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Best Ways to Fix iPhone When It Doesn’t Connect to WiFi

Best Ways to Fix Your iPhone Cannot Connect to WiFi

Often your devices might give you trouble when they fail to loop up with an existing Wi-Fi network while every other device around seems to be on a joyride. The worst is when your Apple iPhone and other Apple devices have such a problem. If the iphone problem connecting to Wi-Fi is something you’ve been facing from time to time, here is a breezy guide to help you tackle the issue.

While there a myriad reasons why such an issue keeps occurring, the most common could be some issue with the device settings, the router or network. If the issues of iphone problem connecting to Wi-Fi is happening frequently, try these possible solutions to sail through the glitch.

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Once when you are connected via the Wi-Fi to a phone, it must be showing the signal when you are in range. For instance, when  entering your home, your iPhone will gets connected automatically to your home Wi Fi.  Do check if you have had updated iOS recently if so, you might have modified the settings without  meaning to do the same.

Begin by checking the router and phone antennae. If these are in order, try the other solutions instead.

Reboot the iPhone

The initial solution that comes to mind is restarting your phone when Wi- iphone problem connecting to Wi-Fi show up. Sometimes the minor issues in connectivity will be resolved by simply rebooting the device. You may restart the iPhone/iPad to check if Wi-Fi sign is visible and the signals are in place. The technique works mostly by dumping all corrupt network data from the iPhone. If you still remain puzzled about this technique, then follow these steps to help reboot your iPhone. The steps are relevant to  iPhone x and all models following the same.

  • Locate the side button on the iPhone. Press this button and hold down till a notification for “Power Off” shows on screen.
  • Next, a slider applies on the iPhone. Slide it off.
  • Wait for 30 seconds to turn off the iPhone.
  • Turn on your device with this same procedure using long-press on the side button.

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For iPhone 8 plus or any earlier models, you will need to follow the steps below:

  • Locate the top button on the iPhone.
  • Press this button and hold till “Power Off” appears.
  • Turn off the iPhone by sliding “Power Off”. Wait till 30 seconds
  • Turn the device on using the Top button again.
  • Once the iPhone is on, go over to “Settings” and flick on the Wi-Fi.

Deal with airplane mode

One more thing you may do is to turn on airplane mode and switch off the same to see if the Wi-Fi is connecting to your router or no. This works to solve the iphone problem connecting to Wi-Fi problem mostly. Follow these steps as below-

Wi-Fi with Airplane Mode

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Now click on “Airplane Mode”
  • You can find the option to toggle switch “ON”. This will disconnect all wireless radios. The iPhone/iPad gets chance to reboot.
  • Next, toggle off “Airplane mode” after some seconds and see if the Wi-Fi is working.

Delete corrupt connections

There could be few other complicated reasons as to why the iphone problem connecting to Wi-Fi problem persists.  Delete the multiple networks registered on the phone first and stay glued only to your home and work networks.

  • Visit “Settings” on home screen. Tap on this and check all Wi fi options.
  • Select the Wi-Fi networks for forgetting their passwords.
  • Flick off the Wi-Fi and also restart the iPhone.
  • Once you restart the iPhone, visit “Settings” and flick the Wi-Fi ON.

Reset the  iPhone’s network setting

  • Reset settings on the iPhone to fix the iphone problem connecting to Wi-Fi
  • Tap on “Settings”.
  • Click on the “General” tab.
  • Now select “Reset” by scrolling down.
  • There appear Reset Network Settings on screen. Tap the same.
  • Enter the passcode. Confirm the same.

How to Reset Network Settings on Your iPhone

The iPhone takes a little time to reset its settings. After this is done, re-connect with your Wi fi network.

Summing up

These techniques will work towards resolving the iphone problem connecting to Wi-Fi. Keep the carrier settings update handy. These must never go unnoticed. Good luck.