How To Clean Your Macbook And Keep It Clutter Free

There are times when your Macbook doesn’t seem to function smoothly. It could be because of too much clutter or less disk space.  Here are some simple steps to clean your Macbook:

Simple and useful tips to keep away clutters from Mac Daisy Disk: If you ever need a cleaning system to remove the clutter from you computer, this app works well. It offers a complete overview of the files that are stored on the Mac, along with details of the files that are hogging most space on your disc. It also offers information about apps that can be removed from the operating system.

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Clear Disk: For people who experience the problem of cluttered disk on a Mac, Clear Disk is also a good choice. It allows you to find and clean temporary files comfortably. Clear Disk also helps in tracing redundant system files or apps that are not generally used.

App Zapper: If you are looking for a cleaning program that can help you to uninstall apps conveniently, try the App Zapper. Just select the app to be removed and App Zapper will take care of the rest.

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Apple Music in India made affordable for every user

Apple Music has become official from Wednesday and much to the delight of Indian music lovers, it is operative in India as well. Though the app is best-suited for iOS, it can also be operated in Mac or Windows PC and at a reasonable rental price, states TechRadar.

 Apple Music in India made affordable for every userApple Music in India

Compatibility to multiple operating system is undoubtedly one of the major reasons of its popularity among the users, the subscription price is also quite attractive.

Unlike other apps of the company, Apple Music is available at a much cheaper rate of Rs.120 per month for single-user and Rs.190 for sharing between six people of a family. Though the price of the single-user subscription is a bit higher compared to the other music apps like Gaana, the family subscription is quite reasonably priced.

 Not just that, Apple is also offering a three month’s free trail for the users. That means, there is no need to pay before using the app. Download it and use it. If you find the features to be useful and the library to have a collection that you want to listen, then only pay for the app from the fourth month. Though users need to provide all their credit details at the time of downloading the app, they can put off automatic update, if they do not want to be charged from the fourth month.

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Stories You Missed last Week Amidst New Launches, Speculations, and Patent-Wars…

September started off on a busy note. The first week of the month, has till now, marked the release of many devices in not only technology, gadgets, tablets or smartphones world but also in the gaming sector. Jam-packed with press events slated to release the latest and most innovative devices, there are few stories as reported in an article by the that we could have missed on!

Starting with the ongoing Apple-Samsung patent battle to Amazon releasing its revamped Kindle Fire to Samsung, Nokia, and Motorola Mobility- announcing their latest smartphones- the month has been a witness to a lot of technological advancements and rivalries.

And then there was Facebook-Instagram deal going all official and just recently Google buying VirusTotal. The stories were never-ending.

So here let’s take a quick read at the stories we missed.

Keep your pockets tight, a new iPod might be on the line…. Like really!

Ahead of Apple’s press event slated for Wednesday, there are rumors that 12th is going to be awesome not only iPhone fans for all music buffs! How? There are rumors that Apple might also announce a revamped iPod touch and iPod Nano with Wi-Fi along with a ‘iPad Mini’ and iPhone 5. Isn’t that good news?

So let the announcement come, and Apple stores near you will be filled with colorful iPods in all shapes, colors, and sizes!

No more tweets from Mac? Yes, that’s true!

Maybe it’s time for Apple Mac users to find another source to tweet from other than the Mac. According to MG Sielgler, blogger-turned-investor, Twitter has decided to stop supporting Twitter for Mac. Don’t consider it as bad news! If you see Twitter app for Mac, it’s not been updated since 1st June 2011.

Siegler of techcrunch tweeted on Thursday. He wrote, “They won’t kill it outright, but no further updates.” There were also rumors that Apple was in plans to buy Twitter Inc, which is going to be big, if it ever happened.

In a war of most tweets per minute record, Obama wins the race!

The President Barack Obama surely knows how much impact he has on people. During his speech at the Democratic National Convention, Obama generated 52,757 tweets per minute.

Mitt Romney’s speech, however, didn’t get quite the same response. The Republican nominee generated 14,000 tweets per minute. This set a new record political movement on Twitter, good news for Obama, especially as the race for President heats up.

Now it’s Google vs. FBI. The fight to unlock pimp’s phone!

A legal battle is brewing between the FBI and Google as the former is trying to force the latter to unlock an alleged pimp’s cellphone.

Now even with a search warrant, Google has refused to unlock the smartphone of the suspect. Sorry, no pimp data for you, FBI.

Google’s refusal sparked a story in the WSJ, where it mentioned how muddy legal standards are linked with third-parties unlocking smartphones on behalf of the government. In case the federal agents won’t get access to a suspect’s phone, they’ll turn to software makers for help, and sometimes they’ll come with a warrant. Whether the law actually requires companies such as Google and Apple to comply with these warrants isn’t all that clear.

Kindle Fire HD integrates Bing and not Google

Amazon recently announced its latest Kindle Fire HD. Going on a head-to-head competition with Google Nexus 7 and Apple iPad, Amazon will now direct mobile searchers to Microsoft’s Bing search engine instead of Google. Epic!

Bing remains the search engine for the Kindle Fire HD device. Looks like Amazon and Google are no longer friends!

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