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All About the New Features Being Rolled Out by WhatsApp for iOS and Android Users

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WhatsApp is gearing up to release a new update that would replace phone numbers with usernames for group chat participants within the chat list. Once the update is rolled out, users would be able to see the usernames when unknown people send messages to the group instead of their phone numbers.

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Latest feature updates

In December 2022, WhatsApp rolled out a feature that displayed push names within the message bubble of group chats instead of phone numbers. This made it easier for people to recognize the messages sent by unknown people in the group.

Upcoming feature updates

As already mentioned, the updated version of this feature is now being introduced in the chat list. This would make it easier for everybody to identify other people in the chat group who sent messages.

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This feature would display the usernames of the group participants only within the chat lists. It would not show the usernames of unsaved contacts for personal chats. The new update is being rolled out for WhatsApp beta for Android users who are using the latest WhatsApp version. For iOS beta users, people with WhatsApp version would get this update for now. Once the testing is done, the update would be available to all users.

A feature being tested by WhatsApp Beta users

Simultaneously, WhatsApp is testing another feature that would give better control to group admins. The feature is available for Android and iOS with the WhatsApp Beta update. This update enables the group admins to accept or reject any new member who wants to join the group using the invite link. Whenever anybody seeks to join a group, the admins would get a notification and accordingly they can choose to admit or deny the person.

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