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Instagram Users Can Now Discover New Places Via New Maps Feature

The largest photo and video platform, Instagram, is rolling out a new Maps experience for all its Android and iOS users. Through this feature, people will be able to discover popular and new nearby tagged locations around them.

At present, Instagram lets its users explore other people’s posts on a map. However, now the platform is ready to add even more advancements to this existing feature. Users can use this trait to filter locations by specific categories such as cades, restaurants, hotels, parks, and even beauty salons. Instagram users in Japan have been using this feature for long now, the feature was rolled out in Japan almost a year ago.

Instagram Maps have been helping businesses get discovered

Instagram maps have not only helped people discover new places and locations, but it has also helped businesses get discovered. As per a Meta-commissioned online survey, 96 percent of respondents say that they discover products and brands online.

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Here’s how to use Instagram Maps to search for new places

If you wish to discover new places through Instagram Maps, you can simply tap location tags in the stories or feed content. You can even search for the locations and cities in Explore.

Along with this, you can even use hashtags to search for places. For instance, you can search for #Mumbai. Doing so will help you see all the posts with this hashtag.

Instagram Maps 1

Interestingly, you can view your old stories that you might have posted with a location sticker under the stories archive through the map.

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Another benefit of using Instagram Maps is, that you can save locations to your collection that you wish to visit any day. You can then share these locations with your friends and family via DMs.

How to contribute to Instagram Maps?

To do so, you will have to use location stickers or tags in the content you are posting. It will then appear on the map. Do note, that you have to make sure that you have a public Instagram profile. Instagram Maps can do miracles! Right? You can use Instagram Maps for various activities.

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