Latest Report Suggests iPhone 7 May not Have a Headphone Port

Apple never ceases to surprise us with all its innovations. The latest buzz suggests that the tech giant is gearing up to launch iPhone 7 within the next ten months. The news has already spread like wildfire letting the still born product enjoy its share of glory in the rumor mill.

Latest Report Suggests iPhone 7 May not Have a Headphone PortThe next generation iPhone is speculated to be much slimmer thus lighter than the latest models. It is also rumored that iPhone 7 would come sans the standard 3.5 mm audio jack. In its place, Apple would introduce its Lightning port as the connector in the device for all wired headphones.      

A few companies are already selling headphones purported to offer high quality audio when connected via the Lightning port as soon as Apple launched the same in iOS7 a while back.

Mac Otakara’s blog, a reliable source site, went a step forward and suggested that iPhone 7 would come with Lightning port supported EarPod headphones.

However, people who are already using the exorbitantly priced 3.5 mm headphones need not worry. Apple would surely make some arrangements and offer 3.5 mm to Lightning port adapter to let everybody use the old headphones with the new device effortlessly.  Of course one needs to be the price for it!… Read the rest

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iPhone 6s Hands On Review

iPhone 66 hands on reviewWe were at the Apple store in New York recently and got an opportunity to test the latest iPhone 6s. To start with, we wanted to check if bending issues that were seen with the iPhone 6 remain. Good news, the iPhone 6s does not bend. Instead, it looks stronger than the iPhone 6. For those who are clumsy with their phones, this one could be a better bet.

Apple offerings after the iPhone 3 have been a little fragile. Many users changed their handsets because they found the iPhone delicate. If you are not a fan of the thin bezel that accompanied the previous iPhones, be prepared for a surprise this time. The latest iPhone has a sturdy and secure built.

An interesting feature of the iPhone 6s is the new 3D touch, which makes multitasking faster and easier. It allows users to access everything with one tap from peek and pop. All this makes adjusting, enabling and disabling so simple. However, users will need to dedicate a few hours to understand this feature.

With so much on its side, the first batch of iPhone 6S will be a complete sell out.

We met a user Charles at the store, also is avid iPhone user. He bought the phone and the first thing he did was to take a picture. “This is why I buy iPhones. They give you the most beautiful pictures,” he said.

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Hit Or Miss: Google Keep Now On iOS App Store

google keep on Apple iOSGoogle has now introduced note taking app Google Keep for the Apple iOS. The app was first introduced way back in March 2013 for web and Android users. It was then brought to Android Wear in 2014. All this while, it was not available for iOS users.

Now, the v1.0.4 version of Google Keep is available for download from the iOS App Store as well. It is compatible with the iOS 8 version and onward. With a size of 28MB, the app doesn’t occupy a lot of space. The only major turn off about this app is that it comes with the Material Design theme of Google, which may not be liked by ardent Apple fans.

One can make notes, lists and record voice reminders using Google Keep. They can even be categorized using labels, types and colors. This app also allows people set reminders based on date and location.

Another interesting feature of this app is that it allows users to share notes with other users in real time. Google Keep for iOS can transliterate voice memos and read the text from a picture to enable people find a note quickly by searching.

Though everything is pretty good about this app, the fact that iOS App Store already has EverNote and OneNote, will pose as a stiff competition for this late arrival. Moreover, the pre-instaled Notes app in iOS also got a major update recently.

We sure hope Google has thought through all the pros and cons of introducing this app on iOS and would have a vision for the prospect of this app on iOS platform that prompted its launch.… Read the rest

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New iOS 9 Update: Better Control, Battery Life

Apple has some really good news for users of the iOS 9. The company released free software updates for Apple iPads and iPhones running on iOS 9 to improve their performance significantly. According to reports, the new updates will not just improve battery life of these devices but also offer enhance functionality of the virtual assistant. A software update for the Apple Watch was also planned for the same day but could not be offered due to some bug issues.

Long battery life

The new update will improve battery life by diminishing use of non-essential tasks or visual effects. With the new update, the phone will also stop checking for automatic updates or email. Siri virtual assistant would also be improved with the update and users will be able to undertake swipe screen activities easily.

Accessing notifications should become easier because everything would be listed on the home screen according to time of occurrence. Alarm, security, maps and news service have also undergone transformation with the latest software update.

Access your iPad more conveniently

Multitasking is now simpler with the new software update on Apple iPad. However, the choices for multitasking have not been increased. Once the new update is installed, the iPad will offer better control like a laptop as sliding is much easier now. Getting the software update is simple, like the previous ones. Yet, users need to ensure proper backup of their data and at least 1.3 GB free space for running the update.… Read the rest

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Should You Buy The New iPhone 6S or New iPhone 6S Plus?

Apple has launched their new handsets, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Now that we have seen the specs of the phone, the foremost question on every consumer’s mind is, should you buy the new iPhone? Here the deal.

The 3D Touch is clearly the most innovative feature of the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6SShould You Buy the New iPhone 6S? Plus. It allows you to play with the phone and its apps in new and interesting ways. Taking over from the Force Touch that makes it easy to access the Apple Watch and new iOS interface, 3D Touch makes interacting with the phone even more interesting. You can pull down the menu, create shortcuts and access features of the same phone in new ways.

Apple has also worked on some physical features of the phone. To make a sturdy iPhone, Apple has used a custom-made aluminium alloy. The display glass is the Ion-X that has been used to make the Apple Watch, which should make it a little more flexible.

The new iPhone 6S is the same size as the previous phone. However, it uses the new A9 64-bit processor and Apple says it will offer 70 percent faster CPU and 90 percent faster GPU. There is also a 12MP rear camera on the phone now, a big leap.

There have been many improvements over the older iPhone 6 in the new launch. However, these features have been part of many competitors for a long time now. It would be worth your while to think well before shelling out $199 towards the phone.

   … Read the rest

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Leaked Image Of Blackberry ‘Venice’ Hits The Web

While leaked images of iPhone and  Nexus phones are creating upsurge in the web world, the leaked images of Blackberry has taken the internet by storm. The much-rumored ‘Venice’ Android smartphone of Blackberry is expected to be slider phone, as the leaked image on Tinhte, a Taiwanese site indicates.

 Specs at a glance

The yet-to-be-announced smartphone is also reported to feature QWERTY keyboard.Leaked image of Blackberry 'Venice' hits the web Like other modern smartphones, ‘Venice’ as the leaked image states is an user-friendly device with mails, dialler, contacts, calendar, camera, Chrome and Playstore apps on the home-screen. There is also one folder for Google Search, Maps and Gmail. If reports are to be true, the new phone will also have WhatsApp pre-installed.

Keeping in mind the increasing demand of the phones with high-end camera, the upcoming handset is also reported to feature 18 MP camera supported by dual-LED flash and OIS.

In the leaked image the phone appears to have a textured back. Moreover, the reports of Phone Arena claims the handset may come with1440x2560 pixel QHD display and 5 MP front camera. With excellent security settings, the phone is also reported to work on 3GB RAM and  1.8GHz hexa-core 64-bit Snapdragon 808 SoC processor. … Read the rest

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Apple Announces September 9 Event: May Announce New iPhone

The tech-giant Apple has reportedly planned a special event at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on September 9, 2015. The company has not yet revealed any details of event, the large venue that they selected in San Francisco hints that the company may be planning something extraordinary this year.

 Apple announces September 9 eventPink iPhone pictures on the web

While the company has refrained from offering any details of the event, the invitation sent by Alyssa Bereznak of Yahoo offers the first look of the upcoming iPhone, which increases the excitement further.

Even though there is still no confirmation regarding the specs or features of the handset, leaks suggest it may sport a pink body. Some reports even suggest the handset to be available in a variant of rose gold or copper color, along with the white and silver colors. Apart from that, the handset is rumored to feature a much stronger body with a bend-resistant frame. There seems to be some good news for users, who want to experience  high-end camera features in the phone. Leaked reports and rumors have also added pressure-sensitive touchscreen to the feature list of the phone.

 A bit too expensive

So far, there is no reports indicating significant change in its feel or look. However, the model is anticipated to be a bit expensive. The reports indicating the phone to price heftily has also raised the eyebrows of stakeholders, as this might dip the sales. … Read the rest

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Upcoming Apple iPhone- Is it a 6S or a 7?

With September approaching, iPhone fans are glued to the web to know the release date and model name of the next Apple phone. Though initially rumored as iPhone 7, the latest report suggest that the new offering will be  iPhone 6S or 6 Plus. If the naming patterns of the previous models are followed it will be quite clear that right from iPhone 3GS, the company has not directly moved to the next number without releasing S or Plus version.

 Upcoming Apple iPhoneApple iphone 6S or 7- Speculations are on the rise

Apart from the model name, the specifications of the upcoming handset are also being speculated by iPhone lovers, even though rumors suggest the phone to include Force Touch and high quality camera features. Some cosmetic changes are also expected to be present in the upcoming handset even if it does not have some remarkable difference from the existing model.

Read More: iPhone 7 Release Date Could Be September 7 

 Release date

Checking the previous releasing pattern of iPhones, people are also quite inquisitive to know whether Apple will release it on September 7, Monday or on September 9, Wednesday, as the company prefers to make releases in the middle of the week. Though there is no confirmation from the company, leaked email of Vodafon suggest the releasing date to be September 9 and it will be available on sale from September 25, while pre-orders will be accepted from September 25. … Read the rest

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German Court Rejects Apple’s Plea For a ‘Slide to Unlock’ Patent on Their iPhone

Apple slide to unlock patent rejected‘Slide to Unlock’, one of the defining features found in an Apple iPhone has been denied a patent according to the Federal Court of Appeals at Karlsruhe in Germany. The upper court has upheld the 2013 verdict of a German lower court. While rejecting Apple’s appeal of patenting the feature, the verdict even mentioned that a similar technique was used by Neonode Inc., a Swedish company, even before the first iPhone was launched in the year 2007.

‘Slide to unlock’ is not a patent of Apple

The verdict has come as a setback for the company, which is reported to be gearing up for the launch of new iPhones in a couple of weeks. However, the Apple office in Germany has not released any official statement in response to this verdict.

Read More: iPhone 7 Release Date Could Be September 7

With a few days left for the launch of the rumored iPhone handsets, the company may be busy adding some ground-breaking features to make the device unique.

Even though Apple did not make any comment, the verdict is surely to be a cause of rejoice for Motorola, who originally challenged Apple’s claim for patenting the ‘Slide to Unlock’ feature. Samsung joined Motorola initially but later decided to withdraw their support.

 … Read the rest

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iPhone 7 Release Date Could Be September 7

There is much buzz about the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 or an iPhone 6s. The latest rumor is that the phone may hit the streets on September 7. 

 Apple upcoming iPhone to sport aluminum alloy bodyiPhone to become strong

Reports that the new iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 may be released in September has got everyone talking. However, there are a lot of doubts on whether the phone will come with exciting new features or will it be a rehash of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that we have seen already.

However, many are excited to know that the next generation smartphone would feature a strong body with high-grade aluminum alloy. While the strong aluminum body is going to attract buyers, it might raise the price of the handset significantly. Therefore, to attract buyers in millions, the company needs to plan some extraordinary features in the phone.

Also Read: Google Nexus Smartphone Images Leaked; Suggests Camera Bump, LED Flash

Stakeholders expect huge growth in sale

Though there are mixed opinions regarding the expected features of the handset, stakeholders have kept their fingers crossed and expect the new handset to be yet another bestseller.

Like its predecessors, the upcoming handset will also be unveiled in countries like USA, UK, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, France, Canada and Australia, reports Japanese Home. This time, the list may also include China but no confirmation has come yet.… Read the rest

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