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Know How to Delete a Hacked Instagram Account without Password

If your account was hacked and now hackers have created so much nuisance from your account, then you must be looking for how to delete a hacked Instagram account without a password. You can delete your hacked Instagram account without a password either by reporting from different accounts or logging into your account and then deleting it. 

Method 1: How to report your account from other accounts

Users can use this method by asking their friends or known users to repeat the same process. And Instagram will delete your account after assuming it to be spam. But this method is not 100% feasible, as there are chances that Instagram may not respond to your request. But you still can try the following steps:

  • Go to your friend’s or your other Instagram account
  • Go to the search bar > search your name 
  • After opening your profile, go to the three dots available up at the right corner of the screen
  • Tap on ‘Report’ > further choose ‘something about this post’
  • Tap on ‘pretending to be someone else’ > further choose ‘Me’
  • Further, it will ask you to choose to take more action
  • You can choose to block the account

After you are done with the steps, you can ask others to repeat the same process. Within one week, Instagram should delete your account. If not then this method did not work.

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Method 2: Request for login link from Instagram

If your account was hacked and linked to your email ID, then you will get an email from security@mail.instagram.com. To inform you that your email was changed. In that same message, you can choose to ‘secure my account’ and undo the changes.

If your account is hacked then it’s sure that your password may also be changed. If you could not change back to your email address you can request a login link from Instagram by following these steps to know how to delete a hacked Instagram account without a password:

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  • Enter your user name, phone number, or email ID > choose ‘Forgot password’ on iPhone or browser and choose ‘Get help logging in’ on android
  • If you have the right username, number, or email to log in then tap ‘Next,’ if not then tap on ‘Can’t reset the password’ available below the next button. Now follow further instructions.
  • In the former case, it will ask you to complete the captcha 
  • Now chose either a phone number or email address > further tap ‘Next’
  • You will receive the login link via your text message or email. Tap on it and follow further instructions
  • Once you are done logging into your account. Now you have logging-in information available to you. Now you have to go to Delete your Instagram page (you have to log in to your Insta on the web) 
  • Further, it will ask you to choose a reason for deleting your account > choose one of the reasons from drop-down menu
  • It will ask you to re-enter your password. Once you chose a reason and entered the password, an option to delete your account will appear
  • Choose ‘Delete (username)’ and your account will be deleted

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Even if you don’t have your login details, still you can delete your account using the above mentioned methods. We hope now you know how to delete a hacked Instagram account without a password. Tell us in the comment section, which one worked for you.

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