter Integration

It seems all is not well between Twitter and Instagram.  After selling itself to Facebook it has disabled integration with Twitter.

The photo sharing app instagram has disabled the features that lets Twitter to properly display its photos. If you still want to share your Instagram photos on Twitter, you can do that but they won’t show on Twitter properly.

“This is due to Instagram disabling its Twitter cards integration, and as a result, photos are being displayed using a pre-cards experience,” the micro blogging site added.


According to thesources, the move shows the growing rivalry between Twitter and Instagram. By disabling Twitter cards, Instagram will force Twitter users to click through to its site to see the entire image, the souce added.… Read the rest

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Ireland Austrian Student Group Disappointed with Facebook Investigation

The privacy campaign group in Ireland plans to sue social networking site Facebook. This Austrian Student Group has been campaigning for better data protection for a year now to push Facebook to remove its facial recognition feature in Europe.

But the group showed disappointment on Tuesday and said that more changes need to be done and the response of Data Protection Commissioner in investigating Facebook is not satisfying.

“The Irish authority is miles away from other European data protection authorities in its understanding of the law, and failed to investigate many things. Facebook also gave the authority the runaround,” it said in a statement.

“We are hoping for a legally compliant solution from the Irish data protection authority. Unfortunately, that is highly doubtful at the moment. Therefore we are also preparing for a lawsuit in Ireland.”

Facebook is also entangled in a lawsuit in the United States, where it is charged with infringe privacy rights by publicising users’ “likes” without asking them.… Read the rest

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Whatsapp Refutes Rumors of Being Acquired by Facebook

Just as news about social networking giant Facebook planning to acquire Whatsapp started to take storm, the instant messaging service provider has denied these rumors. WhatsApp business head Neeraj Arora told Venture Beat, “The TechCrunch article is a rumor and not factually accurate. We have no further information to share at the moment.” This rumor came about on TechCrunch, which said Facebook hoped to gain better leverage on mobile phones with acquisition of this application.

Even as the company is denying these rumors, they could well be true. Facebook has been high on the increased revenue from mobile resources recently. According to Facebook’s 2012 Q3 results, mobile ads comprised about 14 percent of the total revenue for the social media site. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had, in fact said,  “I want to dispel this myth that Facebook can’t make money on mobile.”

Well, all we can say is there, usually, is no smoke without fire.

Read the rumor:

 … Read the rest

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New Photo Sync Feature on Facebook

Facebook seems to be taking baby steps into the world of cloud computing. Post the acquisition of Instagram, we know just how integral photos are to Facebook. The company announced a new feature on Friday through a blog post that lets users sync their smartphones’ image gallery with a private folder on their Facebook profiles. Users can then choose to post photos from this folder on to their albums they share with their friends.

Users can enable this feature on their devices by selecting the “Sync” option from the bottom of the “Photos” menu on Facebook’s mobile app. This will create a separate album called “Synced from Phone” on their profiles located at the top of their photos section. Users can select or delete images from this folder through their PCs or mobile devices.

Facebook is also being considerate about data limitations on cellular networks. When syncing on cellular networks, it will upload photos at a smaller size than that of a PC. Alternatively, users can choose to perform this sync only when connected on a WiFi network. Facebook has also mentioned that this feature will not work when your battery is low on power. Users can even choose to turn off this feature whenever they choose.

This photo syncing feature is only available on smartphones like Android phones and iPhones running iOS6, and will not work on feature phones. This new feature is similar to the one on Google+ that lets users upload all their images and then select the ones they wish to share. As of now, an early version of this feature is being rolled out.… Read the rest

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Tajikistan Authorities Block Facebook over ‘Slander’

Faced with criticism from users on Facebook, authorities at Tajikistan have blocked access to the networking site a second time. Tajik communications service head Beg Zukhurov said that Facebook has been spreading criticism about the Central Asian country’s leadership. He added that users were spreading ‘mud and slander’ about top government officials, including President Emomali Rakhmon. Rakhmon has been ruling Tajikistan since 1992 and is going to run for the new term as well.

“These people are obviously paid well for this,” Zukhurov said. He also said that the authorities had received many requests from “indignant Tajik citizens asking that this hotbed of slander be blocked.” Facebook has more than 41,000 users in Tajikistan. However, the country’s three internet providers and three mobile operators blocked access to Facebook starting Monday,

This is not the first time Facebook has been blocked in Tajikistan. This ban was also placed in early March for several days in early March.… Read the rest

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Facebook Privacy Message a Hoax

Facebook reaches 1 billion users markWhat has set the panic bell ringing on the social media website Facebook? It is the message regarding the privacy of your content. The message has gone viral on the Facebook and says:  “Facebook is now a publicly owned company anything that you as a user share on the site is public property and therefore open to commercial use”.

Here’s the message posted below for your benefit:

In response to the new Facebook guidelines I hereby declare that my copyright is attached to all of my personal details, illustrations, comics, paintings, professional photos and videos, etc. (as a result of the Berne Convention).

It is clear that the message is a hoax as Facebook going public means  that they are not abiding with their copyright agreement.

CBS News points out the fact  ” Facebook members own the intellectual property (IP) that is uploaded to the social network, but depending on their privacy and applications settings, users grant the social network “a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP License).”

It’s important to note here that such a message has no binding on Facebook because when a user signs up on Facebook, she also signs on a statement that says, “You own all of the content and information you post on Facebook, and you can control how it is shared through your privacy and application settings”. However, Facebook has access to the data and it’s able to track your activities online.

 … Read the rest

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Facebook Tests New ‘View Tags’ Feature for Tracking Ads

The social network is at it again. No sooner did concerns over privacy of users die down that the company tested out a new feature called ‘View Tags’ that can let advertisers drop cookies on users to track if they purchase something after seeing the Facebook ads. With this move, Facebook could potentially claim direct responsibility for improving sales generated through posting of ads on its network.

View Tags was initially rolled out as a private move but now the company is letting more advertisers use this feature on its site. It works in a slightly different manner than the previously uncovered tracking tool which allowed advertisers’ sites to detect the Facebook user ID of a converted lead, which could then be cross-checked by Facebook against the list of users who saw ads to establish attribution.

With ‘View Tags’, advertisers can generate cookies and drop them on the users’ end. These cookies monitor the users’ behavior on the site and gauge how a user reacts to a Facebook ad, and can remain in the users’ system until the users manually clear the cookies or until they expire months later. These cookies will let the advertisers know what ads were displayed in the users’ accounts, and which ones were clicked on by the users.

Using the ‘View Tags’ feature, Social Code measured the effectiveness of a campaign it ran for a consumer packaged goods company for customers to redeem an offer. It found that among the total 5,924 people who redeemed that offer, 5,127 had only viewed the ad, as opposed to 797 users who had clicked directly to the offer. This means that even viewing an ad can result in conversions, even if users do not act on it immediately.

The ‘View Tags’ feature had been in the pipeline for a while, with Facebook working to resolve all privacy-related issues of this feature. With this new feature, we can probably expect Facebook to start taking credit for generating sales through its ads and maybe generate revenues through it.… Read the rest

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Facebook Plans to End Voting on Privacy Issues

Facebook reaches 1 billion users markSocial networking giant Facebook is likely to close its practice of allowing users to vote on the changes that it makes to privacy policies. However, it might continue letting users comment on the proposed updates.

This was announced by Facebook on their blog, which said that post Wednesday the voting mechanism at the social network could come to an end. With this mechanism, the suggested change occurs only if enough people comment on it and therefore, it has become a system that emphasizes on the number of responses rather than the quality of comments.

However, Facebook also said it will still continue with providing users with information related to “significant changes” made to its privacy policy or data use policy. They will also inform users of changes to its statement of user rights and responsibilities.

“We will also provide additional notification mechanisms, including email, for informing you of those changes,” Facebook vice president of communications, public policy and marketing Elliot Schrage said in the post.… Read the rest

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