Google Maps Update Makes For Better UI And Smoother Navigation

The latest Google Maps update allows users to see a thumbnail preview before they love on to the complete screen. Not only is this a quick way to check a location, it is also a great solution to reduce data usage. Google Maps weight heavy on data usage and a preview will help to bring it down. This feature will also bring down battery consumption. GPRS is one of the most battery-consuming features on any phone. A preview should help you save this battery consumption as well.

While all this has enough for users to cheer, yet another update gives a brand-new user interface to make navigation of the Maps easier. Better news is that Google has finally initiated roll out for its Google Plus Collections for iOS users. Remember that this was available for Web and Android based users only till date.

New Update For Google Maps On Android Introduces Better UI And  Smoother NavigationWhat The Update Brings In?

In case you are too excited to even wait for the latest Android update for Google Maps, you can go in for downloading and then side-loading the apk file, which is Google-signed of course.

The download will also be made available on the Google Play Store very soon. Be ready for some new navigation to blow your senses away. With the latest setting interface, you can see the maps by scrolling further as well as by zooming.

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What’s More With Maps?

The transport selection mode can now be seen below Start and Destination tabs. In addition, this update adds further details for the user route page. Finally, you can now opt for picking routes together with the estimated ETA that includes plausible slowdowns or even road blocks. Read the rest

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Kids, Don’t Annoy the Chap on Google Maps With “Are We There Yet?”

Google Maps RepliesThat’s right. Google Maps will answer for mommy to kids who repeatedly keep asking “Are we there yet?”. Google has integrated the response into Google Maps and if a child asks this question four times, it replies curtly, “If you ask me again, we won’t stop for ice cream.”

This is part of the Easter Eggs technology that is in-built into apps and websites. Meant to entertain users, it reacts in quirky ways when instigated.

Easter eggs have dies out because programmers realised it was not very professional. However, Google has continued to do this in very small ways.

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 … Read the rest

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Apple Seeks Foursquare Labs to Enhance its Map App

While the Google Map app has hit Apple’s iStore, the latter has started looking around for ways to strengthen its own map application.

According to Wall Street Journal, Apple has been meeting up people from Foursquare Labs Inc. to bring in local data to its much-criticized map app. Apple senior vice president Eddie Cue has been in discussion with Foursquare to integrate some of the local data and business listings which would help it differentiate from Google Maps.

Google Maps has already garnered 10 million fans in the first few days of its launch on the Apple store. Google Maps have the capability to give street views and public transit directions, both of which are lacking in Apple’s map app.

Apple maps were catapulted in the month of September when the company brought forward iOS6. People who switched over to the app criticized for its lack of data, inaccurate details and dilapidated images.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said he was “extremely sorry” for perturbing the customers with error in navigation and promised improvements.… Read the rest

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Google Map App Review: It’s Simply a Charming Application

Really three cheers to Google Map app,  it is better than ever. The drool worthy Google Map app has an extraordinary interface which gives you turn by turn direction and takes you to the desired place accurately.

The point-of-interest is comprehensive and precise, which gives a whole new meaning to  navigation. What adds a little more flavor to these improved map apps are transit directions.

The only loop hole in this drastically improved map app is that there is no dedicated app for the iPad as there is for Andriod. Though you can use it on the tablet but it gets pixilated when you expand it.

Once you download the app you will be asked to sign in. The reason why Google asks you to sign in so that you get access to your previous searches, plus integration and custom maps.

The interface of the app is a breeze for user. There is bar at the top to search the location and address. As expected keeping the user’s ease in mind Google has given main map window in the center and front. To help you give in depth view of the directions, there is a tab in the lower right side. The detailed and layered view gives you fair idea of toggle traffic, public transit, and satellite views.

The 3D view of the map app is sensational and cherry on the cake is that once you tap on an address or location, you can jump right to street view without leaving the app.… Read the rest

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“The Apple Map App Is Really Hard” Google’s Schimdt

Google's CEO Eric SchmidtEric Schmidt, CEO and current executive chairman, Google made a public appearance at the 92nd Street Y in New York, where he spoke of some of the Google’s initiatives, Apple’s maps, Google’s self-driving car, and “Gang of Four”. Read on to know it all.

In an interview conducted by Walt Mossberg, columnist, Wall Street Journal and Kara Swisher, editor, All Things D, Schmidt talked about the removal of Google Maps from the Apple’s iOS 6.  He said that the decision to develop its own mapping software was taken by Apple long time ago. Further, Schmidt said, “Apple should have kept with our maps… What Apple has learned is that maps are really hard. We invested hundreds of millions of dollars in satellite work, airplane work, drive-by work to get the maps accurate and we think we have the best product in the industry.”

Even the removal of its own mapping application didn’t stop Schmidt to praise Apple. On being asked by an audience member as to which other company, apart from Google would he choose to lead as CEO, Schmidt reply was Apple.

Schmidt ignored questions related to any likely acquisitions of competing tech companies.

But the man did confirm his notion of a “Gang of Four” companies that he feels leads the tech industry. He said, “There are four companies that are network platforms of one form or another that are generating enormous scale of global effects. We’ve not had that before in our industry… The four that we identified were Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google.”

On being asked for a reason as to why he left out Microsoft, Schmidt said that its exception was on purpose. Referring to Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 devices, Schmidt said, “Let’s see what this new set of products does. They’re a well funded, smart, well-run company. But they’ve not been able to bring out state-of-the art products in the spaces that we’re talking about.”

The conversation also covered the future of digital content, patent issues, and what all Google was up to. Schmidt, however, didn’t reveal any information on unannounced products.

On being asked to comment on Google’s self-driving car, Schmidt’s said, “I have been driven by the car and it is a life changing experience.”… Read the rest

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“Steve Jobs Decided Google Maps To be Replaced By Apple Map App” Report

Steve Jobs, former CEO, AppleWith the latest iOS 6, Apple also introduced its own Maps apps in place of Google Maps, which was its staple since the very beginning. Apparently and surprisingly, the Apple Maps app didn’t really go down well with users. The criticism and complaints regarding the maps’ lack of depth and knowledge crammed up the web, and Apple simply made a promise to work on making it better.

For those missing Google Maps on their iPhones, ever considered Steve Jobs could be behind it?

As per reported by Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Steve Jobs, former CEO and co-founder of Apple was the one who decided to swap Google Maps on the iPhone with its own maps application and had also initiated a secret team to work on the same.

The report also said that Jobs hated Google as he thought the latter was copying its iPhone features. In fact he was so furious that he wanted to remove Google search engine altogether from the iPhone, but backed away from the idea as he realized that users won’t really accept it.

Perhaps, Apple should have realized how much people are going to miss Google Maps also, and shouldn’t have removed it, at least until its own Maps app was made as perfect as Google’s.

Also the fact that Apple started acquiring companies in 2009 to improve its mapping software clearly indicates that Jobs was at least aware of the effort. Though he gave the green signal, it was Tim Cook, the current CEO who took the initial decision to replace Google Maps.

Apple’s reasoning for this was the termination of its contract to license Google Maps. Now the question that lingers is that maybe Jobs would have extended this to another year, till the time Apple made its own app perfect.

Maybe it was the rising competition that initiated the Cupertino Calif.-based firm to take out its own app as it didn’t want to lag behind its rivals in any possible manner.

Apple is currently the world’s most valuable firm with its shares closing at $671.45.… Read the rest

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Google’s Schmidt Speaks on Apple and Google Maps



At a conference held in Tokyo recently, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt said that they are not doing anything about providing Google Maps for Apple’s iPhone after the latter chose a much-criticized application developed on their own. It is being said that the search giant is still investing in research and development. However, Schmidt said that any decision on whether Google Maps would be accepted as in the App Store would have to be made by the phone maker.

With the launch of the iPhone 5, Google’s popular map bowed out of Apple’s kitty. Earlier this month, Apple launched its own map for iOS 6 with the iPhone 5.

In an interview, Google Earth and Google Maps nive-president Brian McClendon said that “In 2008, we were in a situation where we were licensing third-party data and organizing it with search as best we could, but we weren’t able to do what we wanted with the data.” Therefore, they decided to make their own maps, have their own data and improve quality and detail.

Google and Apple partnered heavily in 2007 when the iPhone included YouTube and Google Apps. The rift started after Google’s Android mobile operating system.Read the rest

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So, Here Are A Few Alternatives For Apple’s Not So Cool Map App

Sure we have heard a lot of grumbling about the Apple’s new Maps app, and we know lot of iPhone users won’t sit idle until Apple comes up with a fixed Maps app solution.

Therefore, for those looking out for better navigation choices on their iPhone devices, take a look at other alternatives available out there, which the best of all- are free of cost via mobile safari browser.

Nokia Maps

There’s no confusion that Nokia’s web app could be a great solution for those using iOS 6. Nokia maps app surely stays the winner with the highest score for offering total navigation services. The app is precise, quick, and easy-to-use and will assure you don’t lose your way.

Offering readings with support from layers, traffic, public transportation, and directions, Nokia web Map app also shows points of interest such as restaurants and coffee shops. Along with this, Nokia Maps also carry Map view, satellite view, a public transportation view, and live traffic views.

Visit on your iPhone to get started with Nokia Maps app.

Google Maps

Google Maps on the Web also makes a good choice to reach from point-to-point with an expanded coverage. Giving users best map views on earth, this app comes loaded with features such as driving, transit, biking, and walking directions. Layers in Google Maps on the web include satellite, traffic, and bicycling. However, the response time of Google Maps on the web could be a little slow as compared to the native app that Apple replaced.

Visit on your iPhone from Safari browser to get started.


Bing Maps

A great mapping application, Bing Maps by Microsoft offers you a great way to explore places around. Map layers include directions and show traffic in three different styles such as road, aerial, and bird’s eye. Bing Maps app on the web is easy-to-follow and offers precise details with quick response.

Log on to from your iPhone to get started.


Take a look at these Maps app, they are all handy and impressive in a way or the other.


Courtesy:… Read the rest

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“Apple Still To Approve A Separate Google Maps Apps For iOS”: Google’s Eric Schmidt

Inaccurate information and errors in navigation in Apple’s latest Maps apps drew lot of criticism from all users of iPhone 5 and iOS 6. And things got a little hyped up as Apple Map Apps replaced Google Maps, which had been a staple in Apple’s iPhones and iPads since 2007.

Google Maps is already a well developed application, which is complete, accurate and easy-to-use.

According to a report on Eric Schmidt, Chairman, Google on, he said that the company is waiting for Apple to approve the offer of including a separate Google Maps app in the iPhone. He further said that nothing has been decided up to now, it’s totally going to be Apple’s decision whether Google Maps can be a part of the iOS operating system or not.

Apple replaced Google Maps not because of some fault, but due to its balanced relationship. It seems that once-good friends; Apple and Google are no longer associates.

The rivalry between the two started when Google developed its Android mobile operating system, which runs devices that are Apple’s rivals such as Samsung and HTC. Google’s Android is the most popular smartphone available in the market today.

However, Google refused to comment or give any clarifications about the application being pending in Apple’s hands. But the firm did say that it supports giving the app to as many users as it can.

On being asked to comment, Apple refused to respond.

However, there is a way for users of iOS 6 to use Google Maps. They can access it through their browser but what they will get will be a slightly stripped-down version of the app. The application can even be pinned to the home page, using the share menu in Safari browser.… Read the rest

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Now Pay For Apps Developed By Indians For Google Play









Now you may have to pay to buy Andriod Apps developed by Indians. According to recent reports by The Hindu, India has made it in to Google’s official list of countries where developers can register as certified Google Checkout merchants, thus allowing Indian developers to put out paid apps.

The step had to be taken,’’ said Ashish Sinha, founder of, a website focused on local start-ups. “This will make the way for creating business models around innovative Apps. Android is big in the Indian smart devices space, and this will help fuel development of the localised Apps, too.”

 Director of Next Wave Multimedia, P R Rajendran told the media , “We have lived with this condition for some time now where we literally run two companies, and are subject to dual taxation”. He added, “This is a welcome move on the part of Google”.

 Before this initiative was taken Indian app developers had limited opportunities , they were not getting for their apps, they had to visit a country where Google Check Merchants were allowed and register in the name of the resident of the particular country to have their apps on Google Play.

 In the past few months Google has launched its voice guided turn-by-turn Navigation service in India which is first of its kind in India. Google maps have  the voice feature which gives driving directions in  English

Speaking at the launch of these services, Darren Baker, Product Manager for Google Maps, said, “Our goal in developing Google Maps is to provide users with the most comprehensive and accurate online maps in every country, and to share the features and benefits of Google Maps as widely as we can.”

 … Read the rest

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