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Best Alternative to QuickTime Player for Mac

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No worries all the Mac users if your free QuickTime video player is not working. It may be due to limited supported codecs and formats. That’s why it leads to playback issues for advanced Mac devices.

Before looking for the best alternative to QuickTime Player for Mac, make sure you go through its reviews, functions and compatibility with your Mac device. So if you are already ready for a different Mac media player then here is a list of free media players with various feature options.

Elmedia Player

User-friendly QuickTime alternative

Elmedia Player

Elmedia can open everything from simple AVIs and MP4s to complicated SWF. Elmedia offers abundant features, never failing support and a handy interface. No wonder this is the best alternative to QuickTime Player for Mac. Here is why

  • You can adjust many advanced settings such as subtitle search, audio track management and visual filters
  • There is a pro version available at $19.95
  • Elmedia can connect with DLNA, Chromecast devices and AirPlay
  • Advanced functions to make your media player experience one of the best on your Mac device.


  • User-friendly streaming
  • Wide format support
  • Multipurpose settings on device
  • Option for playlist creation along with their details


  • No other version for Windows
  • Advanced features available only in pro version



An Apple style replacement for QuickTime

IINA mimics the macOS features which you will love to have as an alternative. Because when QuickTime is not working you will be happy to have macOS like features. Its interface is flawless and has jaw dropping aesthetics. Reasons why you should choose this over others are as follows

  • Outstanding integration with Mac devices
  • Gestures, touch bar and picture in picture are finely integrated with Mac device
  • Flawlessly mimic the Apple design


  • Carefully integrated designed careful
  • Flawless Mac device integration
  • Throughout subtitles support


  • Problems with H.265 clips (full HD)
  • Comparatively, intense CPU


Has general but admirable features.

Omniplayer as the name suggests has a compilation of general features from any media player.  That’s why Omni can help you discover all the features of every media player. As you can try all their features at a mild degree.


Here are the reasons for its Omni nature

  • It has advanced subtitle functions, playlist customisation and 4KHD playback
  • Has a codec library which also all general information


  • So many general features available
  • Gives you trial option
  • It can open anything


  • All of the features can be used only at mild degree
  • Only generic features no advanced feature


Let’s you create playlists

Exclusive alternative for QuickTime. It has the best audio player based on GTK+. Here are the reasons to choose this

  • You can customise yourself
  • Playlists are made up of usual expressions


  • Customise playlist on your own
  • Has best audio player


  • Has usual expressions nothing new to discover

A free QuickTime app which is designed for Mac devices. If it is not supporting your device then the above mentioned list of video players can solve your problem. All of the options are the best alternative to QuickTime Player for Mac. Choose according to what suits you and tell us in the comment section. What you like most.

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