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How to Use Google Maps on Apple Watch

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Google Maps has changed our lives. It has indeed revolutionised the ease with which we can travel – whether it be by car, plane, train or even by foot. Google Maps are super handy for checking how long it takes to reach a particular destination and often tells the shortest route, thus saving us from traffic jams. If you are wondering how to use Google Maps on Apple watch, then we have you sorted. In this article, we have jotted down the simple steps to enable Google Maps on an Apple watch.

How to Use Google Maps on your Apple Watch

 First things first, install Google Maps on your Apple Watch to ensure seamless navigation between your phone and watch. To be able to use Google Maps on your watch, make sure your devices have:

  • WatchOS 5 or greater
  • iOS 10 or greater
  • Bluetooth enabled

 Also, remember when using Google Maps on your watch, it is compulsory to turn on location services.Once you have confirmed, follow these simple steps to use Google Maps on Apple watch:

  • Open the Maps app on your Apple Watch.
  • Turn the Digital Crown to scroll to Favourites, Guides, and Recents.
  • Tap an entry to get walking, driving, transit, and cycling directions.
  • Tap a mode to see suggested routes,
  • The next step is to tap on the preferred route to begin the trip and to see an overview of it—Google Map clearly shows turns, distance between turns, and street names for seamless commuting.
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Apple Watch uses sounds and taps to alert you regarding the turn that’s to be taken. For instance, a low tone followed by a high tone (tock tick, tock tick) means turn right at the intersection you are approaching; a high tone followed by a low tone (tick tock, tick tock) means turn left. You can even look in the top-left corner to see your estimated arrival time.To end directions before you get there, tap < in the top left of the display, then tap End.

If you plan to using Apple Maps while walking, the watch will vibrate a specific way to alert you which direction to turn. This is really helpful as you don’t have to continuously glance down at the wrist to know the directions.

Use Apple Watch to Get Directions to a Landmark or Map Pin

With Google Maps for the Apple Watch, you can quickly access routes to saved locations like your office or home, or pull up directions to any locations you recently navigated to from your phone.

  • Open the Maps app on your Apple Watch.
  • Tap Location, then tap the destination landmark or map pin.
  • Scroll the location information until you see Directions, then choose walking, driving, transit, or cycling directions.
  • Once you are set to go, tap a route, then follow the directions.

Ask Siri. For instance, “How long will it take me to reach office?”

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