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How to Use Apple Pay on Amazon in 2023?

After a lot of deliberation, Amazon is now accepting Apple Pay as a mode of payment. However, it depends on individual sellers whether or not they would accept payment via Apple Pay since Amazon has given them the choice. Nevertheless, if you want to know how to use Apple Pay on Amazon, we have got you covered.

How to use Apple Pay on Amazon?

  • Log in to your Amazon account from your smartphone app or computer browser
  • Add desired products to the cart
  • Fill in the necessary details if prompted
  • Choose Apple Pay at checkout as your payment method
  • Confirm your payment and shipping details
  • Use Face ID or Touch ID to authenticate the payment
  • Confirm the payment
  • Wait for the payment debit confirmation

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How to use Apple card on Amazon?                

If you are unable to find the Apple Pay option since the seller does not accept it, you can use the Apple card instead. Given below is the process to utilize it:

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  • Visit the Amazon website or open the app
  • Tap on the Account icon on the home page
  • Go to Your Account
  • Scroll down and hit Your Payments
  • Go to the Wallet tab on the next page and choose +Add
  • Click on Add a credit or debit card on the following page
  •  Enter the Apple card details and click on Save
  • If you want the card to be used as the default card, check the box saying Set as default payment method
  • A message saying Payment method added would be displayed to you
  • Once the card is added, it can be used to buy products from Amazon

In case, you do not have the Apple card details handy, you can get them on the Wallet app on your device. There is no additional charge for using either Apple Pay or Apple card on Amazon.

If you need more help on how to use Apple Pay on Amazon let us know in the comments sections below. Share this article with others so that they are aware of the option to use Apple Pay or Apple card while shopping from Amazon.

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Dipanita Bhowmick
Dipanita Bhowmick
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