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How to Post Anonymously on Facebook Group?

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Facebook allows posting anonymously. You heard it right, you can post in groups without revealing your name. It feels great to post anonymously on Facebook group since you can pour your heart out or prevent unnecessary attention. Want to know how to post anonymously on Facebook group? Well, it is extremely easy and we will tell you the process. The only requirement is for the admin of the group to enable the feature.

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How to post anonymously on facebook group?

  • Click on  (the Hamburger icon) that can be seen in the top right of Facebook
  • Hit Groups and choose Your Groups
  • If you do not see Groups, click on See More
  • Choose the particular group where you want to post and click on the prompt to create a post
  • Toggle Post anonymously
  • Write the post and click on Submit

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Things to keep in mind

  • Even if you post anonymously, the admins and moderators of the group would still be able to see your name and profile picture.
  • Facebook would also be able to see your credentials to keep grounds safe and in compliance with the social media network’s Community Standards.
  • When you comment further on your anonymous post, they would be kept anonymous. However, as usual, admins, moderators, and Facebook can see everything
  • Keep the details discreet otherwise the nature of the post could reveal your identity even though you post anonymously at least to a few people who know you personally.
  • Some formats of posts are disabled for anonymous posts to safeguard you from exposing your identity inadvertently.
  • Anonymous posts are subject to approval by the admins and moderators of the group to keep spammers and scammers at bay.

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To post anonymously on Facebook group, you can use any device that supports Facebook like Linux, Mac, Windows, iPhone, Chromebook, iPad, Android, etc. Let us know how relieved or excited are you now that you know how to post anonymously on Facebook group.

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