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Will iPhone 13 Price Drop In India After iPhone 14

At present, iPhone 14 is priced in India at Rs 79,900 and iPhone 13 for 128GB variant at Rs 69,000. Yes, it simply means the iPhone 13 price dropped in India after iPhone 14. That too for the same storage option.


  • Both iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 have a similar 6.1 inch display.
  • The iPhone 14 will serve more iOS updates in the future
  • Both are 5G phones

Although, recently, the iPhone 14 launched with lots of excitement, it was not so much different from the iPhone 13. Despite almost similar features, there is still almost a difference of 10k between these phones. We are no one to tell you, which one you should go for, we are to bring you facts, what are similarities, what are differences, how much price drop is expected, will iPhone 13 price drop in India after iPhone 14, so hang on.

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Similarities and differences between iPhone 14 and iPhone 13


Both have almost the same weight, both have almost 6.1inch screens. On the backside there is a 12-megapixel dual camera setup, and the front is also the same as the 12-megapixel selfie camera. Both iPhones support the 5G network which is a very important feature for the Indian market.


It is also believed that, both the phones have the same a15 Bionic chipset, but the newer iPhone 14 will offer better performance as it has more cores. As a result there won’t be a great difference but a better battery life. Also, when it comes to iOS updates, iPhone 14 has more years in it’s life.

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Let’s talk budget

After iPhone 14 has been launched, iPhone 13 price will definitely see a huge drop. Users can expect sale prices available at Flipkart and Amazon. If you wish to save extra bucks, or planning to buy the latest iPhone for the first time, go for iPhone 13, there is not much difference in features but definitely in their prices.

Bottom line

Although Apple iPhone 14 will still take some time for its honest and full reviews. But still its highlights are already out and it’s clear that there isn’t much difference between the features of iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. But yeah, there will be a price cut of around 10K and that’s indeed an attractive cut. So, there is no doubt about the confusionwill iPhone 13 price drop in India after iPhone 14?’

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