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Know How to Factory Reset iPhone Without Screen Time Passcode

You wanted to reset your iPhone but forgot your screen time passcode! Now you are worried about how to factory reset your iPhone without a screen time passcode. Don’t worry. There is not just one but 4 ways to factory reset your device without screen time. You can change your screen time passcode, use the ‘Find My’ app or a computer to remove the passcode or even reset your iPhone on the system itself. Hang on to learn about each process step by step in a simplified manner.

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4 Easy ways to learn how to factory reset iPhone without screen time passcode

Method 1: Reset your screen time passcode

The most basic way is to reset your screen time passcode, and factory reset your iPhone. Follow further steps to know the further process of  how to factory reset the iPhone without a screen time passcode:

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  • Open your settings > then scroll down and choose screen time
  • Now further choose “Change Screen Time Passcode.’ 
  • Once the screen asks for your previous passcode > tap on ‘Forgot passcode’ written in blue colour on the screen
  • Your device will ask for your Apple ID and password > now tap on ‘OK’
  • Once done now, your device will allow you to set a new screen time passcode. You can happily change the screen time passcode and then proceed to factory reset your iPhone

Steps to factory reset iPhone

  • Open your settings > tap on ‘General’> choose ‘Transfer or Reset iPhone
  • There are two different options to go with. Either you transfer important content to another phone, or you erase all of the data from your iPhone
  • To transfer your data to another iPhone: choose ‘Get Started’> follow every instruction on the screen > once done, go back to ‘Settings’> tap on ‘General’> now choose ‘Erase all of your data from iPhone, and you are done. And that’s how you can factory reset your iPhone without a screen time passcode.

Method 2: Use an app to factory reset your iPhone without a screen time passcode. 

‘Find My’ app on your iPhone, which you can use to factory reset your iPhone. Following are the steps you should follow:

  • Open your ‘Settings’> Choose ‘Apple ID name’> further tap on ‘Find My’
  • Now ensure that ‘Find My’ is turned on on your device
  • Now on Find My app on your iPhone > Allow location service on this app > Further tap on ‘Continue’ to proceed
  • The screen asks you to ‘Enable Notification’ for lost friends or lost items > tap on the blue button
  • You will see a message “‘Find My’ would like to send you notifications” Tap on ‘Allow’
  • Your device will start searching for nearby iPhones > you tap on the ‘Devices’ tab, and here you will see the nearby iPhones; find your friend’s device on the list > and tap on the iPhone you wish to erase
  • Scroll down, and you will see many options; choose ‘Erase the device’ among them
  • Again tap the blue button asking ‘Continue’>. Next, your device will ask for a phone number; it’s an optional step
  • Now enter the Apple ID and password for the device you wish to reset > Now hit ‘Erase’
  • That’s it; now your device will start erasing all its content on its own

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Method 3: Remove the screen time passcode, then reset iPhone

This method will require you to connect your device to your computer, so connect your iPhone to your computer, make sure itunes is installed on your computer then follow the following steps:

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  • The screen will ask if you trust the computer, and you tap on ‘Trust.’
  • Enter your device passcode to continue with the process
  • Now on your computer, go to your browser and search for You will be directed to the home page
  • Choose ‘ios & Android’ among other options available on the top of the screen
  • Further tap on ‘iPhone passcode refixer’> choose ‘Download’
  • Once you are done with the process of downloading and installing of iPhone passcode refixer
  • Launch the software on your computer > you will see three options on the screen > tap on ‘Remove Screen Time passcode’. Remember, if you wish to proceed further, make sure ‘Find My’ is disabled on your device
  • Now tap on ‘Start’> in a few seconds, and the tool will remove your screen time passcode. Once done, your iPhone will restart; furthermore, you can reset your device without a screen time passcode.

Method 4: iTunes method to learn how to factory reset iPhone without screen time passcode

Start again by connecting your device to the computer. In which iTunes is already installed. Go to iTunes on your computer, then follow the following steps to continue:

  • When iTunes opens on your computer > tap on the small phone icon available on the top left side of the screen
  • Now choose the ‘Summary’ option on the top of the left side menu. It will reveal information about your iPhone on your computer
  • Further, locate ‘Restore iPhone available on the right side of the screen and tap on it
  • Furthermore, tap on ‘Restore and update’ to confirm the step; after this, iTunes will restore your iPhone to its factory settings without a screen time passcode.
  • Once the process is over, tap on ‘Ok’, and you are done with how to factory reset the iPhone without a screen time passcode.


This article has given not just one but 4 solutions to factory reset iPhone without a screen time passcode. Which method you find easy is completely upon the user. So, we are excited to know which method worked for you; tell us in the comments section below.

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