Finally, Achhe Din Aa Gaye with Diwali Sales

With festivities kicking in, online marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Nykaa, Jabong and Shop Clues are all geared up to help you fill your homes and closets with the best of goodies from the best of brands. Be it the new One +5 or an iPhone 7, Samsung’s 18-inch LED monitor or Panasonic’s 40-inch full HD LED TV, a MAC lipstick or The Body Shop’s skin care range, these e-portals offer the best of brands with a minimum discount of 15 -20 percent.

After demonetization and Modi’s GST gamble hitting the market and our pockets, these deals are worth a try. If you have been living under a rock and not shopped online yet, buying some of your preferred brands online might be the best idea this year because of all the wonderful deals you can enjoy. Ecommerce sales for retail goods are growing at an unimaginable pace because of the deals and discounts that customers enjoy. There are no two ways about it. The only challenge is to find the right deals, without falling for false promises. Along with good discounts, online shopping portals offer additional advantages like cashback on certain credit cards, 0 percent interest on EMI and more. At least now with all of the mid-season, semi-annual and festive sales, you don’t have to break the bank to give a makeover to your house or your wardrobe.

However, if you tend to get confused with the overload of information out there, owing to the extensive product range, numerous deals, discounts and hidden terms & conditions, we are happy to help.

Some simple tips to shop smartly this festive season

  • Look up the reputation

With numerous online portals floating in the marketplace, it is important to know where to shop. Make sure the website you plan to shop has a good reputation. Find this with the help of Google user reviews. In the tech-savvy world that we live in, social media platforms are also buzzing with reviews posted by shoppers. Check the credibility of the shopping site and buy products only of the brands you know of.  It is best not to purchase products solely on the basis of attractive discounts, cashbacks and attractive images.

  • Plastic money or COD?

Although Cash on Delivery might seem like a safe bet for new shoppers, swiping your debit/credit card has its own benefits. During the sale season, these websites along with partner banks offer great discounts and other benefits if the payment is done through a registered card. A lot of online shopping portals run cashback offers in tie up with various banks, which comes as a pleasant surprise in the bank account. Plastic money is also good because you can accumulate points which can be used for future purchases.

Caution remains the key when you shop with plastic money. It can trap you in a vicious circle, ruin your finances and take away all future Diwalis with it. So spend wisely and repay the bank on time.

  • Read the fine lines

A smart shopper tries to browse through different websites to check availability and prices. It is also good to read the product descriptions and reviews posted by customers who have purchased and used the same product. This is also a good way to do a price comparison to get the best deal during these festive sales. For instance, Apple iPhone 7 on Flipkart costs Rs. 39,999, while on Amazon it’s priced at Rs. 46,999.

  • Be patient

Stay away from making impulsive purchases just because of discounts and offers so you don’t burn your pocket. It is best to first decide what you actually want and avoid buying products you don’t really need. This will help you benefit from the Diwali sales, instead of being weighed down by it.

  • Watch out for hidden charges

Whilst placing your final order, check the shipping cost that is being charged. All these websites offer free shipping once your amount totals to a certain purchase value.

  • Don’t discount the ‘coupon codes’

Although you don’t want to be disturbed by numerous promotional mail and messages from these websites on an everyday basis, in order to get coupon codes and promotional discounts, it is good to subscribe for them. These portals keep running promotional offers and codes that can be used on different products offered on their website.

We hope these tips will you make better purchases this festive season without burning a hole in your pocket.

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The Good, Bad and Ugly of Online Shopping During Festivals

If you are a person who loves to shop wisely, then online portals must be your current favorite. Having gained vast traction, online shopping websites have exciting deals and amazing discounts for everyone. The biggest benefit of buying online is the “convenience” it offers. All you need is a decent internet connection and then you are all set to shop from anywhere, at any time. Also, almost all e-commerce brands have their own mobile apps, so this makes the shopping experience even richer. Want something? Order it while sitting in your couch in front of the television. It couldn’t get better than that, right? However, it’s always advisable to do a detailed product research before burning that hard-earned cash. User reviews have become common and you probably rely on them a great deal as they are first-hand experiences of online shoppers.

A self-confessed shopaholic, I do my research well. Even if I have to buy a pen drive, I have, like many of you, mastered the art of comparison. By comparing the product prices on different e-commerce websites, not only am I able to save a few extra bucks but also get a sense of satisfaction and victory. Human behavior I blame!

With the ongoing festive sale on different E-commerce websites, thousands of us flock the online market to get the best deal at low prices. With a plethora of options, the offers are mind-boggling, transaction is secure, shipping is fast and even the return policies are clearly stated. Having plenty of pluses in their kitty, these websites attracts consumers from all walks of life who can browse different categories more quickly than physically strolling down the aisles, and can do so 24 hours a day, without ever having to head to the shop.

Online shoppers tend to have hiccups the first few times. They doubt the authenticity and credibility of websites. One of the key concerns is investing in something without having the product in hand. There is the Indian psyche of enjoying a one-to-one relationship with the salesman.

Shopping online during the festival season can work well

To help those who want to shop online this season for the first time ever, we look at some important tips from people who shop online really, really frequently.

Access it anytime, anywhere: Online shopping allows the consumer to shop from any vendor, at any time, and from anywhere in the world. It offers availability of a range of merchandise and brands in a single place. All one needs is a mobile or a laptop and internet connection and then you are set to shop across multiple marketplaces.

Enjoy better deals and promotions online: With festivities around the corner, all the big e-commerce players have announced massive discounts along with their current promotional campaigns. It also allows the buyers to find the best quality products at the best affordable prices. This proves to be a great catch for those who are planning to buy new phones, LEDs, etc. as there are amazing discounts going on.

It’s the best for busy bees out there:For anyone who is busy, online shopping is a life saver. With only weekends to rest, online shopping sites have saved  valuable shopping time that is usually spend stuck on choked-up roadways. Shopping can now be done without worrying about the time restrictions or location constraints. The virtual world of shopping is now easily accessible with a click and the product gets delivered at your doorstep.

What are the disadvantages of shopping online?

Pretty much like everything that is new, online shopping tends to have its disadvantages. Let us look at some things you should watch out for.

Look for warranty information:Products sold on these websites often lack internal warranty. So in case of a problem, it tends to leave you clueless. Another important thing to consider is the return policy. Whilst some promise a one-year return policy, others might not state anything regarding the exchange rule.

Beware of being fleeced:Since in online shopping you cannot get the feel of the product, meaning that you can’t touch it, there are websites who often take advantage of this factor and sell products of inferior quality. Also, with Photoshop becoming a handy tool, people often get confused by the appearance and later regret.

Scams are commonplace:A common place for consumers to frolic, online scams have also raised at a tremendous rate. With zillion options available, consumers often tend to pick up the site that offers the lowest price, however the transaction is not secure. In such cases, the person is not only defeated but also loses trust in these portals.

Improving every day, internet shopping is a usefuland worthy industry. For instance, imagine yourself in a place which doesn’t have a fancy mall or a good dealership from where you can purchase a branded ear phone or a music player, online shopping has made life easy for you. All you need to do is to go to a trusted website, click on the desired product and check the reviews. Then add it to the cart, choose payment option and wait for 4-5 days to have it delivered to your doorstep.

Happy digital shopping!

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