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PUBG Similar Games Worth Playing in 2021

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Ever since PUBG was banned in India, players have been on the lookout for alternatives to the battle royale game that had carved a niche for itself in the gaming market. Owing to the Chinese origin of the mobile version, PUBG was removed from all stores by the Government back in September last year. Now that the game cannot be accessed in India, there are multiple other interesting options to switch to.

So, which game is similar to PUBG? Let’s find out.

Best PUBG Similar Games to Play after the Ban

Best PUBG Similar Games

Call of Duty: Mobile – The game developed by an American company is a great alternative to PUBG and offers similar features such as sniper Vs sniper mode, multiplayer mode, 100-player battlefield, etc. It is smaller in size and does not require a very advance operating system, meaning that it can work very well on entry-level Android phones.

Owing to its customizations, character upgrades and choice of weapons, it claims the number one spot in our list of top 5 games similar to PUBG Mobile in 2021.

Battlelands Royale – Created by Futureplay, Battlelands Royale involves a gameplay of 32 players who engage in a battle for three to five minutes with an aim to survive till the end. The biggest challenge is the playable area that shrinks with time, forcing players to get into aggressive fights.

What makes it different from PUBG is the animated characters that bring a light hearted feel to the game’s set up. All in all, Battlelands Royale is one of the simplest PUBG similar games out there, promising an entertaining and uncomplicated experience to players.

Garena Free Fire: 3volution – For those venturing into battle royale games for the first time, Garena Free Fire is a fairly good game to start with. The gameplay equipped with voice chat, revolves around a player fighting against 49 other combatants in a ten-minute match.

The player gets to enjoy features similar to PUBG such as collaborating with four other members to form a team, exploring the playable area, using parachutes to stay in the safe zone, etc.

Last Day on Earth: Survival – This battle royale game from Kefir comes with a twisted theme where an infection eliminates a large part of the human population.

The slain humans turn into zombies and attack the survivors who have been able to resist the infection. The role of the protagonist is to fight the zombies and stay alive by keeping track of health on one hand and using relevant weapons on the other.

Pixel’s Unknown Battleground – The most unique feature of this Minecraft inspired game is the pixel style graphics, which include block characters and a block city. Just like other games similar to PUBG Mobile, it involves moving around the area map, finding weapons and fighting other players to stay in the gameplay till the end. You can even lower the settings of the game to make it compatible with budget smartphones.

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Another game that is often considered as the clone of PUBG is Fortnite. In fact players have called it better than PUBG when it comes to user experience and interface, features, theme and gameplay. However, it is unavailable on the App Store as well as the Play Store and has to be downloaded from the website of its developer company – Epic Games. Another downside to this game is that unlike Call of Duty, it is only supported by devices having 4GB RAM or more, at least a Snapdragon 8-series processor, operating system Android 8 and above, high storage space and a host of other high-end features.

The PUBG ban left fans disheartened, but it also provided them a chance to take a break from this immensely famous game and try other options. Which other PUBG similar games do you think are the closest alternatives?

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