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Here Is How to Connect Android Phone to Mac

Android phones and Mac may seem incompatible with each other. Apple and Mac manufacturers use various barriers to protect and maintain their device’s individuality. This incompatibility may make you wonder how to connect an Android phone to Mac. But here are the simple methods to connect these two devices and make data transfer easy for you. All it takes is either Wi-Fi connectivity or a USB cable.

Wireless methods to connect android phone to Mac


Usually, 3rd party apps are not the safest method to solve any problem. But paradoxically, while connecting Android to Mac, this is the safest and most reliable method out there. The AirDroid app is one such app you can rely on. It has both an android as well as a web version.

Its free version allows up to two devices to connect with Mac. The free version limits the amount of data and file size you can transfer in one month. On the other hand, the premium version has no caps or limits to the file size or amount of data you transfer. It costs around $2.50 per month.

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  • Allows the user to connect Android to Mac.
  • Provides data transfer between Android and Mac.
  • It enables the user to remote control the android device.
  • It can mirror Android’s phone screen on Mac.
  • Allows you to manage notifications and SMS.


  • Free as well as the premium version are available.
  • Android, as well as web versions, are available.
  • Developers are available for support and feedback.


  • It can make silly mistakes sometimes.
  • Sometimes shows connection-related issues.
  • QR code sign-in usually fails.

Here are the steps to connect an Android phone to Mac

  • Go to the play store > search for AirDroid app > install it.
  • Open your Mac> navigate to
  • Create an account on AirDroid, using your email, Facebook, Twitter, Google, or QR code.
  • That’s all; now your Android will be connected to your Mac. Now you can view and transfer files between Android and Mac.

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Cloud Storage Method

Cloud services are best if you do not want to download any additional app on your device. Choose any of the cloud services you prefer among OneDrive, Google Drive, Google Photos, or Dropbox. All you have to do is ensure you have an account with any of these cloud services.

Note: If you wish to store highly personal or sensitive data, this method is not meant for you. This is cloud storage, and if your account gets hacked, all your data will also be exposed.

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  • Stores your data in cloud storage
  • You can access stored data anywhere from the same cloud account (Be it on Android or Mac)


  • Easy to handle
  • Users do not have to worry about storage
  • Free cloud services and a hold will depend on what cloud storage you choose and what data you transfer


  • Probably slow speed for connecting and transferring files
  • Not a safe option for personal or sensitive data
  • There is limited storage in every cloud service. if the user exceeds the limit, he will have to pay for extra storage space

Here are the steps to connect an Android phone to Mac

For example, let’s assume the user chose Google Drive for cloud storage. ( these steps will be the same for every cloud storage)

  • Navigate to on the Mac> log in or sign up for the account
  • Go to play store on Android phone > Install Google Drive
  • Sign in to the Google Drive account on Android
  • Click on the Plus icon > Choose upload > now choose the files you wish to upload
  • That’s all; now, you can access these uploaded files on your Mac as well


A very convenient way to connect an Android phone to a Mac. Bluetooth setup takes no time to connect Android to Mac, but it is time-consuming when it comes to data transfer between the two. Also, it has a short range of connection, so both Android and Mac need to be physically present in one place.


  • Free and easy to connect
  • Users do not need to download or install any software


  • Time-consuming for large files
  • No support or feedback if anything goes wrong
  • The a limited range for connection, so Android and Mac need to be physically present

Here are the steps to connect an Android phone to Mac

  • Turn on Bluetooth on Android and Mac
  • For Mac > open System Preferences > Turn on Bluetooth > you will see “Now discoverable as” along with the device name
  • Make sure Bluetooth is on, on Android device
  • Mac will come on the list of devices > Tap on Mac device
  • Match the pairing codes, Tap pair on both devices
  • Now go to system preferences on Android device > Tap on Sharing > Tick the box next to Bluetooth sharing
  • Tap on the share icon on your Android phone
  • Select files you want to transfer to Mac
  • And it’s done

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Wired method to connect Android phone to Mac

A USB wall charger can be used as a USB cable by removing the adapter to make Android devices compatible with Mac.


  • Effortless connectivity between Mac and Android phone


  • Easy data transfer between Mac and Android


  • No security of secure data transfer

Follow the following steps to connect the Android phone to Mac.

  • Install Android File Transfer on your Mac.
  • Use a USB cable to connect your Android phone to your Mac.
  • Go to Mac Finder > Find Android File Transfer on the list of drives.
  • Double tap on the Android Drive icon.
  • Now you can see all of the files on your Android device > to transfer the data; you can move the files from the list to your desktop.
  • Further, users can save pictures, iPhotos, and videos in iMovie.


There are several methods to connect an Android phone to Mac. What method you choose will depend upon what kind of data you want to transfer, what security you need while sharing the data, and what disadvantages you are ready to bear. We hope this article will help you find the proper method to connect your Android device to your Mac.

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