Apple Watch Series 6 or Apple Watch Series 5? After the successful run of Apple Watch 5, Apple has also launched a new Apple Watch Series 6 in its recent Apple September Event.  If you too are confused if you should go ahead and upgrade to the latest Apple Watch 6 or stick with cheaper Apple Watch 5; then this one’s for you.

Latest version of a gadget usually comes with upgrades but it isn’t always worth the additional bucks that it costs. At the same time while older models can help you save some bucks, they can quickly feel out dated too. Let’s check out which way it slides for the Apple Watches. Here’s a quick comparison between the Apple Watch 5 and 6, before you take a final call. 

Apple Watch Series 6 vs Apple Watch Series 5


Apple Watches in general have created a mark when it comes to the design of smart watch models, making many other attempt imitations as well. Particularly when it comes to Apple Watch 5 and 6, both come in the classic rectangular shaped Apple Watch design.

Moreover, both Apple Watch Series 5 and 6 offer the same size variants, 40mm and 45 mm. However, the new colour options including red, blue, classic gold and graphite in Apple Watch 6 does give it an aesthetic edge over the Apple Watch 5. 

The new Series 6 stands out visually from the Series 5 thanks to new case colours such as blue and red. Apple hasn’t updated the design in more substantial ways, however: the new watch comes in the same sizes as the Series 5 with 40mm and 44mm case options.


Besides enhancements in the brightness, there isn’t much difference in the display of Apple Watch 5 and 6. Both offer the always-on retina screen option with the same resolution of 368х448 pixels.

But the brightness difference does seem significant as Apple Watch 6 is 2.5 times brighter than the Series 5. Furthermore, always-on altimeter in Apple Watch 6 also allows you to track elevation change in real time.

WatchOS and Chipsets

Apple Watch 5 is based on watchOS 6 while the Apple Watch Series 6 runs on Apple watchOS 7. Traditionally, most newly launched Apple Watch series have been powered by more powerful chipset leading to enhanced performance. Apple Watch 6 is no exception to its predecessors in this case. 

Notably, Apple Watch Series 6 is reportedly around 20 times faster than its immediate predecessor, Apple Watch Series 5.  The S6 chip featured in the Apple Watch 6 is also based on the A13 Bionic chip which powers the iPhone 11 too.


As a smart wearable, battery is an important factor to consider before buying an Apple Watch. Notably, Apple Watch‌ Series 5 offer an active battery life of up to 18-hour whereas Series 6 can apparently last up to 19 hours.  

Moreover, Apple Watch 6 also charges almost 40 per cent faster than the Apple Watch Series 5.

Fitness Features

One of the biggest selling points of new Apple Watch 6 is its optical oxygen sensor which can measure the saturation levels of oxygen in your blood.  Furthermore, its many fitness and health features make it an appealing buy.

To begin with the aforementioned blood oxygen monitor, the new smart watch by Apple will offer you nutritional advice and can also send. Furthermore, you also get three months of free subscription to the Apple’s new Fitness+ subscription plan.

It covers a host of workout activities including yoga, studio workouts, cycling, dance, treadmill run, etc. to help you further enhance your fitness routine as well as to keep you motivated.

To be fair, besides these new upgrades, list of fitness features on Apple Watch 5 also make up for a decent smart watch buy.  Apple Watch 5 fitness features also include a new medical research enrolment app, menstrual cycling tracking, audio monitoring for hearing health, etc.


The new Apple Watch Series 6 is launched at a starting price of Rs 40,900. On the other hand, the Apple Watch Series 5 is currently available at a starting price of Rs 29,900 leaving a staggering gap of over Rs 10K.

Thus, if money isn’t your major concern, we suggest upgrading to the latest and more enhanced Apple Watch Series 6. However, the few upgrades it comes with aren’t really worth it to overstretch your budgets and to burn a hole in your pocket.