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10 Best Low MB Games for Android and iOS in 2022

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Is your smartphone struggling to manage space for your multiple download? It’s time to breathe your phone easy. One great way is to move to games that need much lesser storage than the most popular ones. Enter! Low MB games for Android and iOS.

Low storage games are extremely underrated despite being interesting and addictive. Sometimes, as much as any mainstream game. In fact, there are many games that need low MB storage. Such, that you will be spoilt for choice.

List of 10 Best low MB games for Android and iOS

This is one of the most exciting games of recent times. It will keep you on the edge. This is a text-based adventure game. The game has an astronaut who has crashed onto a planet inhabited by hostile beings.

1. Lifeline

The astronaut has fortunately managed to reach you somehow through his communication equipment and now you need to guide him to escape the planet.

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You would help him by choosing one of the two responses given in text form. Needless to say, you need to choose the right option every time to get him off the planet. His communication would also come to you in text form.

2. ZigZag

This game just needs a thumb to play. The player has to control the direction of a ball that navigates through different environments. You collect gems in the process to score.


However, you lose if you let the ball drop from the ledge. Its appeal is its simplicity. Definitely one of the best light games to play when you have some time to kill.

3. Chess — Play & Learn

A classic game that takes less space but is packed with hours of exciting gameplay. You can play chess online with other players throughout the world. However, if you do not want to play with others, choose the AI option to play at different levels of difficulty.

. Chess
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The game adjusts its difficulty level depending on your performance over time. You can also challenge others to matches and see who tops. The best part is that the game updates articles by top coaches and authors daily to help you hone your chess-playing skills.

4. Skiddy Car

Another game that is played simply with a thumb. The player needs to control the direction of drifting cars on progressively dangerous tracks. As you move ahead, you have the option to collect coins and exchange them for other cars.

It loads fast and the tracks are small in length. Thus, you do not have to spend much time at a stretch if you do not want to just to be able to finish a level.

5. Bricks Breaker Puzzle

This game has ultra-satisfying scenarios. There are bricks arranged to form walls. Each brick has a durability level. The player needs to cross these levels to break it using the fiery balls that are pushed towards them from the bottom of the screen.

The game entails the brick slowly coming down which you need to break with the fiery falls before they touch the ground. The bricks will start to disappear as you throw the balls which is quite satisfying to see.

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6. 2048

This is a tile game that needs you to move tiles and make two same numbered tiles to touch each other which merge and you score. The goal is to reach the 2048 tile to score high.

This is a single-player game that is quite easy to grasp from the first game itself. The simple interface is one of the reasons for its huge popularity. It is an extremely addictive game as well.


This is a take on the snake game popularized by Nokia in the past. You need to slither on the black surface and keep growing as big as you can by swallowing things that look like tiny balls of light without exploding. The snake will explode if its head touches another snake.

Interestingly, all the snakes on the surface are real people playing from elsewhere. It is amazing to know how this simple game can be so engrossing to play that you may lose track of time. This game can be played on laptops and computers as well.

8. Flow Free

This is yet another game that will keep you hooked for long hours. Unless you have plenty of free time on hand, do not attempt to play this game. Here you need to connect pipes with matching colors to create a flow. However, if any pipe touches another, it will disintegrate.

The goal is to pair all colors and fill the entire board to solve the puzzles. It has hundreds of levels and has a time trial mode as well that have you play against the clock.

9. Hoppenhelm

This game needs you to control Sir Hoppenhelm who lost his way in a dungeon. He has to block, jump and slash his way back to safety to prevent the rising lava levels from consuming him.

Play this game with one hand because it has fairly simple controls. However, the game is not so simple to win. It deals with dangerous enemies lurking around in treacherous environments. Interestingly, the game offers randomly generated levels along with unlockable characters and weapons.

10. Color Switch

This is the fastest game to reach 50 million downloads in the history of the App Store. Notably, it used to be the number one game in more than 150 countries at some point.

To play, you need to tap the screen to get the ball past obstacles. This is possible only if their colour matches the balls. Here’s a warning. You have to be quite patient while playing this game. New modes and levels are being added by the developers at regular intervals.

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The fact that you can download all the 10 best low MB games listed here on your smartphone without worrying about storage should make you a little happier. If you found this article interesting, please share it on your social media platforms.

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