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How to Earn Money from Instagram in India in 2023?

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People are using Instagram not only as a social media platform to share their life and experiences with others but also to earn money through it. If you are wondering how to earn money from Instagram, this article may lead the way. We would also discuss how to earn money from Instagram reels in India.

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How to earn money from Instagram?

1. Sponsored posts– One of the most popular ways that people use to earn money from Instagram is by doing brand promotions or partnering up with different brands. While some content creators are approached by various brands to promote their products or services, some influencers have to go to different brands and seek out partnership options. This greatly depends on the number of followers a person has.

One can earn money from partnering with brands in different ways. A brand can pay to promote or feature its products or services. Alternatively, they may send you products or offer their services for free in exchange for content.

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To maintain authenticity and win the trust of your followers, it is better to endorse only those brands that you can personally vouch for. It is also important to feature the brands whose products or services go along with the kind of content you create.

2. Join an affiliate program– Many brands and companies run affiliate programs to sell their products or services. If you join any such program, you would earn money through commissions if somebody buys the products you recommend using a specific link or coupon code. Amazon, Flipkart, etc. offers affiliate programs for instance.

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3. Product reviews– You can also review products to get them for free if not earn money per se. Brands send their products to influencers to get those reviewed on social media. While brands would expect you to give them a positive review, you can choose not to do so.

You may not post any review at all if the product did not meet your expectations or live up to its promise. If you want to stay true and keep your followers loyal to you, it is important to be authentic.

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4. Sell your products or services– If you own a business already or planning to start one, you can sell your products or services online. You may create an eCommerce website and display the products creatively on your Instagram. You can do business directly from Instagram as well. In other words, you can set up shop on Instagram. Instagram offers various features under the Instagram Shopping umbrella.

You may upload details of your products and ask people to pay to your bank account if they want to buy them. Then ship the same to their address. You can sell services as well like a masterclass or tutorial that you have expertise in exchange for money.

5. Use Instagram as an indirect source to earn money– If you are a blogger or a vlogger on YouTube or anywhere else, you can use Instagram to direct your followers toward those channels. Make reels, post a snippet of a full-length video, make a shorter version of your content, speed up the video, etc. Then post them on Instagram with the link to your blog or vlog channel. Your followers would be redirected there where you already have set up a process to earn money.

6. Monetize your content– Professional Instagram account users can monetize their content via in-stream video ads. Businesses would be able to promote themselves within the content you make. Depending on a few factors, you would get paid directly to your bank account by Instagram.

To turn on In-Stream Video Ads you need to open Instagram> go to Account Settings> Creator> In-Stream Video Ads> Get Started and agree to the terms and conditions> Toggle to Allow Monetization>Continue to finish.

You need to have original videos of two minutes at least to monetize. You should also own the right to the music if you use it. Polls, images, looping videos, text montages, and slideshows do not qualify for revenue generation.

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Since you know now how to earn money from Instagram reels in India, you should be able to channel your energy and talent to make money as well. Let us know in the comments section below how to earn money from Instagram if you know of any other way.

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