Facebook Innovating With Good Morning, Updated News Feed

Facebook morning news update

Did you wake up to a good morning message from Facebook today? Facebook Inc is in an innovation mode to enhance user experience. Recently, they updated the News Feed feature that would allow content to load quickly even when the internet connectivity is weak. Today, they gave users a surprise with a personalised good morning message that said, “Good morning Nishtha, we hope you enjoy Facebook today”.  Recent moves from Facebook suggest they are targeting developing markets. Trying to provide solutions for places with slow internet connectivity is a result of that. Internet connectivity is slow in emerging markets like Brazil, Mexico and India where most people use 2G connection. This makes it difficult to load videos or pictures that require more data. Facebook is hoping to bring in more users from these countries with this update. The Facebook app chooses pictures, articles or videos to load depending on the [+more]

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Apple Shall ‘Loop You In’ With The Latest iPad

Soon, news consumption will happen more on mobiles than any other platform and all big tech giants seem to be making the most of it. [+more]

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US Official Supports Surveillance on the Eve of European Union Data Ruling

A senior US official said, “US intelligence does not conduct mass, indiscriminate harvesting of foreigners’ private data,” on the eve of an EU court ruling, which is deemed to affect several companies including Facebook and related websites. Robert Litt, who is the legal adviser to the Director of National Intelligence, firmly invalidated all allegations suggesting that Prism, an US surveillance program, allows US officials to look into personal data and information on vast scale. Litt went ahead and wrote in the Financial Times, “Prism is focused and reasonable. It does not involve ‘mass’ and ‘unrestricted’ collection of data.” The existence of Prism was leaked in the year 2013 by Edward Snowden, a former NSA agent. This revelation instigated Max Schrems, an Austrian student, to file a complaint with the Irish Data Protection Commissioner to challenge the transfers of European user’s data to US servers by Facebook. This case is now [+more]

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LinkedIn Revamps Messaging And Invitation Feature To Stay Ahead In The Competition


LinkedIn is all set to make a remarkable graphical modification on its site. The business-oriented platform for social-networking, which is often criticized for its limited features has now announced some changes in their messaging service. According to the reports, the inbox will not have a look much similar to instant messaging service rather than email.  Improvisations at a glance LinkedIn Product Management director, Mark Hull said that they have done everything required from the ground so that users can experience a much streamlined and cleaner appearance of the portal.   Read More: Cisco And Apple Etch A Deal To Ensure Higher iDevice Inception Into Business Mainstream In his blog post, Hull even mentioned about adding “chat-style interface” to allow users in accessing messages at ease. The portal, which was earlier criticized for borrowing features from Twitter and Facebook has now got their desktop interface much similar to the popular messaging app, [+more]

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Facebook Records 1 Billion Users Glued To It On Thursday; Plans To Develop Video Copying Protection On Cards Too

Facebook Inc To Tie Up With Moat For New 100 Percent In

Facebook has set a record on Thursday with one billion people using the network within one day’s span. This is a high for the social network and its co-founder and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg posted that it is an important milestone. The easier way to state this will be to simply say that one out of seven people around the world used Facebook on Thursday. The Facebook Success Figures Zuckerberg’s vision to bring together the entire world via this social network is slowly achieving fulfilment and he has gone on record saying that these figures are way more essential than the financials or numbers Facebook weighs on a daily basis. According to Facebook’s earnings update revealed in July, the number of active users hiked up to 13 per cent on a monthly basis from the 1.49 billion figure last year, in addition, the total number of active users on the mobile [+more]

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