iPhone 7 Update: Apple Looks To Rope In Third Manufacturer For Ensuring 85 Million Units

Apple is keen not to run into a short supply for its upcoming flagship iPhone 7, according to Wall Street Journal. In a bid to do so, the Cupertino giant has ordered 85 million units or more from its suppliers by the end of this year or next. This seems like a dream run for any brand and Apple’s manufacturing allies Pegatronn and Foxxonn are already widening its staff base to meet such orders.

Apple Looks To Rope In Third Manufacturer For Ensuring 85 Million Units Of The iPhone 7Apple On A Roll

 What’s more interesting is that Apple is considering adding another partner to its manufacturer’s basket, says the Wall Street Journal. While fans are gaga and are anticipating astounding success for Apple in a slow smart-phone market, skeptics opine that this could lead to saturation as well since iPhone 7 might come at a time when sales could see peak down as well, according to Sherri Scribner, Deutsche Bank analyst.

The Critics’ Word

Scribner has been a fierce Apple critic and had correctly indicated that the Apple Watch might not be a winner. Then again, Apple always faces flaky predictions before release of its iWares but always emerges victorious in the ultimate test.

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Microsoft Lumia 940 XL To Be Priced Higher Than Apple iPhone 6 And Samsung Galaxy S6

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Here’s How To Save Your Apple Watch From Stubborn Scratches

The Apple Watch is prone to give you trouble—in terms of gaining scratches more often than you imagined! However, despite there being no official band for the Apple Watch that comes laced with display protection or some case within, get some non Apple band for protecting your Watch! Make sure you pick one up that covers the entire watch except the screen.

Here’s How To Save Your Apple Watch From Stubborn Scratches

The Silicone Story

It is likely that these bands come in silicone but come sans any seamed line to reveal where the strap gets to meet protector bits. Forget looking classy here—these bands are high on functionality but low on price—so forget something that is up to the standard of Apple.

Remedies For Those Light Scratches

Even if your Apple Watch has faced assault and is scratched up already you could take help from classic metal polish. Use a clean cloth in microfiber to dab some polish and work your way to buff off the scratches.  Remember, this works only when the scratches are superficial and do not run too deep. Still unhappy? Shell out extra bucks and ask your jeweler to put the Apple Watch under some polishing equipment to restore sheen!
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Moto G Leaked Photo Reveals Major Change In Back Panel Design
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Apple WWDC 2015: What To Expect?

The Big Apple Day– WWDC 2015 is set to happen–finally. As the day prepares to unfurl, the excitement among users has shot up around what the big announcements from Apple would be. For starters, we might hear big scoop on the Apple Watch. Third party applications and allied functions on the watch will see a major leap, according to 
Jeff Williams, the senior vice president, Operations at Apple.

Apple WWDC: What To Expect?Up next on cards could be the official announcement for Apple Beats– a direct competitor in the face of 
Spotify. Streaming means big business but this is the first time the Cupertino brand is landling so much importance on the same. 

It is estimated to be priced affordably at $10 every month, according to The Wall Street Journal. Beats Music will power the same, while chances of an Android variant too is possible. 

Apple might announce latest add-ons and specs for its wares– iPhone and iPad variants.  Gear up to know the next biggie on the Apple block– the iOS 9. Same goes for plausible improvements to Siri as well.  Cross- communicability with  Apple apps including Spotlight search, Passbook and Calendar  is on cards, according to Mark Gurman from 9to5MacRead the rest

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Apple Watch: Here’s All That You Need To Know

Apple Watch is all set to arrive in China, Canada, Australia, the UK and  USA on April 24. 

Apple WatchHowever, before you set a sight on the beauty, we have dug out the features for you to ponder on:

  • Contrary to popular expectations, the Apple Smartwatch is not waterproof. However, that does not mean a splash or two will cause any harm. So do not bother about heavy perspiring while on the treadmill.
  • The watch can track sleep patterns but cannot monitor blood sugar or blood pressure levels, opposed to recent rumors. For those keen on such a feature, you can always hook up an external blood pressure monitor via Bluetooth. The watch also connects via Wi-Fi but there is no GPS as of now!
  • Pair your watch with the iPhone for seamless connectivity and platform sharing. You can play music via Bluetooth headphone set or display synced events or images via iCloud.
  • The ‘Taptic Engine’ on the Apple Watch taps the wrist every time there is an alert or a notification. Apple also says that the Watch gives subtle cues! 

Indeed, a whole lot of goodies are packed into the wonder watch from Apple. As for the pricing the range begins from as low as $349  to $10,000.

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Revealed: The Real Story Behind Apple Watch Sell Out In 30 Minutes

Amid buzz that all pre-booked stocks for the Apple Watch have been swept off in just about 30 minutes, industry insiders have begun to opine that this might not be any sign of a burgeoning demand. If sources are to be believed, then this sell-out has got more to do with the limited supply of the Apple Watch from the maker’s end.

The Real Story Behind Apple Watch With constricted supply, Apple is now contemplating public announcement of its sales figures for the opener weekend, says Piper Jaffray analyst, Gene Munster. He points to a figure of 1 million in this context and anticipates a decent level of sales–close to 2.3 million units– in the present quarter.

With Friday having been the first day when interested buyers could get to see the Apple Watch in real, the demand could now climb up the peak more realistically. Munster believes that the earlier pre-order sell outs came from buyers who probably wanted the Apple Watch in a “no matter what” manner.

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Apple Watch vs Samsung Smartwatch: It’s a War of the Titans

Samsung and Apple, which have been arch-rivals in the smartphone markets have Apple Watch vs Samsung smartwatchmaintained the same relation, when it comes to smartwatch. While Apple Watch is praised for its look, its high price is allowing many prospective buyers to switch over to the Samsung smartwatch, which is available at a much cheaper rate.

Where the Samsung Gear S costs only $300 and has its own cellular connectivity, the cheapest model of Apple starts from $349 and the luxury model is exorbitantly priced from $10,000 to $17,000. It also does not have any independent connection and to make or receive calls, it is necessary to have an iPhone.

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While Samsung smartwatch is leading the market in terms of connectivity and price, Apple smartwatch deserves a mention for its striking design. Apple Watch comes with a rectangular design yet it is available with a wide range of choice in terms of bands, materials, colors as well as sizes.

Users can also customize the watch face as per their choice. App development is also another criterion that makes the Apple Watch a better choice than Samsung smartwatch or other competitors as they are quite slow in this race.

Both companies have their dedicated mobile pay services to serve users well. Battery life of Apple watch is also quite low compared to Samsung or any other smartwatch.… Read the rest

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Retina Macbook Air and Apple Watch to debut in April 2015

The long awaited Retina Macbook Air from Apple might be out soon. According to media sources, the Macbook Air along with Apple Watch is likely to be ready for mass production by the spring of 2015.

Retina Macbook Air and Apple Watch to debut in April 2015
Wikipedia Commons

Digitimes has reported that the 12 inch Retina Macbook Air which features Intel’s new Broadwell processor is on its way and could be launched soon. Noticeably, the Macbook Air was being rumored to be in existence since 2012 but was pushed back due to slow supply of components from the supply chain players. A Cupertino based company was assigned with the task of supplying components to Apple for the production of Retina Macbook Air but was not able to meet the supply demands put in by Apple, hence the delay.

The new Retina Macbook Air will be ultra thin and lighter than the previous models of Macbook Air. Apple is reportedly planning to launch the Macbook Air in gold and two distinct shades of grey. This follows its successful experiment of similar nature with iPhone and iPad.

Retina Macbook Air according to sources is being manufactured by Quanta Computer and would be a high end product.… Read the rest

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Constraints Of Cost, Features Could Cost Wearable Technology Dearly

The battle in the wearable technology market is warming up. Samsung has taken a lead in this league with its Galaxy Gear smart watch. Following closely are other tech giants as LG, Apple and Qualcomm all of whom are working on their range of wearable technology devices.

arrow smartwatchWhile LG is slated to soon launch the LG 3G smartwatch, Apple Watch and Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch are already in the market. Sony is also working on the 2nd variant of its smartwatch after the initial success of its wearable tech device.

It might sound enthusiastic in the first instance but wearable tech devices do have their limitations. Let’s get an overview of the technology behind these devices to understand things in a better perspective.

Battery life of the smartwatch

Limited battery life is one of the biggest concerns in wearable technology devices. The Galaxy Gear smartwatch from Samsung will last a day with regular use. If used frequently, the same might run out soon enough. Google Glass battery can run down in 1.5-2 hours if video shooting is done. Removing a wearable device frequently for charging can be irritating lot and can take away the charm soon enough.

Size matters

Size is another concern which wearable tech devise manufacturers have to address. A normal sized device will be difficult to operate as numerous applications exist on the same. Increasing the size can make the average user turn away as it gives a bulkier appearance. A thin line between aesthetic designing and technological compatibility needs to be drawn to address this issue effectively.

Value addition a far cry

Smaller screen, poor resolution and frequent recharging are only some of the evident drawbacks present in wearable tech devices. Price is another constrain as a smartphone with bigger screen size and enhanced resolution can be bought for the cost of a wearable tech device.

Undoubtedly, the future belongs to technology and with innovative products as wearable tech devices becoming a reality, the prospects are improving. However, it is still a mixed bag and tech device manufacturers will have to work overtime to get rid of the shortcomings.… Read the rest

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