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Ways to Block Notifications on Snapchat: Android & iOS

Snapchat is a popular picture-sharing app. One can take pictures with Snapchat’s camera or choose photographs or videos from the phone’s albums.

Snapchat allows users to capture photos and share them with their friends. It also lets users use a variety of filters that reflect various emotions. 

Every time there is a message or an update, Snapchat sends a notification. And one could easily get irritated from it, especially when trying to concentrate. 

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Depending on one’s group, one may receive notifications on a regular basis or quite frequently. The simple solution is to block notifications on Snapchat. 

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Methods to turn off Snapchat notifications on Android

To block all notifications on Snapchat follow the following steps:

  • First, launch Snapchat and select the profile icon from the toolbar.
  • Click on “Settings.”
  • Now, click “notifications.”
  • Tap the toggle switch next to each notification you want to turn off.

Simply tap the toggle switch again to re-enable certain notifications.

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To block notifications from someone on Snapchat follow these steps: 

  • Scroll to access the friends’ panel.
  • Choose a chat or group chat and hold it down.
  • Tap on more.
  • Click “message notifications.”
  • Choose “all messages” or “silent” from the menu. 

Methods to turn off Snapchat notifications on iOS

If you want to block notifications on Snapchat, you may do so by turning off all of the notification options within the Snapchat app.

Nevertheless, there is a far simpler method that only requires one tap, and that is by using the Settings app on your iPhone. 

  • Open the Settings app and swipe through the list of apps until you see Snapchat.
  • Open Snapchat.
  • Select Notifications.
  • Swipe the button to the left to disable all Snapchat alerts.

Here’s how to turn off Snapchat notifications for one person on iOS 

  • Swipe right to open the friends’ screen.
  • Select and hold on to a chat or group Chat.
  • Tap more.
  • Choose ‘message notifications.
  • Select ‘all messages’ or ‘silent’.

Once users begin using Snapchat, there is a good chance that they will be unable to put it down. Everyone needs a break from time to time, despite the fact that it is an engaging one with intriguing features and frequent updates.

Be it contacts, groups, or the app as a whole, Snapchat may be increasing your screen time. However, now you have an option to block notifications on Snapchat. Consequently, nothing could disturb the focus until you want.

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