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The New iOS 16 and Android 13 Software Updates Will Make Your Smartphone More Personal

If we start to discuss about one most common major theme among this present year’s Apple WWDC and Google’s I/O, it would be how one can make their smartphones more personal.

Apple and Google are all set to come up with their new mobile software updates, iOS 16 and Android 13 respectively, later this year.

The new updates will offer users new ways to keep their phones a central part of life. Even though both Apple and Google bring different changes and advancements with their updates, their vision to make smartphones “deeply integrate with as many products as possible” will remain the same.

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Let us now take a look at some of the features of iOS 16 and Android 13, that will help in making  your smartphones more personal than ever.

iOS 16- Lock Screen Customization

The lock screen is the first thing you look at on your phone before you start using it. However, there hasn’t been any change in the lock screen for a long time, and it seems people are bored of seeing the same old screen again and again.

New iOS 16 and Android 13 Software Update 1

Fortunately, the latest Ios 16 update comes with some changes that allow users to customize their lock screen. Users will now be able to add fun widgets, choose a colour and typeface for the clock, and much more. Also, the notifications are now located at the bottom of the screen and are grouped as per the app these come from.

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Talking about Android 13, it now has various colours in the theme option. Along with this, users can toggle between two clock styles on their lock screen.

Android 13- New Google Wallet

With the new feature, it is all clear that Google really wants the latest Google Wallet app to perform as the hub for all of your digital tickets and cards. This includes your driving license, vaccine ID card, or your credit card.

With this, people don’t have to carry their cards everywhere, rather they can use their Google Wallet to store all sorts of the card information.

Even Apple focused on the digital wallet recently at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The company has also added another new option known as Apple Pay Later to its Apple Pay. This helps to split the cost of any purchase into four equal installments.

However, Apple Pay is not available for Indian users as of now, but the analysts believe it to be a game-changer for all those who are actively using this service.

iOS 16- Ability to edit or unsend iMessage

New iOS 16 and Android 13 Software Update 2New iOS 16 and Android 13 Software Update 2

One of the biggest and most important announcements that come after the iOS and Android update is, revamping Messages in iOS 16 and enhanced copy and paste in Android 13.

Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi says that embarrassing typos are now a thing of the past. So, the company now gives its users an option to unsend, edit, or mark messages as unread. 

Another cool update for Android 13 is that users can copy whatever they want from one device and paste it on another. And this doesn’t even require emails or messaging.

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