iPhone 6S May Be Thicker Than iPhone 6–Report

Some insight into the iPhone 6S’s dimensions has come our way from Engadget Japan that claims the iPhone 6S may have about 7.1mm depth. This means that the upcoming Apple flagship could be about 0.2mm thicker than what the iPhone 6 is. In terms of depth, it touches the same mark as the iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple Might Surprise Us With Fatter-Than-Expected iPhone 6S, Says Engadget JapanMore Details On The Form Factor

While Engadget Japan did not reveal where it has got the information from, we did read that the leak comes from a trustworthy source.  Perhaps it could be an insider connected to the manufacturing units for the iPhone 6S.

The hike up in terms of depth for the upcoming iPhone 6S might be justified if it is to see presence of Force Touch technology right under its screen. Rumors have been pointing to such an addition for a long time. Apple has patented this technology that debuted on the Apple Watch. Force Touch could give touch and interactions on the iPhone 6S all new meaning.

Size Story

One piece of good news here is even if the 6S is slightly thick, you may still be able to fit it in your iPhone 6 case. Last heard, the screen size is set to be 4.7 inches just as we saw on iPhone 6.

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How To Update iPhone, iPad From iOS 8 To iOS 8.4

We finally have official news confirming release of the update iOS 8.4. However, there are diverse ways to get hands on the same. To begin with make sure all your data on iPhone and iPad to iCloud or on a computer. Getting access to the update of the iOS is over the air. Check into Settings and the Select Software Update from under the tab Software Update. You will automatically get a snippet about the changes the same will entail. Check on download and then install tab. Key in the password and accept the terms. Make sure you have ample free device space.

Here’s How To Update Your iOS 8 To iOS  8.4Alternatives For  Updating

 In case there is not ample space, plug your iPhone into your PC. Launch the iTunes app and click Update tab on the phone. Make sure the entire process occurs while the iPhone is plugged into the computer.  In case there are issues with downloading the update, then perform a factory reset function and then update to iOS 8.4.

The Bugs Gone

The iPhone update for the iOS 8 is laced with fixes for bugs that messed up messaging function as well as another that caused frequent crashes on the iPad while using messaging apps.

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Apple Will Let You Delete Apps On iOS 9 To Save Up Software Space

In case you tried to update your iOS 9 to the Beta 2 today, you might have stumbled upon a gem feature on the Beta 1 version.  The latest feature now permits users to delete apps from the operating system, if there is not ample space for newer downloads.

Apple Will Let You Delete Apps On iOS 9 To Save Up Software SpaceThe Inner Scoop

So in case you are scared of scarce space on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 9, simply delete some apps temporarily. Of course, once the update is over, the system automatically restores the deleted app and ensures that all your data stay put.

The Tweaks On iOS 9

The feature is actually a part of few tweaks that iOS 9 will throw our way or at least that is what we gauged from a keynote at WWDC 2015.  Apple will now be able to send out small updates that need less free memory space. Few more features that save space are part of the latest version of the iOS 9 such as App Thinning. This will now allow developers to easily distribute smaller parts of applications to users. This also enables Swift library built-in. 

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How To Install Apple Music On Your iPhone And iWatch

The much anticipated Apple music is now available for all users. This is how you can install it on your Apple device.

Installing Apple music on your iPhone and iWatchWhat is Apple Music?

Apple recently announced its venture into the music streaming market which has garnered attention of its users and tech media. With iOS 8.4 update, the features will be available for all apple users including iWatch users. Apple unveiled Apple music recently in worldwide developer’s conversance this year. It is a good option against iTunes since users can stream unlimited music during the trial period. It also offers more features as compared to iTunes.    

For users info

 The users will have to shell out $9.99 for using Apple music on their device. The users can also opt for a family membership subscription which allows music streaming on multiple devices and costs just $14.99. Apple has also offered a three month trial period to all the users during which they can stream unlimited music on their devices.

For using apple music on your device, you need to have an Apple ID. In case you do not have the ID you can always go create one from apple website. Also, if you are planning to purchase the family membership, it is essential that you must enable iCloud family sharing feature on your device.  The users must also ensure that their device is update to the latest iOS version for using this service. Apple music is available on all Apple devices such as iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Mac and even Apple watch. 

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Upcoming Apple iPhone to include Force Touch technology

With the month of September coming closer, the web is splurging with the rumors of new Apple iPhone model, almost every now and then. While the hype regarding the new phone is quite high, a recent Bloomberg report increased the interest further by stating that the upcoming model will include Force Touch feature.

Upcoming Apple iPhone to include Force Touch technology iPhone 6S or iPhone 7

 According to the Bloomberg report, the production for this year’s iPhone handset has already started and after using ForceTouch in MacBook as well as Apple Watch, the company has decided to include it in the iPhone as well. While the inclusion of ForceTouch is a cause of rejoice for the Apple lovers, the reports also have it that the new handset will not deviate much from the existing phone models of 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch. Yet, it can be a bit thicker than the current models but that would not compromise with the aesthetics of the handset.

As the new handset is not reported to include loads of new features, the company is

expected to name it as 6S and not 7. However, to get the confirmed reports on the launch or the features that the new phone would include, people will have to wait for the official confirmation of the company or till fall, when Apple usually introduces its new handsets. 

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How To Make An iPad Or iPhone Read Books Aloud?

If you have been wondering how to get started with audio ebooks on your Apple iPhone or iPad, check out these easy steps. They help your Apple baby to accommodate all kinds of ebook, without the need to install other applications.

How to make iPad or iPhone read books aloud?Adjusting accessibility:

Open Settings and then access

General > Accessibility > Speech

Once you are there, change to Speak Screen by swiping it using your fingers from the top area of the iPhone/iPad screen. This will help Siri read all texts displayed.

Turn auto lock off temporarily

Access Settings > General > Auto-Lock

Ensure that auto-lock is turned to Never mode. Do not forget to turn the Auto-Lock function on again when you are not reading an ebook.

Select a book of your choice

Once you have followed the above steps, make sure you pick a book and open it over iBooks or Kindle. Swipe like described above to start Siri reading. Siri will actually start to read anything visible there as well as flip pages when done.

Now then, do not expect a well-paused and expressive read-out-loud session from Siri. However, the monotone is decent and easy-to-get-used-to once you get into the groove.

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Can iPhone 6S Or Other Upgraded Versions Help In Tracking Friends Easily?

Recently, Apple published two more patents which will help the users to send real time notifications and tracking status to the closed ones.

Can iPhone 6S or other upgraded versions help in tracking friends easily?Innovative features

According to Apple insider, who is responsible for these two patents, have titled the patents as customization and location notification which is loosely based in one of the most popular apps, Find my friends. This feature will allow Apple users to directly send or request notification and location update from their family and friends.

If the accept is requested by the user, a notification will be send on the requisite’s devices in the form or mail, text message or any other mode of notification as selected by the user.


According to Techradar website, this feature will work once the user has crossed a Geo fence and in that case the notification will automatically be sent from the device.  The area of Geo fence can be altered by the users who can set up their own area to control the notifications. Once the iOS device of any user enters or leaves any specified, the notifications feature starts working.  The other patent is inspired by iBeacon technology which helps the users to be tracked inside a complex or a building. It can also update your location in real time if you are moving inside the building. Most tech experts have stated that it is a rip off of already existing technologies which seems to be weird and creepy.  

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Apple iPhone’s Hidden Features Revealed

Apple iPhone has always maintained an unfazed popularity in the market, despite  the competition posed by different smartphone manufacturers. Now, it appears that the iPhone lovers have more reason to rejoice as some hidden features of this new phone have recently come into notice.

Useful features on Apple iPhone that users often miss Snap pictures with headphones

Taking a picture with the iPhone placed on a tripod has become much easier now with the official headphone of Apple. Just press the volume-up button for a moment and it will snap pictures using the camera app. Pictures can also snapped by pressing the volume buttons located at the iPhone’s side.

 HDR photo

Hit the HDR button after opening the camera app and take better quality images. By putting on the HDR mode, you will get three copies of the same image and can store the one that you find the best. It is excellent for pictures taken in low lights.

Shake and undo

To undo a typed message or mail, just shake the iPhone and get the Undo option. This works with default apps, mails as well as imessage.

Read receipt

Now, allow your friends to know, when you read their messages by checking on the Send Read Receipt option under the Message settings.

Text Message Alert

 Now, use LED flash of your iPhone for alerting about incoming message if you think that the chime or vibration is not good enough. LED flash option is there in the Accessibility menu of the phone.

 Keyboard shortcut

Now, get customized shortcuts for the phrases, words or email addresses you frequently use in your phone. To create, just go to Keyboard settings from General and then Add New Shortcut. 

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How To Delete Emails Permanently From iPads and iPhones on iOS8

Are you hunting for the easiest and best means to delete your emails permanently from an iPad or an iPhone? Begin by opening Mail app and moving on to Edit. Move down to this list and around the bottom check if you can see the All Trash Option. Make sure this is ticked so that you can access it from your mailbox page. Now, select All Mailboxes or your single inbox before pressing Edit.

Here’s How To Delete Emails Permanently From iPads and iPhones on iOS8 The Next Step

Press and hold your Move button using a finger before un-checking the email you had just checked. Once you leave holding onto the Move button, the email must be selected to for moving over to another location. Select move to Trash as an option.  

Visit the All Trash folder or the Trash folder before choosing Edit followed by Delete All. Keep in mind that deleting emails will take ample time.

Wrap Up The Delete Game

Using the above steps to erase them all from the iPhone or iPad inbox is the easiest and most foolproof way. Keep repeating the process for any other folder/s you might want to clean up.

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iPad Pro Rumor Roundup-Specs And Rumoured Release Date Revealed

Apple might have dabbled in the WWDC 2015 of late and wowed us with Apple Pay and its streaming service but it cannot hide the dip in sales for its iPad over the last year or so.
When the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 last year in October, we had been haggling for a glimpse but soon lost interest thanks to more handy and more functional tabs that came at prices that were bargains from Samsung and few upstart brands. 

Recently the rumored “iPad Pro” or “iPad Plus” are making waves as the next big thing for Apple though.

iPad Pro Rumor Roundup-Specs And Release Story RevealedThe Features

This upcoming iPad Pro is set to feature about 12.9-incher as its touch screen, according to Apple Insider. This lends much bulk to it over and above the earlier iPads that had 7.9-inches screen on the Mini 3 and a 9.7-incher on Air 2.

The Air 2 wowed us with its 6.1 millimetres thickness but the rumored new variant could be sleeker still, though we wonder how. Amid speculation that the Cupertino maker could introduce this so called iPad Pro at the WWDC, we were left wanting till the end. The trend is generally a November or October release for iPads right after an iPhone variant announcement annually!

If the conjectures are to come true then by this time, Apple will have vested the rumored iPad Pro or Mini 4 with the already famous iOS 9.

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