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Know How to Reverse a Video on iPhone without an App

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As a vlogger or filmmaker, you know the significance of reversing a video to emphasize a particular part of the video or show some flashback effect in the video. And if you have an iphone, your work is even more sorted because you won’t need extra accessories or advanced technology to achieve reversed video. 

Although phones do not have a built-in feature or a specific tool that enables you to reverse a video, you still can reverse the video without installing any app on your iphone, and that’s by editing it online on Here is a step-by-step process on how to reverse a video on iphone without an app. 

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How to reverse a video on iphone without an app

Now that you know, you need to edit the video online to reverse the video on your iphone without installing any app. And not just reversing the video, but can enable all post-production tasks, including converting and editing images, videos and audio files.

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Also, an added advantage is there will be no watermark on the edited video after you export it from Follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to reverse a video on iphone without an app:

Note: Before you start the process, transfer the source video to the iPhone’s storage. So that clip can be accessed from the camera/photos roll app.

Step 1: Upload the original video on

Begin with Safari on your iPhone> then navigate to Reverse Video – Add reverse effect online easily –

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Step 2:  Once you reach to the loaded page, tap on ‘Choose files’> then choose ‘Photo Library’> Once your gallery opens, choose the video you wish to reverse, then wait until the chosen video is uploaded to

Note: Uploading the original video on the landing page has multiple options. You can choose the source video from Google Drive cloud storage or Dropbox, or you can even tap on the youtube icon to find the footage already published on the media platform.

Step 3: Choose output preferences

Once the uploading process completes, the user can decide the playback speed of the video you are reversing under the section ‘Reverse speed’. Also, don’t forget to check the Mute option under the ‘Sound’ section; this way, you won’t hear glitched audio after the process.

Step 4: Now tap the menu and choose ‘Save to’. Then it will give you a list of output formats. You can choose any format, then tap on the ‘Reverse’ option available in the bottom right corner of the screen. 

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Step 5: Now wait until processes your video according to your preferences. This is how you know how to reverse a video on iphone without an app

Step 6: Once done, you will see the ‘Download’ button appear on the next page > tap on ‘Download’, which will download the reversed video to your iphone.


This article has explained a simple method to answer how to reverse a video on iphone without an app. Doing video editing work online can save lots of memory and expenses you may have to spend on different apps. We hope you liked this simple method to reverse video online.

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1. Is it possible to reverse my video using iMovie on iphone?

Unfortunately, iphone or ipad versions do not allow you to reverse video on iphone. But the Mac version allows you to do the reverse process without any obstruction.

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