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High Time for WhatsApp Users to Change Security Settings Today

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It’s high time to enable your WhatsApp security features, as more than 2 billion people around the world are using Whatsapp, for that reason, it becomes a prime target for hackers, crooks, and scammers.

Two cyber experts have suggested the best ways to keep your WhatsApp account safe. As stated by Tom Davidson, senior director, and security expert at cyber-firm Lookout, “The most important setting to activate is two-step verification.”

“This is the first line of defense against someone trying to access your messages by configuring your number on another device,” as suggested by Tom. “With this setting enabled, users are prompted for a PIN before the number can be associated with WhatsApp. It ensures extra protection if someone cracks your username and password.

WhatsApp Security Settings 1

A Two-step verification feature can help the users to block access to their accounts. Many of these clever features are hidden within your privacy tab’s settings. “This section allows you to configure all sorts of privacy-related settings, such as who can see your profile and status,” Tom added further. “You can also configure a screen lock and enable it to disable read receipts.”

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Brian Higgins, a security specialist and cyber expert at Comparitech reveals, “It’s worth remembering that if you install WhatsApp on a new device, your Privacy will reset to factory settings. You should check and update your Privacy settings regularly. And also ‘weed’ your contact list every few months. Try to get rid of any you haven’t used for a while or you don’t recognize.”

Other security tips worth taking an advantage of

Users should be vigilant of people asking for personal information (such as login codes, and credit details). Never trust, even if it appears like coming from a known person. Another tip is to keep updating your current software, including crucial security fixes to crush harmful bugs used to attack your device.

Last but not least, users can kick the hacker by logging back in again to their WhatsApp accounts.

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