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Know How to Recover Deleted Comments on Instagram

No doubt, Instagram is the leading platform for content creators as well as for brands to grow. Not just for entertainment purposes but it is used for information, marketing, and branding purposes as well. 

In this informative age, as a content creator, it must be important for you to keep your milestones safe with you and face all the criticism as well. In this chaos, there are chances that sometimes you end up deleting some comments you didn’t wish to. Fortunately, there is an answer for how to recover deleted comments on Instagram.

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Why are Comments Deleted on Instagram?

Before you get to know how to recover deleted comments on Instagram if you get an idea of why comments are deleted. You can prevent this from happening again. The reasons are as follows:

  • If you violate community guidelines, Instagram will delete your comments
  • Offensive or abusive comments get deleted on Instagram
  • The person on the other side may delete your comment if he/she found it spam

But sometimes you may also wish to delete any comment for the same reasons mentioned above. And mistakenly you end up deleting the comment you didn’t intend to. That is the case when you’d want to retrieve the deleted comment. 

How to Recover Deleted Comments on Instagram

There are two ways to retrieve deleted comments from Instagram, they are as follows:

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  • The moment you delete any comment, you have less than 5 seconds, to undo the comment
  • Just after you delete a comment > Look for the ‘Undo’ button at the top right corner of the screen and press it
  • In this limited time, you can undo the comment from your Instagram

If you could not do it within 5 seconds, in that case, you will have to retrieve the permanently deleted comment.

How to retrieve a permanently deleted comment

The last way is to try to contact Instagram support so that they can help you restore the deleted comment. Also, there is no guarantee that you will get a response as there is a high volume of requests Instagram may receive on a daily basis.

Here is how you can contact Instagram support

  • Users can email Instagram support through 
  • If Instagram reverts to your query, the comment will be restored.

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Having a safe alternative is better

As a content writer if comments and feedback are your utmost priority then, you can keep screenshots as a reference for future use. This way you can use this reference anytime in the future.


Some users may confuse the ‘Recently deleted’ feature as the solution for how to recover deleted comments on Instagram. But unfortunately, this feature only works for your deleted reels, posts, and videos, which you can restore within 30 days. Not for your deleted comments. If you could retrieve comments from the above-mentioned methods, then high-five, if not then wishing you lots of better comments in the future.

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