Why Instagram Took Over Twitter? People Talk

With 400 million active users monthly, Instagram is riding high on success leaving its immediate rival Twitter far behind. The recent development is going to boost advertising revenues to a great extend for Instagram.

instagram takes over twitterIn about nine months, the photo sharing website owned by Facebook has pulled in the latest 100 million users including celebrities like former athlete Caitlyn Jenner and soccer player David Beckham. It is worth mentioning that more than 50% of the newly-joined users are from outside of the USA. Most of them are from Europe and Asia with Japan, Brazil and Indonesia topping the list for having maximum number of users.

While Instagram users seem to be rising fast, Twitter seems to be struggling to draw in new users. Analysts are of the opinion that it is not Snapchat or Instagram, which are pulling down people’s interest on Twitter but the business model of the company itself.

Enders Analysis head of digital media Ian Maude told CNBC recently, “I think the concerns over Twitter are more general, i.e. it’s not about Instagram, it’s about while its growth has stalled, other social media, other instant messaging and communications services and tools continue to grow and it’s being outgrown and outpaced and I think that is the worry.” 

One big reason for the success of Instagram is that it is used over the phone. This allows more people to use it on a regular basis. The app is a lot more user friendly when compared to Twitter. Plus, there’s no need to think of witty lines. Images do speak louder than words.

Back home, we spoke to some people and asked them which one they preferred. They had some really interesting things to say.

Software professional Arunima Bhattacharya said, “Because Instagram is more about pictures….we humans are narcissists after all.” Simply put, the younger generation wants to share their happy moments with friends all the time. Instagram is a faster and easier way to do that.

A student Chandan Lohia said, “Both have their own utility. When it comes to sharing updates, Twitter handles it better but instant image sharing is handled by Instagram better…. !!!”

Which is the one you prefer more and why? We are waiting to hear what you think. Leave us your comments below.… Read the rest

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Instagram Introduces Chat Facility- Aims To Gain Popularity Amongst The Youth

Instagram is all set to outcast its competitors in the market by introducing some new features. After adding portrait and landscape mode to the site, it has now included chat messaging facility for the users. Apart from adding videos and photographs, users can now start private or group conversations with friends. The chat feature of Snapchat has gained much popularity among the youths and Instagram expect to secure the spot by introducing the same in their site.

 Instagram introduces chat facilityInstagram bounces back to retain its lead

 According to the reports, with the new features users can directly share pictures on chat or reply to any picture they receive via chat. Though this feature is quite useful for computer users, it is especially meant for youths, who mostly prefer to upload images or videos from their phone.

Owned by Facebook Inc. Instagram has 300 million users, thrice compared to Snapchat, which so far records 100 million users. However, it is much more attractive than Instagram and is gradually becoming one of its biggest rivals. Yet, Instagram is not taking the competition lightly and is making the necessary improvisations to ensure its lead in the online market. Online messaging or chatting has become an integral feature of many sites and LinkedIn Corp on Tuesday announced their plans of revamping their inbox. The site may soon get new apps or designs for facilitating chat. … Read the rest

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No Need To Cramp Wide Shots As Instagram Introduces Portrait And Landscape Format

Instagram has recently made a remarkable alteration by introducing portrait and landscape options along with their existing square. Though enhanced user-friendliness appears to be the main purpose behind the modification, it is actually an effort to stop users from switching to Snapchat or other flexible services.Pinterest and Instagram To Focus On Advertisements And Purchases

Introduction of new layout is a major change that the platform has introduced since its merger with Facebook. This move is also expected to increase app’s popularity significantly among the advertisers. The best part is, both landscape as well as portrait format will be available on iOS as well as Android platforms right from Thursday. Thus, there is no need to cramp the wide shots or cut friends from the groups to get the photo fitted in Instagram, said advertising analyst and social media marketing expert, Debra Aho William.

The recent move by Instagram is also expected to give a significant boost to their revenue earning from the advertisers. Earlier in June, Instagram said that they will allow every advertiser to use their platform rather than limiting it to a few brands. Therefore, if things go as expected, the company has the possibility of generating $600 million from advertisers only. By 2017, the revenue is expected to climb up to a whopping sum of $2.8 billion. … Read the rest

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Snapchat Update To Bring In News Content And Sell Ads

Snapchat, the mobile app for vanishing messages, is scheduled to soon start a service Snapchat To Soon Bring In News Content And Sell Adsthat will feature disappearing TV and movie clips, news articles and advertisements.

The company has engaged in discussions with advertisers and media companies in the last few weeks in relation to start a new service called Snapchat Discovery, which would show content and ads to the users, according to people familiar with the matter.

A source revealed that Snapchat Discovery is likely to start in November 2014. The source also claimed that at least a dozen media companies, including newspapers, magazines and television networks, have been roped in to provide content for this Snapchat update.

The new service by the company could result in its first revenue and show its potential value to investors. The start-up managed to raise an amount worth more than USD2 billion in 2013 and also rejected an acquisition offer of nearly USD3 billion by Facebook. The company since then is looking to generate money from investors at increasingly high valuations.

The company has not yet officially revealed its number of users, but researcher comScore has claimed that it is estimated to have 27 million people who used the app on iPhones and Android phones in June, compared to 11 million a year ago.

David Berkowitz, Chief Marketing Officer at ad agency MRY, has been quoted saying that “Snapchat has been laying a lot of groundwork for making it a place that is safer for brands.” … Read the rest

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Irish Pub Taking Job Applications Via Snapchat Only

A soon to be opened pub in Dublin, Sober Lane, is only accepting job applications through the photo-sharing app Snapchat. Now those who are hoping to acquire the job don’t have to worry about a resume. Instead, make sure that your Snapchat game is on point.

Job Applications Only Through Snapchat For Irish Pub
Creative Commans/Snapchat, Inc.

The pub recently released a recruitment ad on Facebook and Twitter encouraging applicants to “forget discretion”.

The Irish Examiner has reported that the pub owner Ernest Cantillon is planning to employ between 15 and 20 people for bar, wait staff and chef positions. The owner said that “first impressions are everything” in his industry, therefore applicants have the time slot of only 10 seconds to sell themselves.

This is likely to be a difficult task, but there are people who have been impressively creative with Snapchat.… Read the rest

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Snapchat Accepts FTC Allegations: Chat Service Criticized for Not Addressing Data Breach

Snapchat would have been the best chat app ever had it kept all its promises to the users. Instead it is facing a lot of allegations from Federal Trade Commission. Gauging the seriousness of the problem and the probable punishment sentence, Snapchat accepted the allegations almost immediately.art_snapchat-620x349

FTC posted on a blog, “Snapchat, the developer of a popular messaging app, has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it deceived consumers with promises about the disappearing nature of messages sent through the service,” on 8th May, 2014. Giving out more information the commission added, “The FTC case also alleged that the company deceived consumers over the amount of personal data it collected and the security measures taken to protect that data from misuse and unauthorized disclosure. In fact, the case alleges, Snapchat’s failure to secure its Find Friends feature resulted in a security breach that enabled attackers to compile a database of 4.6 million Snapchat usernames and phone numbers.”

Snapchat was heavily criticized for not addressing the data breach issue in a timely manner even though it was something extremely vulnerable. Snapchat agreed to the fact that it should have handled data in a better way than it did.

Simultaneously, with the announcement that it agreed to the terms of FTC, Snapchat posted in its official blog, “When we started building Snapchat, we were focused on developing a unique, fast, and fun way to communicate with photos. We learned a lot during those early days. One of the ways we learned was by making mistakes, acknowledging them, and fixing them.” FTC would monitor the company’s operations for the next 20 years from now.

Snapchat also claimed to fix most of the issues with the app even before FTC came into the scene with all its allegations.

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Snapchat Likely To Get Multi-Party Conferencing and Screen Sharing Features

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Snapchat Likely To Get Multi-Party Conferencing and Screen Sharing Features

Messaging service Snapchat has managed to get hold of some interesting and exciting features, including the ability to have real-time conversations with live video. This is entirely attributed to the recent acquisition of AddLive.art_snapchat-620x349snap

The messaging service was launched in 2011, and since then it has made some noticeable improvements. The latest improvement was introduced just a week ago with the launch of text messaging and the ability to video chat live for real-time conversations.

The recently introduced video chat function is impressively fast and it makes users activate video chat between any two devices within mere seconds, even across different platforms.

Snapchat has not made any official announcement until now regarding the acquisition of specialized company AddLive, but has confirmed the acquisition to The Verge. It is not clear when the acquisition took place, but this happened sometime in the past few months.

Snapchat has been quoted saying to The Verge that “We are excited to welcome the AddLive team to the Snapchat family. We have no further comment at this time.”

AddLive is an expert in the field of video communication in the browser space. The company is dependent on WebRTC, a powerful project that enables browsers to communicate in real time using simple JavaScript APIs. AddLive managed to won the “Best WebRTC Tool” award at the 2013 WebRTC Conference and Expo.

AddLive also has an expertise in multi-party conferencing and screen-sharing, fueling speculations that Snapchat is likely to include video group chat options or even interactive Snap screens.

At this point of time, it is highly appreciated that users are able to have real-time conversations via Snapchat instead of having to use a different service. It has not been officially confirmed that Snapchat will introduce additional features with the support of AddLive, but it would make great sense.

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