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How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone Without them Knowing?

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Ensure first that you are doing it legally and for the right reasons if you want to record phone calls on iPhone. There is no in-built feature in iPhone that allows call recording but we know how to record phone calls on iPhone without them knowing. The same would be discussed in detail.  

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How to record phone calls on iPhone without them knowing?

1. Using another device
– You need another device with a recording option and microphone. The device could be another iPhone or any portable recording device from Apple or any other brand.

Call your contact and switch to speaker mode. Start the recording device and keep it near the iPhone. The conversation would be recorded till you disconnect the call or stop the recording on the other device. Save the recording for future use. You can also make a copy of the recording if needed.

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2. Using a voicemail inbox– This process would work on all iPhones where the voicemail feature works. Additionally, it would depend on the cell phone service provider as they need to allow the recording and downloading of voicemails.

To know that, go to the Phone application on your device. Then click on the ‘Voicemail’ option. If you see a list of voicemail messages already then you are in luck. You just need to download the voicemails on your device and store them for future use. However, if you get the ‘Call Voicemail’ option then you need to call to record the voicemails on another device just like the process mentioned before.

To start the process, make the call to your contact, ask them to be on hold, then tap the ‘Add Call’ option to start a three-way conference call. Then proceed to dial your phone number to get to your voicemail inbox.

As soon as the voicemail greeting ends, click on ‘Merge Calls to begin the conference call. Once the conversation concludes, end the call. The conversation would be recorded and can be accessed from your voicemail inbox.

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3. Using Google Voice– This free VoIP service is available in Canada and USA only. It gives you a free phone number with a voicemail inbox. It can be used to make both international and domestic calls. It can be used to record phone calls of which many people are not aware.

To use this app as a call recorder, you need to download and install the Google Voice app on your iPhone. Launch it using your Google account. Tap on ‘Search’ and choose a new phone number. Link it to your Google Voice account. Confirm your number by following the instructions appearing on the screens. Once you have entered the phone number, you would receive a code. Use the same to verify your
Google Voice account.

Use your Google account to go to the Google Voice website and press the gear icon on the upper right corner of the webpage. In the settings menu choose ‘Calls’ on the left side of the screen. Scroll down to locate the ‘incoming calls’ option and enable it.

When you receive a call and if you want to record it, click on the ‘4’ key on your screen. It would automatically start recording. The caller would get a notification that the call is being recorded. It is to be noted that there is no option to record outgoing calls using Google Voice.

4. Using third-party app or website– There are various free and paid call recorder apps on the App Store. You can download and install them to make calls via them to record calls. There are websites as well that can be used to make and record calls.

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You know how to record phone calls on iPhone without them knowing but it is important to use it with caution. You do not want to get into any legal trouble or be sued for doing things wrongly.

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