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Your ABC to Add Microsoft Teams Filters Using Snap Camera

Want to make morning meetings on Microsoft Teams more enjoyable? Miss the fun we all had together attending meetings in physical? To make work and meeting more enjoyable, users can now add Microsoft Teams filters using Snap camera. The desktop version of Snapchat’s camera app can be put to full use to make Microsoft Teams calls more fun.

Spice up calls with filters for Microsoft Teams

If you are working from home and attending online meetings have become a standard for you, then you can spice up your work life with filters for Microsoft Teams. You can now use all the Snapchat filters on your desktop using the Snap Camera app. The feature is available even for Microsoft Teams.

filters for Microsoft Teams 1

Filters for Microsoft Teamsare available for macOS and Windows 10 PC. Snap Camera offers all of Snapchat’s filters and effects to desktop OSes, so you can appear as an adorable cat, attend a meeting with a horned headdress, change the lighting tone, or even appear as a floating potato. The feature is now also integrated with Microsoft Teams meaning so that users can take full advantage of any of the filters.

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 How to add Microsoft Teams filters using Snap Camera

  • Log on to Snapchat’s Snap Camera and download and install the Snap Camera. Don’t worry, it is free of cost.
  • Once you have successfully installed the Snap camera, carefully launch the application. Now, search and select a filter that you’d love to use in Microsoft Teams. In case you cannot manually search for a filter, you can even search for the specific keyword.
  • Once you have selected the preferred filter, it is now time to launch the Microsoft Teams application. Once done, click on your profile picture, and choose “Settings”. Under the “Settings” menu, you will see “Devices” option, select it. When you scroll down on the side panel, you will see the “Camera” option, here under the camera option, click on “Snap Camera”.
  • At this stage, Microsoft teams will enable the snap camera filter on Teams meetings.
Microsoft Teams filters using Snap Camera

You can freely change filters for Microsoft team meetings by changing the filter in Snap Camera. Teams will be able to select Snap Camera filter as long as Settings > Devices > Camera is set to Snap Camera and the Snap Camera app is running.

To get started, once you have entered the Microsoft Teams meeting, select “Together” mode from the drop-down menu. Here, click on the small pencil in the left-hand corner of the screen to choose a scene and voila, you can appear as anything you like!

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 What do you think of Snap filters for Microsoft Teams? Do you think they’ll make online meeting more fun? Drop in your views in the comment section. You can also sign in for our newsletter to get latest technology news delivered to your mailbox.

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