Leaked—Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Set To Blow Apple iPhone 7 Off, Might Arrive This August

Following the success of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 fans are super excited about the release of Galaxy Note 5 now. After the buzz and speculation galore, a leak of a model number– SM-N920F– pointing to an upcoming handset from Samsung has made Note 5’s arrival obvious. If all goes well, the Galaxy Note 5 might release in September—and thus, serve as tough competition to Apple’s iPhone 7. Equipped with a fingerprint scanner, retina scanner, water resistance and being dust-cum-scratch proof will make Galaxy Note 5 a worthy lancer to iPhone 7.

Galaxy Note 5 Release Date Predicted Expected Deliver Monstrous Performance Powerful ChipsetIf all goes well, the Galaxy Note 5 might release in September—and thus, serve as tough competition to Apple’s iPhone 7. Expected to equip with a fingerprint scanner, retina scanner, water resistance and being dust-cum-scratch proof will make Galaxy Note 5 a worthy lancer to iPhone 7.

On another end, leaks on a Korean website Daum, reveal that the maker is planning an August release of its latest baby. We have also unearthed that Samsung is calling its Note 5 Project noble now besides also working on a new Galaxy S6 variant—labeled SM-G928S.

While such speculations surrounding Note 5’s release are rife, here are the top specs you can expect on the flagship- 

  • Ultra HD display on 5.9 incher screen
  • Exynos 7420 SoC processor
  • 16 MP main camera
  • 3.7 MP secondary camera
  • Image stabilization
  • 4 GB RAM

In addition, wireless charging—already a fave Samsung innovation brought into the S6 series, will find presence on the Note 5.

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Apple iPhone 7 Release Date: iPhone 6 Successor Might Release With 5 Astounding Features

iPhone 7 is in pipeline or not, is still inexplicable and Apple Inc. is also not making any claims regarding its flagship device. However, speculators are making all kinds of waves by spreading the news that company is going to release this amazing device dubbed as iPhone 7 in September this year.

Apple is expected to launch iPhone 7 The news of September release of iPhone 7 is as per the reports by Value Walk, which states that KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo has delivered a letter to investors mentioning the release details. Nevertheless, according to the Apple insiders, the company will launch iPhone 6s and possibly iPhone 6s Plus with pre-installed Apple Universal SIM, in 2015 September.

Although the release date of iPhone 7 is not confirmed yet, its killer features are making rage among the iPhone lovers. Here are they:

  • Camera with DSLR capacity – Now Apple phone will be able to click high-resolution images like DSLR cameras. As per the report from Wall Street Journal, Apple has purchased an Israeli camera tech company named Linx Computational Imaging hence its camera quality will be enhanced in upcoming devices.
  • Improved RAM and great processor – iPhone 7 is speculated to be packed with 2 GB RAM and A9 chip processor.
  • Force touch – Like Macbook and Apple Watch, iPhone 7 is expected to be launched with Force touch
  • iOS 9 – New Apple iPhone 7 will come with latest Apple operating system ie. iOS 9
  • Hardened crystal glass – Sapphire Crystal Glass is said to come after diamond in terms of hardness and iPhone 7 is expected to come with this surprising glass finish.

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Apple Watch: Here’s All That You Need To Know

Apple Watch is all set to arrive in China, Canada, Australia, the UK and  USA on April 24. 

Apple WatchHowever, before you set a sight on the beauty, we have dug out the features for you to ponder on:

  • Contrary to popular expectations, the Apple Smartwatch is not waterproof. However, that does not mean a splash or two will cause any harm. So do not bother about heavy perspiring while on the treadmill.
  • The watch can track sleep patterns but cannot monitor blood sugar or blood pressure levels, opposed to recent rumors. For those keen on such a feature, you can always hook up an external blood pressure monitor via Bluetooth. The watch also connects via Wi-Fi but there is no GPS as of now!
  • Pair your watch with the iPhone for seamless connectivity and platform sharing. You can play music via Bluetooth headphone set or display synced events or images via iCloud.
  • The ‘Taptic Engine’ on the Apple Watch taps the wrist every time there is an alert or a notification. Apple also says that the Watch gives subtle cues! 

Indeed, a whole lot of goodies are packed into the wonder watch from Apple. As for the pricing the range begins from as low as $349  to $10,000.

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How To Transfer All Your iPhone Contacts To Another iPhone?

Apple has always pleased fans with its hardware but most users have always been muddled over the task of transferring their old phone contacts to the latest iPhone model. In case you are switching to the iPhone 6S from the iPhone 6 or if you want to transfer the contacts to the upcoming iPhone 7, here is the easiest way out with iCloud.

  • Use iCloud since it has an easy interface and offers great speed. Begin by iPhone Contacts To Another iPhone connecting the older iPhone to the power source and ensure that it is in Wi-Fi range. The power source needs to be connected since transfer over Wi-Fi eats up loads of battery.
  • Once done, open Settings on the older iPhone and turn on Contacts Toggle option.
  • Once this is done, move down to the bottom end of the page and click on Storage and Backup option.
  • Further, click on iCloud Backup toggle so that it is in ON mode.  Finally, choose Back Up Now button.
  • Keep an eye on the backup status onscreen. Once it is complete, flick the new iPhone where you want to transfer contacts.

Post-configuration, choose the option Restore From iCloud Backup after being asked. Fill in the Apple ID and your password that was also used on your older iPhone. This will transfer all your contacts to the new iPhone and you may download the same.

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Galaxy Note 5 Release Date Predicted:Expected To Deliver Monstrous Performance, Powerful Chipset 

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Can Google Nexus 2015 Surpass iPhone’s Popularity?

Google is confident about upping its ante with its latest exclusive offering featuring Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MNVO) in its upcoming Nexus for 2015. While this brings cheer to Nexus fans, it also means that Apple could be late with its own game using MNVO. As for now we were focused on Apple releasing its iPhone 7 in September this year but thanks to the latest move by Google, we fear that MNVO might be the death knell for the iPhone forever. Thus, going by what we hear now, a large chunk of buyers might ditch the Apple iPhone for Google Nexus in 2015.

 Google Nexus 2015 Kill Apple iPhone Speculations are rife that Apple will soon venture into MNVO arena but given that the service is hardly a profit maker, experts are not really confident. After all, Apple has always sold its devices for huge profit margins.

Google’s wireless service is termed NOVA and this will enable the giant to offer customers wallet friendly MNVO over carriers such as Sprint and T-Mobile. If this plan materializes then users will have app-based access to the wireless service and they will have to shell out only limited money based on their usage. This also means that a single plan will be applicable on data and calling for Nexus users with the latest 2015 release from Google.

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Galaxy Note 5 Release Date Predicted:Expected To Deliver Monstrous Performance, Powerful Chipset

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4-inch iPhone 6c Leaks Suggest Rounded Corners With Plastic Body

Even though craze around a heftier and bigger iPhone is over with the launch of Apple iPhone 6 Plus, latest leaks point to a more minuscule version in the making. Apple is reportedly designing a 4-inch phone and could christen it the iPhone 6c.

As of now, only initial photographs of the smaller iPhone 6 have gone viral but there is ample information to support that this model could see the light of the day soon enough. Pictures of the phone suggest a build around the chassis, which works almost like the iPhone 5C. The body of the phone suggests a plastic make, while the edges are soft and curved.

iPhone 6c However, it needs to be mentioned that the leaks reveal a much thicker body for the rumored 6C, when compared to iPhone 6. That sounds a little bulky to us.

Ports and plug-ins for the microphone are lodged in the exact place as in iPhone 6. The casing also reveals multiple pairs for the speaker grill holes. In fact, this model seems to come with a pinkish tinge. Given that Apple had a thing for color with its 5C model, this seems a good probability. The new iPhone leaks reveal an oval cut out for LED flash. Is this signal for a dual tone flash? No one knows.

Perhaps Apple has realized that there are a lot of people who still enjoy a more compact smartphone, thus aiding one-handed operation. That was the attempt with the iPhone 5C, but it was too costly at what it was offering. Apple might finally have made its mind to design the perfect blend of size and price with the rumored iPhone 6C. Only time will tell!… Read the rest

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Will Samsung S6 Make A Dent In The iPhone Market?

Latest from the Korean manufacturer, the Samsung Galaxy S6 has turned out to be a stunning phone. So much so, that it is even rumored to be a stiffler for Apple’s iPhone line. Makers of the smartphone have claimed that this phone is a fresh take on what Samsung can offer. Will it be able to give the elitist iPhone the competition it deserves?

Amid issues such as poor software, average, over-hyped features and a plastic build, Samsung had a lot to fight for. Especially at a time when Apple’s fan-following doesn’t seem to dip. Sadly, while physical appearances seem to have been fixed, Samsung S6 barely has the power to create a dent in the iPhone market.

Samsung S6 Make A Dent For starters, the prime question you ask is why has Samsung not thought of creating its own software suite if it wants to dislodge Apple from the top?

We know that S6 has finally intruded aluminum and glass to its get up but sadly, this model looks obviously more similar to the iPhone 6. Forget the big screen; even Apple has entered that league now! Moreover, Samsung must have really been influenced by Apple when it thought of making its battery non-removable. So you are out to slay apple and you opt for the one much-hated feature that Apple has under its sleeve?

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S6 comes at a hefty price. Pre-loaded apps on the phone even turn out to be repetitive. The basic fact boils down to this—if we need to actually break our bank why not pick Apple since it comes with a sturdy OS, no repeat pre-loaded apps and superb compatibly with Apple smart devices?

The last nail in Samsung Galaxy S6 coffin is the latest benchmark test. Here’s quoting  what an insider source from Apple has to say, “In terms of fps, the benchmarks show that Samsung’s ‘Exynos 7’ powered Galaxy S6 drops to 15 fps—78 percent of iPhone 6 Pluss’ frame rate– in the same test.”… Read the rest

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Apple Reports 12% Growth in Profit; Stronger iPhone Sales

In its third quarter report, Apple has posted 12% growth in profit along with strong sales of the iPhone 5. However, iPad sales Apple Starts Mass Production of 4.7-inch iPhone 6slunk for the company. The company said that they sold 35.2 million iPhones in the quarter ended June 28, up 12.7% from the same period last year. However, it is a little lower than analyst expectations. While most of their sales were in the United Sales, BRIC markets–Brazil, Russia, India and China–also showed higher sales for the iPhone.

Higher iPhone sales led to greater Q3 profit at $7.75 billion, up from $6.9 billion in the same period last year. Revenue rose 6% to $37.4 billion. This is the second quarter of double-digit percentage growth in iPhone sales for Apple. … Read the rest

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iPhone 6 Expected Features 10 MP Snapper and Retina Display 2, Release Date Unknown

Cupertino-based tech major Apple is gearing up for its next flagship device, iPhone 6. Needless to say, the iPhone 6 has already been surrounded by a sea of rumors regarding its screen size and other specs.

Cupertino-based tech major Apple is gearing up for its next flagship device, iPhone 6. Needless to say, the iPhone 6 has already been surrounded by a sea of rumors regarding its screen size and other specs. Primary focus of these rumors has been on the likely increase in the next model’s screen size. However, a new report that surfaced lately suggests that the iPhone 6 might also get enhanced camera features.

Most speculations related to iPhone 6 only mentioned of enhancement in screen size and this is certainly something most iPhone fanatics are keenly awaiting. According to the new report, the upcoming iPhone will be armed with a 10 megapixel primary shooter.

It is claimed that the expected device will have an f/1.8 aperture along with interchangeable lenses that is similar to the present model housed with 8 megapixel snapper although with a narrower aperture of f/2.2. This report also suggests that the tech giant will be doing away with the IR filter seen with iPhone 5S and bring on board a resin lens designed by JSR, a Japan- based firm.

The expected iPhone 6 model is likely to get 10 megapixel camera and 4K video capturing as well as feature auto image stabilization. It will also get a quicker Lightning 2 connector as well as solar charging through its screen. This upcoming handset appears to be a refined version of Iphone Air. It will likely be weighing not more than 100 grams and will feature an amazingly thin form factor. Though thin at just 6.1 mm, the new iPhone 6 by no means will look delicate or fragile.

These reports are not yet confirmed by Apple so an official statement is dearly awaited from the tech company and this could take a few months at least.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Apple iPhone 6 Towers Over Samsung Galaxy Note 3

With Apple’s next-gen smartphone iPhone 6 all set to unveil next week, let’s stack it up against Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to see how it towers over the latter.


Sporting a 5.7-inch display, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 looks like a giant device as compared to Apple iPhone 6’s rumored 4-inch screen. This means the former will be heavier and thicker, hence less pocketable in contrast with the latter.


The iPhone 6 will run on apple’s upcoming iOS 7 operating system whereas the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will run Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface. However, Apple is speculated to add some extra exciting features including improved camera choices and a fingerprint reader.


Apple will continually offer regular updates to its iOS 7, which users will enjoy till the firm comes out with iOS 11. However, Samsung has failed to show any such commitment to users.


Apple is expected to roll out major updates to its 13-megapixel camera in the iPhone 6 such as dual-LED flash with two different colors, white and yellow to let users capture great shots even in low light environments. iOS 7 is also rumored to bring 120fps and slow motion video capture, which will be seen in the iPhone 6.

Carrier choices

Sporting both 4G LTE networks and data plans, both the iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 3 is expected to host major US carriers such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Verizon connectivity.

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