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Know How to Restore Deleted Content from Your Instagram Account

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If you or someone you know, accidentally deleted any of your content from Instagram, then no reason to worry. Here is how to restore deleted content from your Instagram account. According to the new feature ‘recently deleted,’ your deleted content moves to this folder from where you can restore your content by using settings. But yeah, there is no feature or settings yet to restore deleted messages on Instagram.

Recently deleted content will automatically delete after 30 days, or your stories after 24 hours (in case it’s not in your archive). So, users have 30 days to recover deleted content from Instagram.

Steps to restore deleted content from your Instagram account

Before you start the process, don’t forget to update your Instagram app to the latest version. So, you can use the ‘recently deleted’ feature. 

Note: If you don’t find the deleted content in the ‘Recently Deleted’ feature then it is probably 30 days older or your stories are 24 hrs older.

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Follow the following steps to restore deleted content from your Instagram account:

  • Open your latest version of Instagram
  • Go to the profile section of your Instagram (that is at the bottom right corner of the screen)
  • Now go to the menu section located at the top right corner of the screen
  • Further, choose ‘Your Activity’ > Now hit on ‘Recently Deleted’ (you may not see this option if you haven’t deleted any content within 30 days)
  • Now at the top, choose the type of content you wish to recover. Be it reels, videos, posts, or stories
  • Once chosen, now tap on the specific content you wish to restore. (You can use the same process to permanently delete the content)
  • Now hit on the three dots on the top right corner of the screen, further tap on ‘Restore to profile’ or ‘Restore to restore content’ or delete it. All according to your choice.

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Recently deleted feature of Instagram

Instagram released this feature earlier in 2022. Before this feature users could not restore the deleted content. After this feature users can restore every kind of content within 30 days and stories within 24 hrs. As deleted content automatically moves to the ‘Recently deleted’ folder.


Another advantage of the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder is that it adds extra verification to your account. Which will disable the hackers from permanently deleting or restoring the deleted content from your ‘Recently deleted folder’. As, during the process, Instagram asks the user to verify they are the owner of the account. Once everything is done, your restored content will appear on your profile and if the story was shared 24hrs ago, it will be shared from your profile for others to see. Otherwise, you can find it in the archive folder. This is how to restore deleted content from your Instagram account.
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