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YouTube Offers Educative Services with Player of Education and Courses

YouTube Offers Educative Services

YouTube has tried to make inroads into the education space with a new and free service. With the pandemic having started a couple of years back, Google had tapped the market for education with its affordable Chromebooks as well as software.

What’s In Store?

YouTube has announced that all sales from the latest service will go on to creators of videos that are used across classrooms over the first couple of years. With the new service, YouTube is poised to offer a downplayed version customized for educational spaces. This will be an attempt to gain a solid footprint in the digital educational segment.

YouTube Offers Educative Services 1

Google’s video giant has plans to license the service, that it is calling Player for Education, to the relevant education technology names. Earlier, too YouTube dabbled in a similar space with its lobbying of classrooms for using its how to and educational content. However, this didn’t pick up much traction due to the adverts and non-educational stuff in-video. Besides, the Player for Education, YouTube is working to introduce Courses, a new feature that will allow video creators to offer online classes on paid or free basis.

Summing Up

The latter can then filter from YouTube’s huge library having different restrictions. This service won’t have advertisements or any video recommendations. At the outset, YouTube has teamed with Purdue University Global Inc., EDpuzzle Inc., and Google Classroom. Such an innovative foray comes at a time when global edtech spends are about to rise to around $404 billion by the year 2025.