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WhatsApp’s New Features Give More Control to Group Admins

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On Tuesday Mark Zuckerberg announced a few new updates for WhatsApp groups. These features give more control to the admins, especially concerning group privacy. They would also make it easier for people to see the groups they have in common with others. This is especially helpful “when you’re trying to remember the name of a group you know you share with someone or you want to see the groups you’re both in.”

To see the groups that you share with a contact, just search their name on WhatsApp. The said features would start to roll out globally “over the coming weeks.”

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Last year, WhatsApp introduced Communities. This feature helps string multiple groups together to allow group conversations. Moreover, since communities are big with hundreds of members, WhatsApp wants to give greater control to admins over who can join the groups.

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About new feature

When the group admins share the invite link to join their groups or make a group joinable, they would now see the list of individuals who wish to join. There would be options like allow and reject for the list of pending participants. Accordingly, the group admins can decide whom to admit into the group and whom to reject.

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