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Know How to Block Snapchat on the iphone

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Nowadays, mobile phones are not just used by youngsters, but by adults and the elderly as well. So, restricting or hiding some apps is concerned with their misuse by children or preventing unnecessary updates on your mobile. One of those concerns is how to block snapchat on the iphone. Whatever the reason, you can block snapchat on the iphone using some changes in your settings. Here is how it goes.

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Method 1: Restrict app downloads

This method is, if you want no one to install Snapchat on your iphone, you can use content and privacy restrictions settings. This way, you can block app store purchases and downloads. Follow further steps to learn how to block snapchat on the iphone

  • Go to your settings app > Go to ‘Screen Time’ in your menu
  • Activate ‘Screen time’ but tap on ‘Turn on screen time’ > Now tap for 2nd time or hit ‘continue.’
  • Further, you will be asked, ‘If this phone belongs to you or your kid.’
  • Whatever option you choose, it will ask you to add a screen time passcode so that no one can change the settings again.
  • Now go to ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’> Locate a slide button available next to content & privacy > Toggle it to on
  • Enter the passcode, if it asks
  • Now go to the top of the ‘Content & privacy restrictions’ menu > choose ‘iTunes & App Store purchases.’
  • Further, choose ‘Installing Apps’ > and tap ‘Don’t allow’. 

This way, you can prevent anyone from downloading Snapchat or any other app on your device because it will ask for a password beforehand. And that’s how you learn how to block snapchat on the iphone.

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Optional step

Users can choose to restrict downloading of 12+ apps in their content restriction menu. This way, you get control over what kind of app store content you allow on your device.

Also, if you don’t wish to block the installation of apps on your device completely, you can restrict apps according to age category instead. Follow the following steps for this: 

  • For this, go to open the ‘Content & privacy restrictions’ menu Tap on ‘Content Restrictions’
  • Choose ‘Apps’ once you enter the menu screen.
  • Here you can choose any age range to restrict. On Snapchat, it is available as 12+ in the App store. So, you can block by choosing 12+
  • Also, you can restrict every app from this menu if you choose ‘Don’t allow.’

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Method 2: Block

If your kid is on the intelligent side, there is a possibility that they go to the Snapchat website to access Snapchat even after you block the Snapchat app. Follow further steps to learn how to block snapchat on the iphone:

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  • Go to the ‘Settings’ app > and hit ‘Screen time’ from the menu. 
  • If you have not decided on screen time, it will ask you to do
  • Choose ‘Content & privacy restrictions’ > slide the slide bar available to turn the restrictions (they may also ask you to enter your passcode)
  • Choose ‘Content Restrictions’ available closely at the top of the content & privacy restrictions menu.
  • Open ‘Web Content’ > You will be redirected to a new menu screen with several options to restrict the web content.
  • Choose ‘Limit Adult Websites’; this option restricts access to many websites but also allows you to allow or block specific websites.
  • Choose ‘Never allow’ > now tap on ‘Add website’ > you will ask to enter the website URL of the website you wish to block
  • Here you can enter the Snapchat website address. You can even add the this address to the URL box. Once done, tap ‘Done’. Now the Snapchat website is blocked on your iphone.

Optional step

If you wish to delete Snapchat from your never allow list, follow further steps:

  • Tap and hold on the URL
  • Now, swipe left and hit ‘Delete.’
  • You can even choose ‘Allowed Websites’ from the ‘Web Content’ menu. It will only allow access to a small range of websites. Snapchat will be automatically restricted until you add it to the ‘Allowed Websites’ list. This is how to block snapchat on the iphone.


This article mentions how to block snapchat on the iphone to block snapchat on your device, which means the ultimate goal is to prevent updates and save extra memory.

If you want to only prevent yourself or your kid from spending extra time on Snapchat, you should try hiding Snapchat or setting a downtime for snapchat on your device. There are even content and privacy restrictions to keep your snapchat safe from kids. You can try that as well.

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