Microsoft Paint Isn’t Going Anywhere

If you have grown up with Microsoft Paint as a rescue to all creative worries, Monday must have looked like a black day in history. The cyber world went into a tizzy Monday morning over news that Microsoft would be phasing out 32-year-old Paint application. Many of us were wondering, why would Microsoft take away our favourite doodling app? The news was based on a Microsoft Monday report that placed Paint in the ‘deprecated’ column of the latest Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

microsoft paint on windows app storeThe good news is that our worries were short lived. Microsoft has been quick to clarify that we were all jumping the gun. In a blog post, the Redmond-based technology giant said that Paint is “here to stay”. Although the app will move away from Windows 10, it will be available on the Windows Store. Users will be able to download the app whenever they want.

Paint has been part of Windows for 32 years, turning into a basic tool that everyone relied on. For many of us, it was the first app you learnt. So when news of a possible demise started making the rounds, it put all fans in a tizzy.

Clearing all the worry in the air, the Microsoft blog said, “Today, we’ve seen an incredible outpouring of support and nostalgia around MS Paint. If there’s anything we learned, it’s that after 32 years, MS Paint has a lot of fans. It’s been amazing to see so much love for our trusty old app.”


Was Paint the first app you rintroduced to your toddlers? I haven’t done it yet but it’s definiltey going to my weekend task. Just to make sure they are part of the original Windows era!


 … Read the rest

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Microsoft’s First Laptop Is Here: All About The Surface Book

Microsoft has taken another big leap. After launching two flagship smartphones Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, the company is ready to take the gadget market by storm with its Surface Pro 4. To woo gadget lovers, the company even unveiled its much-awaited laptop, the Surface Book and both are now available at pre-order.

Microsoft Surface Surface Book features

Touted to run at a twice speed of MacBook Pro, Surface Book sports a 13.5-inchPixelSense display with 3000×2000 pixels resolution and 267ppi pixel density. Like Surface Pro 4, this too is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 4. The first laptop of the company also offers a choice of processors and users can either get an Intel Core i7 processor or Intel Core i5 processor. The company has also offered a choice of RAM, between 8GB and 16GB.

Surface Pro 4 features

Apart from the Surface Pen, that is bundled with both Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, Microsoft Surface Pro boasts of a wide display measuring 12.3-inches along with 2736×1824 pixel, PixelTouch. As expected by users, the screen is well-protected by 0.4mm Corning Gorilla Glass 4. To ensure a hassle free performance, Microsoft has offered a choice of three different 6th generation Core processors of Intel, Core i5, Core i7 and Core M3. Storage is also not a problem with this device as its storing capacity starts from 128GB and can be extended up to 1TB. It also supports a high-speed RAM of 16GB. Yet, the basic model starts from 4GB. Claimed as sturdier, thinner, lighter and faster model, Surface Pro 4 also has impressive camera features with 8MP at the rear and 5MP at front.… Read the rest

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Microsoft NY Event to Release Lumia 950 Phones With Surface Pro 4?

Word is out that Microsoft has started sending out invites for its Windows 10 event slated for October 6, at Moynihan Station in New York. The event will see high profile launches for the Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL and the Surface Pro 4 tab. In addition, the event will also see release of the much-anticipated Microsoft Band.

About The Launches

Microsoft pro new york eventThe Invite reads: “We have some exciting news to share about Windows 10 devices…” Microsoft is trying to wipe away the poor turnout memories that it saw at IFA Berlin last month. It is now placing all its bets on the Surface Pro 4, given that the preceding model had been a stellar success.

We do not expect the Surface Pro 4 to be hugely different from the Surface Pro 3. From the reports we have gathered so far, it’s also possible that Microsoft will retain the same form factor and charging system as the Pro 3. However, it could enhance the display resolution and start working on a sleeker build. Rumors suggest Microsoft will include an all-new fingerprint scanner on the device. This is something to look forward to.

Microsoft has already declared that the Surface Pro is a hit with buyers. According to fresh buzz, it is expected that Microsoft could release a 14-inch variant of the Surface device as well. Perhaps this is a bid to compete with the iPad Pro from Apple.

The Windows 10 Story

Windows 10 saw a launch two months back and despite roadblocks is steadily climbing popularity charts. The new testing and software runs suggest that Windows 10 has a much better built than the debacle Microsoft 8. It is also working decently across the mobile and tablet platforms besides the standard computer. 

Expect the unexpected

One bouncer that Microsoft could throw at the event is the launch of its Holo Lens that was showcased at the E3 Conference back in June.… Read the rest

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Chinese President Xi Jinping to Visit Boeing Co and Microsoft Corp. Next Week

Chinese President Xi Jinping is all set for his visit to the United States the next week. Though several important destinations have been included in his itinerary, Microsoft Corp. and Boeing Co. are reportedly his first two stops for the trip on September 22.

Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit Boeing Co and Microsoft Corp. next weekProfitable for Boeing

Jim McNerney, the Chairman of Boeing Co. Everett expressed his delight after learning of the Chinese premier’s plans to visit the factory. Xi Jingping’s visit to Boeing Co is of significance for the company because they are considering opening a plant in China for finishing, painting as well as delivering narrow-body 737 jets. Opening up a facility in China may also help the company earn more orders from the country.

Tech giants are expecting positive developments

Xi Jinping’s visit is expected to bring some good news for tech companies in the United States as Facebook, Apple Inc Microsoft have been making efforts to enter the country directly. Even though Apple and Microsoft have access to the country, they cannot directly invest in telecommunications or the Internet. With this visit, Microsoft could gain a stronger foothold in China.

On his visit to meet American president Barack Obama, both the leaders are also expected to discuss the cyber security threats that have strained relations between the countries.… Read the rest

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Windows 10 Preview Build Focuses On Photo sharing

Windows 10 mobile BuildTo further enhance user anticipation, Microsoft has launched an insider preview build of the Windows 10 Mobile. Called the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10536, it gives Windows insiders two updates—Build 10514 and Buld 10536.1000. According to a Windows blog, the latest update is delayed but comes with many surprises.

Firstly, it includes the Insider Hub yet again and fixes the Mobile hotspot functionality. Support has also been provided to include two more languages in the voice input—Japanese and English (India) for greater global acceptance. The latest update on this Windows 10 Mobile build also includes two-factor authentication and enhanced start time.

Improved Photo app

 The latest build is reportedly adding folder view options so that users can easily see pictures from their PC as well as OneDrive using a Photo app. Not just that, the new update will also allow users to access files in the SD card directly. When speaking of the latest release, Microsoft blogger Gabriel Aul said that the update will not only make photo viewing easier, but also much faster.

 New features for improved user experience

 Microsoft has also introduced the “one-handed mode” to the latest build, something that was earlier restricted to devices with large screens. Some new features users can expect from the build are setting quite hours and pinch/zoom maps.

 For now the build is just restricted to Windows insiders when they sign up. However, Iit is not recommended for those using Lumia 1020 as the preview build is not quite compatible with it. … Read the rest

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Microsoft Now Acquires Adallom; Enters Partnership With Dell

Microsoft on Tuesday announced their successful acquisition bid to take over Israel-based Adallom. This cyber security firm specializes in measures used to protect cloud-based content and programs. Though the company did not make any official announcement regarding the amount they paid for the deal, TechCrunch has reported that the deal was signed at $250 million.

 Microsoft now acquires AdallomAdallom security to protect data

The recent acquisition is undoubtedly a significant step by Microsoft to develop cloud-based computing systems.

Announcing the deal, Microsoft vice president Takeshi Numoto said that it will help users to “protect critical assets across cloud applications”. He mentioned that with cyber attacks making headlines every other day, ensuring data security is of utmost importance to any IT company. A startup company, Adallom has gained an expertise in data security and can provide useful to users.

Partnership will help to expand customer base

Apart from this acquisition, Adallom announced a new partnership with tech giant Dell. The aim here is to decrease exposure of Windows 10-powered devices or services, especially for  business users. The company is taking new initiatives to increase its market base among enterprises in the coming years and partnering with Dell is expected to provide the right base in this regard. … Read the rest

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Microsoft Announces Latest Skype Beta That Comes With Windows 10 Mobile Compatibility

As a surprise, Microsoft has launched a beta version for the new messaging application for Skype on Windows 10 Mobile devices. The latest app is directed towards replacement of the stock messaging client that is currently available on handsets running on Windows 10 Mobile. It will offer both video call and messaging features to users.

The new universal Skype app is significant of the new route Microsoft is treading as well as Skype’s new approach. This is seen as justified given that it now wants to rank among the topmost texting and IP calling services on a global scale.

Microsoft Announces Latest Skype Beta That Comes With Windows 10 Mobile CompatibilityWhat’s New With Skype Now?

Skype now offers texting, IM, emoticon as well as call support all at once to users. Of course, you need to be signed in using a Microsoft account.  The latest Skype Messaging, Calling and Video ‘Preview’ integrates specific features of Skype into your Phone apps to ensure faster streaming/services. The integration feature is currently not available on handsets that run on Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or even Windows 7. Microsoft has not yet officially announced how soon the beta app will be available for the Windows 10 Mobile testers. We are anticipating a release for a latest Windows 10 Mobile preview build too and perhaps then Skype Beta will be up and available for the testers.

Wrapping Up With Skype

As of now it is unclear is the public will get to access this new prepped up version in beta. However, we do know that with time, Microsoft will allow the new Skype to run seamlessly across all Windows versions on Mobile.  Ultimately, Skype will turn out as one big universal app that can be integrated with ease. Wait until year end and we will know for sure.… Read the rest

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Microsoft May Release Office 2016 On September 22; Expect A Dark Theme And Major Updates

Microsoft is reportedly set to launch Office 2016 on September 22, 2015. claims to have a memo stating the release date of the new version of Office. Office 2016 for office 365 users on Mac was released in July.

Microsoft To Release Office 2016 On September 22The wow factor in Office 2016

It is being anticipated that the upcoming Office 2016 would come loaded with updates for Publisher, Access, Visio, Project, Skype for Business Outlook, One Note, PowerPoint, Excel and of course, Word. Microsoft is sweeping the innovation circuit with its release of Skype for Business and E5 in the second quarter this year.

Read More: Windows 10 Secret Start Menu Enhances User Friendliness

What’s Hot?

Users are excited about Office 2016 since it will come laced with a dark theme as well as an assistant called Tell Me. This will be found within the Ribbon User Interface. Besides these, an automatic rotation feature will detect and fix image orientation without a manual prompt. … Read the rest

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Windows 10 Secret Start Menu Enhances User Friendliness

Windows 10 is now out in the market and has successfully retained its pre-launch hype. The new operating system of Microsoft has earned positive response from users, thanks to its unique Start Menu. The new Start Menu is not just convenient to find and use, it offer several hidden functions for enhanced user-friendliness.

Secret Start Menu at a glance

By now, many of you know that the new operating system can be used inWindows 10 Secret menu to enhance user-friendliness and reduce time touchscreen mode as well. Users who want to operate the device in touchscreen mode just need to tap and hold the Start button for one or two seconds to make it functional.

Apart from the touchscreen mode, the shortcut menu also has some secrets that comes handy for many of the users. By using this menu, users can directly go to the tool they want without going through multiple menus. Whether you want to access the computer management tools, disk tools, system information or event viewer, you can directly find it from the Windows Administrative Tools in the All Apps section under the Start Menu. While Run command, Task Manager, Control Panel and Command Prompt can be found from the Windows System tool in the All apps section of the Start Menu. … Read the rest

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Xbox One At Microsoft Retail Store Soon: Amazon India No Longer Sole Seller

xbox one at retail storesFor those who have not been able to purchase the Xbox One from Amazon India, they can now get it at any Microsoft retail store. Starting next month, the popular game console will no longer be restricted to Amazon stores.

Xbox one now at brick & mortar stores

According to sources, the sub-distributors have sufficient stock of this product and have also started with a trial run. As of now, the company has not approached any other retail stores to avoid piling up of unsold inventory, which happened with Xbox 360.

Microsoft earlier had to face several issues with the excess production of Xbox 360 consoles and all their measures to sell the stocks did not give positive results. That is why, they do not want to take any chances. Instead of distributing stocks through different sellers, they have decided to offer decent discounts to attract buyers.

Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft India director Anshu Mor said that the Xbox One consoles, games and accessories will be available with their priority resellers.  While retailing on gave them scale, they will be selling at stores to give a world-class experience to customers.Read the rest

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