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Know How to Keep Jio Sim Active Without Recharge

Unfortunately, those were the older times when we used to have unlimited validity in SIM cards. But now, every network user must keep their number active. A few months back, SIM was showing a validity up to 2037, but now suddenly, there is a trend to recharge your SIM every month to keep it active. Still, there is a trick you can use to keep your Jio sim active without recharge. You can check out various recharge options and policies to know how to keep the Jio sim active without recharge.

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How to keep the Jio sim active without recharge

As we mentioned, according to the monthly recharge policy, everyone must have at least a minimum recharge to keep their number active. So, all you need to do is a minimum recharge of talk time of Rs.10, in which you get a talk time of Rs.7.47. 

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And the twist here is that this talk time’s validity is unlimited. So, once you have talk time on your Jio sim, please don’t use it for the calls; you can use your sim for incoming calls. This is how to keep the Jio sim active without recharge.

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According to new recharge policies, you should have a minimum balance in your SIM to keep it active. Not just for Jio. It applies to all SIM networks. We hope you liked a quick tip on how to keep the Jio sim active without recharge. That’s how quickly your problem is solved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to have Jio SIM incoming validity without a recharge?

Once you are out of recharge, incoming calls can still come on your Jio sim. But after that, you must do at least minimum recharge to keep your SIM active.

What is the minimum recharge I need to do to keep my SIM active?

There is a minimum pack of ₹155, in which you get unlimited calls for 28 days. Additionally, 2GB of data is valid for 28 days. If you are a JioPhone user, you can only have a similar plan for ₹91.

Are incoming calls free on Jio SIM without a recharge?

Yes, Incoming calls are free on Jio SIM until your SIM is active. In comparison to other operators, Jio SIM is better at this. As long as your number is active, you are good to go.

As per our suggestion, you can go for a talk time recharge to keep your Jio SIM active. And you can enjoy free unlimited incoming calls for unlimited time.

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