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How to Send Long Videos on Snapchat After the Latest Update?

send long videos on snapchat

Understandably, the 10-second video limit of Snapchat is not enough for capturing all the action. Thus, we have researched extensively to find out how to send long videos on Snapchat and hence presenting the same to you.

How to send long videos on Snapchat?

Previously Snapchat allowed video recording up to 10 seconds, it is still the same but now people can record six consecutive videos of 10 seconds each. Snapchat would string all the videos together to make it a 60-second long one.

Recording long videos is a straightforward process. You just need to make a small tweak. Here is how:

  • Open and sign in to the Snapchat app
  • Turn on the camera by tapping on the camera tab at the bottom left
  • Choose the filter and camera you wish to use
  • Point the camera toward the subject of the recording
  • Press and hold the white Record button in the center
  • The button will turn red as the recording starts
  • A white circle ring would start to fill up around the record button indicating the 10-second mark
  • It should continue six times if you keep on holding the record button

Once the 60 seconds are over or when you remove the finger from the recording button, the videos would be stringed together and played to you in sequence. You can now watch, edit, add stickers, add filters, etc. before taping on the Save option. It would be saved in the Snapchat Memories section.

Watch this YouTube video:

To send or share the video

It is extremely easy to send the video to others. Just open the video, tap on the Send To button, and choose the people you want to share the videos with. The process is slightly different if you want to post the video as a story. For that, you need to go to the Stories tab and press the + icon in the bottom left. Choose the video from the Snapchat Memories section and upload it to your story.

Your friends on Snapchat would be able to see the story as a string of six videos of 10 seconds each played in sequence. If you want to share the video outside of Snapchat, click on the Share button. A menu with all the sharing options like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. would open up. Select the app platform and share the video.

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How to send longer videos?

Since Snapchat does not allow sending longer and heavier videos, you need to take a different path to do so. Record a video as long as you want and drop it in the DropBox. Create a shareable link on the app and share the same with others via Snapchat or any other mode of sharing.

Now that you know how to send long videos on Snapchat, go ahead and record as many videos as you want to share with your loved ones.Share this article with others if you find it useful.