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Know How to Create an Album on Facebook 

Know How to Create an Album on Facebook 

Photos album feature of Facebook is a fun way to share memories from a particular event or of a particular friend. It’s a simple answer to the question of how to create an album on Facebook, and that is by going to the photos section and choosing the album feature. There is more to the album feature than just adding photos. In this article, you will get to know everything about it.

How to create an album on Facebook using Android, iPhone, or iPad

  1. Go to the Facebook app on your iPhone, iPad, or android.
  2. Now tap on the green-colored photo icon, located below the typing area, also called ‘photo/video’ > You’ll be directed to your phone’s camera roll.
  3. Permit to access the photos.
  4. Now choose the photos you wish to add to your album and choose them in the order you wish them to appear on your album.
  5. Now go to the top-right corner and hit ‘Done’.
  6. Now go just below your name, there is a + Album button.
  7. Now go to the top of the menu and click on ‘+ Create Album’.
  8. Type the album title and description, description is optional if you don’t want to then don’t add. 
  9. Now choose the audience > to go to the privacy menu, located below the ‘Description’ field. Here you can choose who can see your album. 
  • Public (with anyone)
  • Friends (Your FB friends)
  • Friends except (remove those you don’t want on the list)
  • Specific friends (Only with certain friends)
  • Only me (with no one)

10.There is an option in which you allow your friends to contribute to your album. For that slide the ‘Add Contributors’ > Switch to the on side > tap on ‘choose friends’ > now select the friends 

11.Tap Create (android) or save (iPhone/iPad). Now selected photos will be ready for your new album

12.Tap post (Android) or upload (iPhone/iPad). When it’s done, now all the photos will be added to your album. That’s how to create an album on Facebook using android or iPhone.

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How to create an album on Facebook using browser

  1. Go to your Facebook account at www.facebook.com 
  2. Tap on the photos tab, located below your cover photo
  3. Tap on the ‘+Create Album,’ located at the top of the page but at the base of the cover photo.
  4. Once your file browser appears > choose the photos you wish to add. 
  5. To select only one photo, simply tap on it, if more than one then, ⌘ Command (Mac) or long-press Ctrl (PC).
  6. Tap on ‘Open’ > all the chosen photos will upload to Facebook. 
  7. Same way add the album title and description. If you wish to add a description on individual photos then, click on ‘Say something about this image.’
  8. If you wish to tag the location to the album then, tap on the location box on the left side. Now add landmarks, neighborhoods, or city businesses.
  9. For individual photo location, tap on the gear icon of the picture’s thumbnail > choose ‘Edit location’ > choose a location.
  10.  Click on the right side of the photo and choose the friends you wish to tag on your album.
  11. To allow other friends to add photos to your album, click on the box next to ‘Add Contributors’ > now choose some friends.
  12. You can customize the album’s date to another date. For that, tap on ‘pick a date’ or select ‘Use date from photos’ it’ll add the dates of the day photos were taken.

The rest of the steps will be the same for the order of the photos and album cover. 
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